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  1. Hey, has anyone seen the autoriflemen actually fire? The ammo doesnt seem compatible with the rifle, ammo from stock ammo boxes works fine.
  2. Every sci fi game needs a sassy dropship pilot. Are there any plans for local police/gendarmes? Are you imagining the situation on Eridanus to be more an insurgency, or open rebellion with force on force? EDIT: Nevermind, saw the bottom of the asset post, missed it before.
  3. artemas

    African conflict a3

    Hey, is anyone else having problems with the UN offroads? They keep on switching back to formal FIA colours after a couple seconds.
  4. Yeah, the ai showing up is the skirmish part of TPW. Open up the TPW_MODS.HPP (not the .jar) file with notepad or something, you can edit the file directly. The .jar is just a graphical interface for that file.
  5. You can manually edit the TPW_MODS config. A '1' means the feature is active, a '0' means its disabled. I'm having the same problems with the .jar ever since i used the new install method.
  6. Hey, so the settings .jar no longer works for me. Did a recent java update break it or something?
  7. artemas

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    That it gets lost against an urban background? Seems a bit circumstantial to make hard calls on what is an unverifiable video.
  8. artemas

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    The issue though is if, as others have requested, OS does make even more particles, and thus lowers performance even more, those who are 'on the fence' between good hardware and bad hardware would inevitably get shafted. THEN, there would be a need for a blastcore lite. As it is, my performance when there are lots of autocannons has become completely terrible. I don't remember this being the case earlier, so it might be an arma thing, or could be due to all the trees in cherno.
  9. No, wander panzer is correct. Wanzer is an abbreviation (and also the stupidest fucking thing to name anything ever).
  10. artemas

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Sorry, missed those
  11. artemas

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    What setting is your depth of field set to? Higher DoF settings seem to have a tendency of 'squaring' light sources.
  12. Just a couple things I've noticed since yesterdays update, one, the FOB compositions for zeus are pretty screwed up, it appears due to the issue of H-barriers not actually lining up with their in-editor icons. So, we've got hescos that clip through each other, buildings, all sorts of dumb shit (the portapotties go flying as soon as you put it down). The hasty roadblock's razor wire almost always collapses immediately, maybe because one of the pylons is poorly placed? This h-barrier not lining up with editor icons problem has been around since Alpha. I'm surprised the devs haven't realized it yet. The other is a huge black pixely mass in the sky towards the east. Oddly its blocked by terrain. Anyone else have these issues?
  13. The config menu issue for me seems like it might be related to the number of mods loaded up. I had no problems with cba, aiss, jsrs, blastcore, tpw, tmr, bcombat and several faction mods. But loading up more faction mods results in some lag. Oddly, while i have only a second or two delay now, i had previously been unable to use the config menu for many minutes (and sometimes never) despite having the same mods loaded.
  14. Hey, looks like you guys still have that issue with stock-faction tracers from a while ago. The one where factions have apparently random selections for tracer colours.
  15. ah, gotcha. i haven't really kept up with all the background stuff that much. Your red pegasus guys are badass anyway. The helmet also doesn't appear to be smoothly round, instead having some very slight angles near the dome. Sort of hard to explain. I wouldn't rate the shadow issue as a priority by any means though.
  16. This remains probably the most varied mod for opfor factions, good job. A couple of things which i've been thinking about for a while, just havent got around to posting them: The Takistani regulars helmet is one of the few things in the mod that isnt based off stock gear it seems, and it shows a bit. Occasionally i get weird flickering shadow effects on it, and overall the texture could use some refinement. Given that it appears to be original work, i understand if you're uninterested in revisiting it. It certainly good enough for me to use regardless. The other thing is Red Pegasus, presumably named due to the creature that features in the Iranian flag, and on their shoulder flashes. The thing is, that Persian symbol isn't a pegasus, but probably a griffon, or maybe a sphinx or lamassu. (Despite the lion and sun being the most thematically appropriate, bis decided on something else.) Which is a REALLY nitpicky point.
  17. Sorry to rain on the parade guys, but i still seem to have the config options menu bug. I'm just in the midst of testing with mods, but it doesnt seem to be related to A3MP, FFIS, or JSRS.
  18. artemas

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    I've been having a weird issue wherein the 'glow spot' from a burning wreck will teleport itself a dozen or so meters to the side. And then continue to provide illumination well after the wreck stops burning. Anyone have an idea as to why?
  19. opfor light infantry battalions seem to have an awful lot of tank support. i'm guessing that the force postures aren't complete yet? been having a blast screwing around with alive, thanks guys.
  20. There aren't that many AAF either. They number only a few platoons, before the fighting, and probably don't have mortar rounds galore to just paste any old outpost. If even rich European countries run out of munitions during a war of a couple months, what sort of war stores do you think a economically crippled island of a few thousand people, recovering from a civil war, would have. Remember, the campaign takes place over the course of 24 hours. That is not a long time for a shitty military to lockdown the entire island, and find, fix and finish the enemy. Some first world countries would be hard pressed to do the same.
  21. artemas

    Death Valley: WTF, BI

    The squad lead even tells you to stay on the hill on the left.
  22. artemas

    Middle East Irregulars

    Man, what are you going to call that unit? Enthusiastic Jihadi? Because that'd be hilarious
  23. hey buddy, the more recent updates seem to have an incomplete userconfig, with only the minimum radius present. Looks like one of the older userconfigs.
  24. Have you guys done any more work on the map? Wamako so far has been an excellent addition.
  25. artemas

    TMR Modular Realism

    How difficult would it be to allow flashlights (or even some optics) to be attached to pistols?