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    Just came back to A3 - Disappointed

    Well I'm going to bump this because of the update that occurred. Sway and innaccuracy is better, but still not good enough. I have CUP installed and my clan uses it along with the arsenal. We do multiplayer so this is not an issue that can be fixed by tweaking my gameplay settings.
  2. I am a really big fan of ARMA, I loved 2 and OA, especially with JSRS/ACE2/Blastcore. Have clocked up maybe 2000 hours over the years. I was very sad to see my clan shut down their A2:OA server and move it to A3 after it was released, though. So I left the game since release, and came back to it a few days ago. It was immediately obvious that I would still not enjoy the game as much as A2:OA. Please don't get me wrong - there are a lot of great improvements to core mechanics. I love the stance adjustments, weapon deployment, the arsenal, and modularity of weapons and attachments. I'm going to break down my gripes with A3 into categories below. GAMEPLAY MECHANICS Fatigue system - ARMA 2 was better for gameplay, but not very effective at game balance Weapon sway - Far too excessive, completely unrealistic Weapon recoil - I feel like I'm playing as an untrained skinny wimp who's never handled a firearm AI - Spots you from ages and murders you with pinpoint precision in one shot. You need at least 2-4 shots to take them out with any weapon except bolt action or semi auto heavy calibre rifles. Fatigue and weapon sway/accuracy make you useless at return fire. VISUALS Why is the fog blue? FOV is zoomed out too far for ironsights when not zooming/holding breath Blastcore is still a worthwhile addition AUDIO Still have to run JSRS because the standard sound system is not good enough SETTING I personally just do not like the made up futuristic junk - give me real settings with real equipment. PS: I was really looking forward to ARMA3... until the release... as is evident I have the supporter edition of the game. I feel as if ARMA 3 is catered to suck in the CoD and Battlefield crowd, instead of improving on previous releases, and was really undercooked and lacking content on release. Strictly in comparison to A2 and OA + expansions.
  3. So for all interested, I've found out how to do it. Once un-pbo'd or if you have the source files, open the mission in the editor, place the ACE wounding module (and any others you want), then save and export to singleplayer/mp missions. Then PBO the files and you're golden
  4. Hi, I am look to modify a mission that already has ACE enabled/built in so that the wounding system is enabled for AI and toggle-able in mission params, like Xeno's ACE domination. It's already enabled for human players but not for AI. I came across this page which explains it a little: http://wiki.ace-mod.net/Wounding_System+notes#Global%20Variables I want AI to be subject to ACE wound effects, same as players. I've got the mission files / de pbo'd, but I've got no clue what to edit. Can someone lend a hand? I'm a complete noob at this, never done it before. Thanks.
  5. linkin93

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Guys, the server key link for 1.5 is 404'ing, and I need it for my server :(
  6. linkin93

    Build 1747: Unknown Gane Version

    I will try 103419 and see how that goes.
  7. linkin93

    Arma 2 mouse moves by itself

    Have you got a controller or pad of some sort plugged in? Try unplugging it and see how that goes.
  8. linkin93

    Build 1747: Unknown Gane Version

    They break some missions too... For example only being able to face north after landing a parachute
  9. linkin93

    Build 1747: Unknown Gane Version

    What? That's not cool - I run this version because anything newer breaks my mods. In any case, which is lowest build still supported?
  10. I've just tried to join my clan's ARMA 2/OA server which hasn't changed since last I played it, but now battleye is kicking me for an unknown game version. The server is not on any beta patches as far as I know. This same setup worked for me last week. Is anyone able to shed light on this?
  11. linkin93

    Stuttering problem in multiplayer

    Edit arma2oa.cfg and reduce gpu max frames ahead to whatever you've set in your gpu driver control panel
  12. I want to see at least all of the Operation Arrowhead content... since this covers a fair amount of ARMA 2 content there is no point in doubling up.
  13. linkin93

    AS50 sound and damage

    Just run CBA + ACEX_SM or JSRS, or one of the many other sound mods. I find JSRS to be the nicest for stock ARMA2/OA stuff
  14. There's an issue since build 6400 where parajump scripts lock the player's direction to north after landing, trying to look around results in the view resetting rapidly, many times per second. I'd give a mission for repro but it's a private mission that isn't meant to be put anywhere public...