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  1. DaRkL3AD3R

    Nvidia GeForce 337.50 Beta

    Realize that you're gaining something for nothing, and it becomes a nice free 15 or so free fps. Free performance is always welcome. Besides, they said this is an early implementation and they will continue working on it to increase performance beyond these beta drivers. AND it supports all DX11 cards, not just the latest and greatest like Mantle. Additionally this is a driver API wide boost, affecting games that have long since been released years ago. Mantle on the other hand requires a game be specifically coded for it. Something you'll never see for older games that have had their support killed off years ago. So thank you Nvidia. This driver was a nice surprise and I greatly appreciate the increased smoothness. Although, there is no truly fixing this disaster known as Real Virtuality. Engine is completely FUBAR.
  2. DaRkL3AD3R

    ArmA3 performance survey

    You really think they're going to do anything about the performance of this game after showing that the game has received 0 true optimizations from Alpha? From Arma 2? FROM OP FLASHPOINT, A 2001 GAME!? These guys have no interest in truly increasing performance for their games because they know it would require a heavy re-write of their engine to implement multithreaded rendering. They'd rather save money and time and not bother with this effort, providing an unplayable game in exchange for your hard earned cash. I'm sorry but 30 fps dips on MODEST graphics settings (2km view distance, 1km object distance and LOW object and terrain quality) on a very high end gaming PC (rig specs in signature) is just completely unacceptable. This game could be something else, something truly amazing and open the doors for even better visuals and a more dynamic world. But it requires multithreaded rendering, something Bohemia has no interest in achieving. You guys better get used to that horrible frame-rate. It's working as intended.
  3. DaRkL3AD3R

    Low FPS only when playing multiplayer

    Rig in signature, with measly 1.5km view distances and Low object quality, still seeing dips down to like 30-40 fps in any populated active server. The only time I'm able to hit a constant minimum of 60 fps with mostly ultra settings and realistic view distances, is when I'm alone in an empty Stratis editor spawn.
  4. DaRkL3AD3R

    AMD Mantle Support possible?

    As much as I'd love to see the support for it, I highly doubt it. These guys can't even bring their shadow rendering engine into the 21st century yet, let alone add a whole new API to their game.
  5. DaRkL3AD3R

    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    Outstanding posts tinemem. I think it's all pretty clear right now. There are only 2 realistic reasons why Bohemia Interactive have not as of yet made this fix, which so many players seem to wish for: 1) Artistic decision. They might have some skewed view of what looks good and in their eyes believe that hard aliased sharp shadows make sense in some ways (I only agree for first person models, everything else should be shadow maps) 2) They are being lazy about it. It sounds like it's a good deal of work to go through and enable the hybrid shadowing system for every single model in the game and would require as you said, a sizeable download. This is, again as you stated, a foresight failure on BIS's part. Either way, I am disappointed. But am extremely grateful for your efforts to dig into this where BIS has decided to ignore us.
  6. DaRkL3AD3R

    Lighting Tweaking (dev branch)

    Precisely christianmo. As you said, for objects in the distance, shadow quality does not need to be perfect. Right now though BIS's implementation limits me to a rather pathetic 200m shadow draw distance. And this may not be critical to infantry, but get in the air and you can see the impact it has quite dramatically. This needs to change. The whole purpose to me pointing out GTA V's dynamic lighting model is to prove that using 100% Shadow Maps can produce a quality dynamic shadowing technique even when rendering shadows at great distances.
  7. DaRkL3AD3R

    Lighting Tweaking (dev branch)

    You are correct in that not all objects appear to be casting shadows. However take in account the following: 1) Game is made for 720p max resolution consoles 2) Said consoles are equivalent to mid-tier computer systems from 2005 Now correct these 2 things to adjust for top tier computer hardware in 2013, and you start to see why there's no excuse here. Bohemia CAN do what Rockstar did, they just choose not to.
  8. DaRkL3AD3R

    Lighting Tweaking (dev branch)

    Decided to take a personal screenshot myself showcasing the massive shadow render distance in GTA V. I apologize for the quality as I did it using my own smartphone as a photo of my monitor. Not the best quality but I think it delivers the idea of just how truly incredible long distance shadow rendering is to making a scene come alive: http://imageshack.com/a/img23/3421/3n1h.jpg
  9. DaRkL3AD3R

    Lighting Tweaking (dev branch)

    Back on the topic of shadows being drawn at distance, yes it is possible and has been done to great effect in Grand Theft Auto V on the 2005 hardware consoles of last gen. The lighting and shadowing in that game blows away Arma's lighting system. BIS already has the implementation of cascaded shadow maps built into the game, the issue is that their particular setup is very weak. Rockstar managed to get hard shadows out to what looks like 1km away and still maintain quality at close and mid range. If they had access to the hardware we do on current PC gaming setups, I'm sure an even more pleasing setup could be achieved with great performance. There's no excuse why shadows have a max distance of 200m in this game. Prior to GTA V's release, I could have said sure that's as far as shadow maps can go and still look good. But when GTA came out in September, my perception on the limitations of shadow maps has changed tremendously. Here's an example comparison I made of GTA 4 vs GTA V. Look at the DRASTICALLY improved shadow casting distance between the two games. Arma 3 only casts out to about 200m which is a little bit further than what GTA 4 renders out to. Now imagine if Arma 3 could render out to 1km+ ? It makes a massive improvement: http://imageshack.com/a/img405/7210/b3yl.png (2689 kB)
  10. DaRkL3AD3R

    Lighting Tweaking (dev branch)

    One thing the lighting needs severely tweaked is a properly optimized cascaded shadow map setup. The current one is quite bad. http://developer.download.nvidia.com/SDK/10.5/opengl/src/cascaded_shadow_maps/doc/cascaded_shadow_maps.pdf We should be seeing much higher quality shadowing and over a much greater distance than is currently being done. Come on BI, step it up. If Rockstar can get shadow maps out to hundreds of meters away, there's no reason we can't do the same wiht PC hardware in 2013. All you guys need to do is tune up the shadow map cascades and you can increase the distance shadows are rendered from instead of max 200 meters, to max 1000 meters.
  11. DaRkL3AD3R

    Dedicating a GPU to PhysX

    If they're using the PhysX SDK... it almost is =/
  12. DaRkL3AD3R

    Lighting Tweaking (dev branch)

    Wow, they somehow ruined the glare from the headlights. Given how dark the surrounding environment is, those headlights should be blinding. The stable set of screenshots is much closer to how it should look.
  13. Posts like this make me not even want to load up the game again. I have yet to launch the exe after the Beta ended. Feeling like money wasted.
  14. I feel this picture speaks more than a thousand words: http://imageshack.com/a/img401/9143/2ojo.png (644 kB)
  15. DaRkL3AD3R

    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    They do negate the need for shadow LODs. If you haven't noticed with the stencil shadows, the player models cast shadows that are nowhere near appropriate for the actual 3D model, obviously this is due to extremely low LOD assets in place to cast stencil shadows. This is because Stencil shadows are EXPENSIVE and they need to optimize it as much as possible. Where-as Shadowmaps generated on the deprived GPU, can cast full quality LOD shadows quite nicely and easily. Sad that they haven't touched on this subject at all since it's been opened up months ago :( Actually it's easy for you to find out that nope they aren't. Here's what you do: - Go to a forest area - Turn Shadows on Ultra - GPU usage should spike quite nicely - Now turn Shadows on Low - GPU usage plummets and in fact your minimum fps should drop a lot due to CPU bottlenecking gg