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    xbox controller scaling wrong (still)

    So far as I can see xpadder just maps keyboard and mouse input to the controller, so how will that change the way arma scales analogue input? I can calibrate all day but as long as arma interprets 100% analogue input as 60% collective I don't see how anything but a fix on the arma side will help.
  2. deepfried

    xbox controller scaling wrong (still)

    I have now, but I have little faith they will fix it. I'm pretty sure I raised this in alpha, and probably again in beta. The annoying thing is, this would probably take the right developer half an hour to fix.
  3. deepfried

    xbox controller scaling wrong (still)

    Thanks for the suggestion, will it make ARMA 3 unable to recognise the controller as an xbox 360 controller? otherwise I don't think this can help. ARMA 3 seems to be hard coded to scale full analogue input from the 360 controller as less than 100% collective. So I guess the only way round that is if ARMA doesn't see it as a 360 controller, then maybe I can configure it as a generic.
  4. the xbox 360 control scheme has been broken since alpha. Still broken. Please fix it. As it stands at the moment its not possible to fly with analogue collective on the 360 pad, it should be, as it worked just fine in ARMA 2. Helicopter controls, Analogue collective, when bound to an analogue input on the 360 pad such as stick or triggers, correctly recognises full input values of 100 and -100, but in game that only translates to about half collective. This should be a simple fix, its been outstanding for years, please fix it.
  5. deepfried

    Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Discussion (dev branch)

    ToH was far from perfect, to be frank I wouldn't be happy with a straight untweaked implementation of the flight model from ToH... even if they did do exactly that it would only cover one helicopter the ah6/ah9, the others in Arma 3 were not in ToH. As for how they handle right now in dev build... its WIP and changing every few days, so its not like they're done with it yet. I'll say though that where it is now is a big improvement from the initial advanced flight model release, I even managed to autorotation land a mi48 yesterday after getting the engine destroyed, thats a first for me in Arma even though I first started trying to get that to work right back in the original Armed Assault.
  6. Thank god for that, its unplayable at the moment.
  7. deepfried

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I really like the Kajman now but the mh9 feels weird on the cyclic at very low speeds, in fact i'm not even sure I can get it to hover, it seems to slide all over the place like its sitting on top of a dome of ice (could be i'm just a bad pilot).
  8. No not exactly but they do give you a much better idea where the bullet will land, that's the whole point, you don't have to be perfectly aligned with the sight to make a shot as you would have to be with iron sights. Look at this youtube clip: and specifically look at where the reticule is on the target, it moves very little on the target despite moving at lot relative to the iron sight as the camera is moved around.
  9. deepfried

    A-10C for Arma 3

    I have a problem with v1 running on dev branch, following the correct start up procedure (per the PDF and some youtube vids) the engines don't actually start up and the hud doesn't turn on. I also get an error message at seemingly a random point in the startup procedure saying something about an undefined variable in ac10_fuelstate and it gives a path to some sqf file. Any ideas? Edit: I have tried re-downloading the archive from a different mirror but still have the same problem. No other mods running.
  10. I find myself having to switch between dev branch and stable a bit lately, is there anyway to have both versions installed at once? Ideally with separate steam icons. Its quite irritating to have to download 1gb of data every time I want to switch.
  11. deepfried

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    First impressions: Its a big improvement on the old flight model, I picked it up instantly but then I've played ToH so I guess I have the advantage there. There are some problems, I've noticed that the rudder is way too effective when moving at speed, when going 200kph I don't expect full rudder to spin the chopper around. I'm flying with auto-trim and an xbox 360 controller. The mi-48 seems underpowered and has a habit of dropping out of the sky when you slow to a halt, so much so that this is suicide if you attempt it at low altitude - that might be realistic I don't know. Edit: after flying it a bit more I find I actually like the mi-48, it feels really heavy so you have to be really on the ball with the collective when coming to a halt - but if you are then it handles fine and is quite stable, just takes getting used to I suppose. Mh-9 seems fine. i guess this was the easiest port as the mh-9 is basically the Light from ToH, though thankfully the ground effect is much less savage than in ToH. Ah-9 like a heavier mh-9, torque effects are more pronounced, collective is less sensitive. Busted the tail rotor the first 2 times I tried to take off thinking it would be like the mh-9. The Uh-80 flies like a charm, piece of cake. Can glide round the map without even touching the collective, extremely stable so only minor control inputs needed. Hellcat, flies a lot like the mh-9 except less skittish, no problems yet. Ah-99, I don't like attack choppers at the best of times but i can manage this ok, seems a bit sensitive on the roll but a bit sluggish on the collective - might be intentional, but I'd expect an attack chopper like this to have more power.
  12. I'm trying to work out how to get my copilot to operate the weapons, he has access to the targeting systems and I (as pilot) do not, but picking out targets and ordering him to fire does nothing. Specifically i'm trying to complete the BAF scenario B07 Wildcat, where you have to provide CAS, I need to either be able to operate the gun myself or somehow get the copilot to do it.
  13. deepfried

    SLI benchmarks - My results

    Yes, the engine does not utilise all of the avaliable CPU cores fully, this is because most important stuff gets done in a single thread, so once that single core is maxed you have a performance bottleneck, nevermind what the other cores are doing and nevermind what the GPUs are doing. Am I excusing this or saying it trivial or acceptable? No, I'm just saying that this is where the performance issue lies at the moment and until BIS have a solution (if ever) we're stuck with it. However, you can mitigate the problem by setting a much shorter object draw distance and turning down object detail a notch ~ simple quick fix to plaster over the cracks whilst BIS work on it.
  14. Given what happens to many games when the developers "streamline" the game, I'd say the fear is far from irrational. Though I do admit Arma's UI is unnecessarily clunky and unintuitive, however you have to bear in mind there are so many controls and interfaces to be managed, and a universal scroll menu might just be the simplest solution.