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  1. Thats great Thanks! I missed this parameter completely.
  2. Hello David, thanks again for your invested time and the great work. What do you mean with: I dont know a servercfg requirebuild entry
  3. Hello Dux, thanks for widening my view on the issue. I was really focussed on the writing process and forgot the eventhandler itself! For sure: The eventhanndler is being queued. Client: 708 19:59:36 "862.343" 709 19:59:36 "464.777" 710 19:59:36 "392.713" Server: 486 19:59:36 "Got a command and will wait for 5 seconds" 487 19:59:36 "Got a command and will wait for 5 seconds" 488 19:59:36 "Got a command and will wait for 5 seconds" 489 19:59:41 ["Now i show it",464.777] 490 19:59:41 [[464.777,23.163]] 491 19:59:41 ["Now i show it",392.713] 492 19:59:41 [[464.777,23.163],[392.713,23.163]] 493 19:59:41 ["Now i show it",862.343] 494 19:59:41 [[464.777,23.163],[392.713,23.163],[862.343,23.163]] The execution is a little bit confusing, but he is doing it mostly like expected. Client: player addAction ["Send_Pubvar", { dummyRandon = random 1000; publicVariableServer "dummyRandon"; player globalChat str dummyRandon; diag_log str dummyRandon; dummyRandon = random 1000; publicVariableServer "dummyRandon"; player globalChat str dummyRandon; diag_log str dummyRandon; dummyRandon = random 1000; publicVariableServer "dummyRandon"; player globalChat str dummyRandon; diag_log str dummyRandon; } ]; Server: dummyArray = []; "dummyRandon" addPublicVariableEventHandler { 0 = _this spawn armajunkies_fnc_test; }; //------ the function #define __filename "fn_test.sqf" _serverVar = _this select 1; diag_log "Got a command and will wait for 5 seconds"; uisleep 5; dummyArray pushBack [_serverVar, time]; diag_log ["Now i show it", _serverVar]; diag_log dummyArray; He is ignoring the uiSleep, which drives me nuts. However... But the test shows: He is executing all commands He mixes the incoming packets a little bit (i cant that if it is the order he is sending them, or he is recieving them) For some reason uisleep and sleep are being ignored in PVEH, even if it is a spawned script I hope the these findings are helping somebody else too.
  4. Hello there, again i have a general design question. We got the following idea: We want to use publicVariableServer to process client informations, which are needed for some server tasks. Now we discussed the command itself and there is one point unclear: When i send an information with publicVariableServer to the server and handle it with an publicVariableEventhandler: Is it being processed as queue or is overwriting existing data? The main problem: Is 2 clients are updating the variable at the same time, it could happen that client 2 overwrites the data from client 1. Client 1 would not be able to track it and i would have to send additional informations (double check if the server got the information). This costs performance, which i dont want to waste. The Backup solution would be: Remote execute a whitelisted serverside script with manipulation detection, which is just adding values to a array. The array is being used as working queue for the serverside tasks. I would be able to track the changes and to involve headless clients easily if i want. Back to the main question: Is it being processed as queue or not? :386: Regards Dirk
  5. Hello there, Currently i am planning some functions which are broadcasting some informations to clients. I am thinking about the data usage of the arma 3 server / client. I analyzed in our logs the following messages. I have the following messages in our logs: Column 1 : 12:21:50 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 61579241 (anyplayer) Everytime when i see these messages, some pieces of code or changes were not executed on the clients. For example: Our Savesystems has to reset the player and has to give the equip. Additionally: The se messages are coming up, when the server is under very high load. For example: When we restart at 6 pm, 72 people are rushing the server. If the created a new version, than they download the missions. And if they load the missions, we have more of this errors and effects. My conlusion is: Something is not able to handle this peak loads. My question is: Would you support a feature request, which would request: - a serverside performance meaurment system, which is delivering the following functions: -> Throttle JIP players (loading queue, a player would have to wait before preinit is being executed) AND log entry (Mem, Ram, CPU consumption + most used by function indicator) -> OR log entry only The idea would be to add a start parameter -throttleJIP -warnPerformance Log Entry idea: WARN: Memory usage x% of reserved heap. Top using function: scriptname.sqf or function name Warn could also inform on Event basis, than we would be better informed were we can tweak a litle bit. Maybe it could help to solve the existing problems with these wierd messages. Because the message says nothing, there is to many room for interpretation. I dont know if the idea could help, lets discuss it =) Sorry for the entry in coding. I dont know it is has to be in the server admin section. My first idea was another question which has been solved by writing the thread. Regards Harry
  6. Yep dude! KillZone Kid and Kylania helped me too. They are he best :) At this point: Thanks for the great help and the ongoing work on great articles and tutorials.
  7. Hatchet_Harry

