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  1. Understood, thank you for your response...
  2. After setting this up I can pull up the admin panel. My question is how do you kick / ban from this panel? I don't see this available.. I only have my id in the admins.sqf file under serveradministrator.. Does my id have to be put under all the other functions as well such as moderators and administrators in order to be able to kick and ban from the panel? I just have my id in under serveradministrator and when in the panel when I look at the players if I highlight one my game locks up on me.. Is supposed to happen?
  3. I've tried adding some of my clan mates ID's to the admin.sqf file and can't seem to get this to work.. Is this feature working? Can you explain this in further detail?
  4. Understandable... I got both versions, stripped and full, by adding ".Stratis" to the end of the folder name. After doing that it's been working great.. Will try the new Rev tonight.
  5. That's cool that you got it to work... Can you share what you had to edit in order to get it to working. I'm thinking I have the same issue you did. Seems like its unable to find the mission... Any help would be appreciated as there doesn't seem to be any support from the OP.
  6. I've tried running this on my server and it doesn't work... Server comes up but when I load into it I just sit at some screen where it shows my name and ping.. Nothing to click on so I'm just stuck there... I've asked for support previously in this thread and haven't received anything back.. Are you going to support this are am I to assume that this mission is as is and does not work?
  7. Still curious on how this admins.sqf file works... Where exactly do I put it? What Id goes in it?
  8. "Dont forget to add your own admin ID's to /server/admins.sqf" How do you do this???
  9. shan1784

    Arma 3 Lobby timeout setting

    This looks to be fixed now with the latest hot fix for .52.. They added a new countdown for dedicated servers... 90 seconds now instead of 9000... I've tested on my blitz server and it autostarts after 90 second countdown.. Sweet!!!
  10. I've got a question on this great mission... I love it but recently my clan made the decision to remove it from out server... Reason being is we are having a tough time keeping it going after a round ends... The round ends and will just sit there until one of us logs into the server as admin and start the next round.. We can't baby sit this server all day 24/7.. So with that my question is how can we automate this to restart automatically? We are only running the CampMaxwellIsHeckiling mission... Once it's up we don't usually have issues getting it going it's just when the round ends and we have to wait for the next round to start... Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  11. shan1784

    Arma 3 Dedicated server

    I got the same... What worked for me is to not launch from Steam but rather go to the install directory and run directly from arma3.exe... Also make sure you have steam_appid.txt in the arma3 root folder with the text "107410" without quotes...
  12. I was able to fix this on our Windows 2008 box... Just follow the guide at the link below... There is a command to run and two reg entries to update... http://otland.net/f138/disable-error-dialog-windows-server-2008-vista-68954/