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  1. We are looking forward to the update which will remove this limitation as well :) Though after a lot of work we managed to still offer ARMA 3 Alpha. This is the beauty of Software development, new versions, new features/bugs/limitations. Unfortunately this is not a nice limitation, though still part of the deal, Alpha = Alpha :)
  2. MarkMods

    Dedicated server - status

    Not really sure where you base your story on.. Is that really the intention BIS had? (sources?). Here at MarkMods we managed to offer the ARMA 3 Alpha, even with this new patch introducing a weird limitation. Looking forward to the patch which will undo this limitation, but in the meantime we just love ARMA 3 Alpha and will remain supporting it! :) ---------- Post added at 12:50 ---------- Previous post was at 12:47 ---------- No ETA known to us. However, we as a GSP currently do not face any issues to offer ARMA 3 Alpha (latest patch).
  3. ARMA 3 Alpha simply restricts you running multiple game servers on 1 system, so just tuning some configuration files won't do the trick unfortunately. After quite some effort we managed to remain offering ARMA 3 Alpha, though looking forward to the patch which will remove this limitation :)
  4. This new limitation was absolutely not the best surprise we've had since the release of ARMA 3 Alpha, though ARMA 3 Alpha remains a beautiful game and here at MarkMods we've found a way to remain offering the game :) Still looking forward to the day this limitation is removed :)
  5. Thanks a lot for this tutorial. Everything is working perfectly fine. For those others facing problems on a Windows Server 2008 R2: installing the normal directx runtime through the webinstaller should fix the issues :)
  6. Hi, Just sent you a PM! :) Good luck in finding the provider who suits your needs. Mark
  7. MarkMods

    Dedicated server - status

    Looking forward to the official Dedicated Servers! We'll keep following this thread :) However after some tuning the normal .exe works quite fine as well :)