    Eventhandler for throwing grenades

    Yes, the fired EH is the only reasonable for the moment. But it would be triggered on every shot of the player. From a performance perspective it is not completely perfect, but seems to be the only handler we can use at the moment. I think i will script very short precompiled script for the checks. The real code execution will follow in another one. Than we have a general make teargas and check for grenade throwing function which could be used for other crazy ideas too ^^ It will be a win in comparison to the current integration. Thanks for the confirmation :)
  8. Hello there, currently we are reworking some parts of the wastenland code. In the very first steps we rework some scripts, which are just historical copy&paste additions. We have the following function on our server: - If a player thows a yellow grenade, it is being threated as teargas grenade. It works good but the code is our problems. It uses wierd performance costing loops, which should not be used. We planned the feature from the scratch and we are missing a very basic eventhandler: throwing grenades The plan is simple: - If a player throws a grenade - An event should be raised the event should deliver: What has been thrown? and The "landing" location? - We could set a trigger to this position, which would start teargas scripts Now the question: Is there any known function or handler which could to it? I could use the fired handler, but it would include all shooting events on the server. This event could influence the performance too, because every shot would cause a check like "Was it a grenade?". Do you have a really good integration for such an integration? Would you need a throw whatever eventhandler too? One additional idea: Is it possible to use the throw animation as handler (idea came up, while i wrote this post). Need to check it. -> Would cause to many checks too. Thanks for your help / possible feature request like. Hatch
  9. Hello there, i just want to say "thank you!" for the bis_ grabber / mapper and for the thread. Some minutes ago i wanted to use the old scripts, but i prefer bis supported functions. Finally: Thank you for the Info :-) It saves a lot of time for me and waked me up. ... Dont go the ways you know. Try to figure out better ways ... Regards Hatch
  10. thanks again for the great work dwarden. our servers are running stable, with more fps and without issues.
  11. Hello there, I am happy to announce that armajunkies.de will arrange COOP Events for german players in the future. Our mission designers: Staynex, RedEdit and Simon are working on fantastic new missions. Staynex, RedEdit and Simon are the COOP Server administrators too. They have access to dedicated COOP servers and are able to modify the server as they need. They are able work completely border free. This means: If you have a good idea for the next event, than just ask them ;) Our next Events: Today: configuring ACRE and other needed mods with Staynex Tomorrow 03.11.2013 - ACRE COOP Event Are announced in our Steam Group Contents Event 03.11.2013: Staynex and Simon designed several missions. This Event will be a realistic and strategic war simulation. I tested the mission some minutes: It has girls, drugs, rock'n'roll and a lot of explosions in a military storyline. The Event will be a complete ACRE Event. What do i need? You are able to speak german fluently The needed Addons are installed or you joined the Pre-Event You like strategical gameplay You are able to follow the command of your groupleader (you choose him at the start of the event) You want to have fun with realistic battle simulations How do i join? Join our Teamspeak (There are every day people online, which play on the wasteland server) Join our Steamgroup and get the hottest infos: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/armajunkies_coop_events#events Visit or Join our Web-Community: www.armajunkies.de Harry :)
  12. Hatchet_Harry

    Patch 1.02 - Time to say thank you

    Please remember:
  13. Hatchet_Harry

    Patch 1.02 - Time to say thank you

    Hey there, i just want to say thank you for the Hotfix 1.02. Our players are now able to play a stable Arma 3. I think everyone who have wrote 3 lines of code will know this situation. You try to make things better, something goes wrong and the community starts a shitstorm against you. Sometimes you cant test every situation. Sometimes you are under pressure by the management or the publisher. As developer you have to react faster than possible, because your boss asks "every hour" for a solution. You will make a mistake, because that is preprogrammed. The community is spamming the forum. And the devs were just forced to be creative under pressure (it is impossible). I think it is time to thank the developers for the fast reaction. I dont know if this bug has been coded in the described situation. But this situation happens everytime when the devs try to make things better and when they are under pressure. I spent 1000+ hours in arma / arma scripting. I am not the best player, but i love to host and script the missions. Thank you for this 1000+ hours and your fast solution. (I want nothing. I was in several QA management situations and nobody said thank you to our devs who "slept" behind their screens in such situations)