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  1. I don't give mine permission, because arma and esport don't match =D But i don't think there is anything on eula that say you cannot host a tournament
  2. aoshi

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Finlay we have motives to carry a 5.56 instead of 7.62 (less damage less penetration less range)
  3. only the losing side should be held accountable for war crimes =D
  4. I think we should let this topic die, and pray to ppl at bohemia forget this ideia
  5. aoshi

    Live round GBU12 please

  6. aoshi

    The T-100 Varsuk

    3d only for driver, but when/if they do that, people will say, why we don't have cockpits for gunner and commander....
  7. aoshi

    The T-100 Varsuk

    the 50 cal have a lot of recoil.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Receiver_%28video_game%29 Can we make animations to (check chamber) pull slide etc etc? ( I can't imagine all that hotkeys work with arma 3 but, maybe , someone can make it work) I know I can't http://www.wolfire.com/receiver there is a video here.
  9. I get what you say but for gameplay looks like a little dead zone (25~~50%) really helps with the recoil, because when you shot, the screen don't move as much as, with 0 dead zone
  10. Guys I use an athlom x4 630 2.8ghz, and a gtx 460 In editor I get 40 to 50 fps with monitor (and 70 in video menu) in normal missions, show cases I get 30~~25 fps now, whe I overclocked to 3.15, before I get 20~~25, I runeed the benchemark mission made By wargame, and before overclock I get 21 fps (medium) after I got 29 Also if you wanna use all you power from GPU, you have to have AA x8, fxaa ultra, blur etc <Things that are gpu intensive (I can get 80~~99%usage) but my fps drops a lot so I don't use it If you put view distance, obeject detail terrain etc, it will eat you cpu slow down you card too Ppl that complaim about perfomance of arma, don't get HOW MUCH you can see in arma, 3KM+, battlefield is 300 meters top, Crysis1 and 2 50m more or less, if you can see 10 times further, and don't have 10 times less fps, I don't call unoptimized I call overly ambitious
  11. I only think they need a better shadown (that work with flash lights fires etc, and a more soft one) the light shaft in dev is a good adition 've seen better but it's still good