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  1. Thank you for the reply... clear and concise... answers both questions.
  2. Thank you for the reply... clear and concise... answers both questions.
  3. I have beginner mission editing questions: 1. I host map missions from every so often for my ARMA 3 gaming buddies and I. We have a certain set of mods off the STEAM Workshop that we like to use. Some members try to join but are just too %^$& lazy to download the mods listed at our website and some just bought ARMA3 with no DLCs. A- If I were to start making my own maps, would it be a good practice to disable all custom mods before I make a map mission? B- How would I make map mission that do not require any DLC's even though I have them all? Thanks for any advice beyond the obvious.
  4. AKMARK5000


    Ok, so I unticked "playable" option.... and ungrouped them... problem resolved and solved... thanks to all for the help.
  5. So, I bought the ARMA 3 Apex Edition (Apex and all the DLCs). I have a couple of buddies wanting to play but all they have is the basic ARMA3 game, Is it going to be possible for them to join my LAN server if I make sure to host non-Apex maps and the missions do not require the additional DLCs?
  6. AKMARK5000


    Is that wrong? ....it got rid of the error... but I see your point. It changes the concept of my map... I'll untick the "playable" option for the enemy and see if the error comes back... later I'll do this because I have a few medical appointments today.
  7. AKMARK5000


    I solved it! ... I think. For each unit (there were only 20), I went into the attributes and enabled the "playable" option box... told ya I was a noob. Anyway, I tried it again... no more error. Thanks for the ideas.
  8. I'm working on one of my first missions on TANOA. So, I'm sorta new to ARMA 3 Editing. I'm at the stage where I'm placing down the enemy AI. To make them stay standing when attacked, I'm entering the following code into the attributes init box of the enemy AI... this setUnitPos "UP" The above is the correct syntax, right? When I play the scenario from the editor I get a general expression error... I checked all the AL for scripting mistakes but everything seems typed-in ok. Also, I exported to my MPmissions and gave hosted the .pbo on my LAN... no error. I know I might not get an outright solution but ...any ideas as to why I get the error in the editor?
  9. AKMARK5000

    Zee Identity Pack

    ...everything is ok then... thank you.
  10. AKMARK5000

    Zee Identity Pack

    Sorry for the delay... Yes, I got both modules installed; FEMAL3 Heads FEMAL3 Uniforms >>>> edit ; I sorted the uniforms by mod.... I see them... there are just two choices, correct?
  11. AKMARK5000

    Zee Identity Pack

    I have a question about the uniforms mod though, I can't seem to locate them when I'm in the game in the Virtual Arsenal. So, I have the female head but man-style uniforms to choose (maybe I'm missing it though, my eyes ain't what they were in my 20's). Is it that there are no designated female uniforms?
  12. AKMARK5000

    seelenlos Zeus

    I want everyone to have Zues capability in my ARMA 3 Unit (gaming squad). So, STEAM SLZ mod is exactly what is needed. I'm new to coding and kinda unsure in certain areas so I got some questions. In the slz_settings.sqf, I understand what to do for the whitelist. I do not care about the part about setting arrays of objects because I want all objects available to all players joining my LAN server. So, can I just delete it or leave it "as-is" ? /* YOU CAN ADD ARRAYS OF OBJECTS OR CODE WITH ENGINE COMMANDS LIKE ALL UNITS, PLAYABLEUNITS....... EXAMPLE 1: SLZ_objects = [{allUnits}, {vehicles}, {allDead}]; EXAMPLE 2: SLZ_objects = [{playableUnits}]; EXAMPLE 3: SLZ_objects = [{playableUnits}, [veh1, veh2, veh3,.....]]; */ SLZ_objects = []; // DEFAULT = [] /* IF YOU SET THIS VARIABLE TO TRUE ALL CREATED OBJECTS WILL BE ADDED TO THE OTHER MOD CURATORS */ SLZ_sharedObjects = false; // DEFAULT = FALSE
  13. AKMARK5000

    mipmap error...

    1) Sorry about the "bumping." 2) Yes, I did try deleting the .paa .... same error but another .paa reappears in the folder as seen below...
  14. AKMARK5000

    mipmap error...

    BUMP: Realy? Has nobody any advice?