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  1. Testing that now. Here is my bandwidth config if you want to take a look at that for me as well Also note that this is not running Wasteland, but is instead running a Stratis Life server. Just recycled the server from when we had two separate Wasteland mods running and edited the files for our needs.
  2. I keep getting the error "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" that then crashes the server. I have scoured the internet and have not been able to find an actual solution to this. I can say it is happening alot on BETA (Dev and Stable build) compared to Alpha. As it it is happening 1 to 3 times daily on BETA compared to the 1 time I can remember it happening on ALPHA. Server Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 sandybridge (8 cores w/HT) RAM: 16 GB DDR3 ECC Memory HD: 1000 GB Hard Drive BW: 100 Mbps Unmetered* OS: Windows Server 2008 Start-up parameters: "arma3server2332.exe" -port=2332 "-config=wasteland\server2332.cfg" "-profiles=wasteland" "-name=wasteland" "-cfg=wasteland\basic.cfg" -mod=@iniDB -noPause -noSound -nosplash -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 -high -maxMem=8192 -noCB -world=empty Let me know if you need anything else! And thank you for your help.
  3. Squad name: Never Stand Alone [NSA] Timezone/location: USA (with EU and AUS members) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Like to play both Contact email: webmaster@nsaclan.com Website address: NSAClan.com Short description: We are a laid back clan with a focus on having fun. We have a 17 or older age requirement. We host our own servers which include ARMA 3, ARMA 2, TS3, DayZ, and others. We do not have a strict attandence policy. We are looking to get more members to open the opportunity to scrim. Language: English
  4. Hi I am Almaxkiller from Never Stand Alone [NSA]. We are a laid back clan that likes to have fun, but also like to play seriously when it is needed. We are always looking to add additional members to our group so I will post a little about our clan here. What is unique about NSA: We have our own site and forums We Host several servers, including ARMA 3, ARMA 2, DayZ, TF2, Teamspeak, and more 17 or older age requirement We have the Top Ranked ARMA 2 UTES Server We do not have a strict attendance policy Now for the stuff that does not quite work in a list. We are a multi-platform clan (most of our members are now PC players, but we do accept PS3 and XBOX as well). The games we usually play the most are ARMA 3, ARMA 2, BF3 (soon to be BF4), Minecraft, TF2, and DayZ (We will be pretty active on the stand alone once it releases). We do stem out to other games, but that list is what we are most active on. We are currently 34 members strong. We do hope to do some more serious game play (like scrims) once we have a larger member base. Our clan operates like a democracy, all members have a vote in how we develop. We do not have a strict attendance policy, but instead just ask for activity in game and on the forums semi regularly (we understand most people have lives, jobs, families, responsibilities) or to post a notification if they are going to be away for a while. We try to have gaming events every or every other weekend. We promote based on activity and how respectful the person is, not on how much they donate or 'suck up'. We have a sort of Donator give back program where donators have the chance to win prizes and get some special benefits. If any of that sounds interesting to you check us out at NSAClan.com. If you have any questions feel free to contact a member, advisor, or leader at our site!
  5. almaxkiller

    Shorter Day Night Cycles in ARMA 3?

    What would I put in and where would I put it? I read the wiki on skiptime but was unable to understand what achieved what results (the examples are pretty poor and do not even say what they do).
  6. almaxkiller

    Shorter Day Night Cycles in ARMA 3?

    I figured as much, that is why I was asking for it. If anybody can help me out I would appreciate it!
  7. Hey guys, I am not seeing anything on this yet in the ARMA 3 section so I am wondering if anybody can help me out. I am looking to do a short Day/Night cycle on our server. I am looking to do either 30 min of day and 30 mins of night, or do 1 hour of each. Can anybody post the code needed to do this and where it needs to be placed? I was on a ARMA 3 server the other night that had 20 min day and 20 min night and it was a blast, which is why I want to get something like that running on ours as well. Thank you for anybody who can help!
  8. almaxkiller

    What server to play a good match ???

    Feel free to check out our servers and give them a try (We have 3 running) To find them just filter NSA or Never Stand Alone
  9. Back on topic: I for one hope if they stick with BE that it gets improved in some way. If not I hope they switch. Reason: We had a hacker join our server and after finding him I spectated him record it (showing him tp'ing, running god mode, and spawning in vehicles right in front of himself) and sent it along to BE...almost a month later the hacker tried to join our server again (so was obviously not banned yet). BUT one of our admins got banned by BE for no apparent reason other than using the implemented admin functions on our server which allow you to spectate, view player locations, delete hacked in vehicles, etc. All of which we (and he) have used for legit admin purposes only. When he tried to battle it their reply: "We will not remove Global Bans. The case has been closed.". It is BS that the few (very few hopefully) that get a false positive are screwed out of the money they spent on the game and BE is unwilling to investigate the false positive.
  10. Or you could just create a bat file named ARMA3STOP.bat with the following: @echo off echo Shut-Down Operation REM Kill ARMA3 if running taskkill /f /IM arma3.exe timeout /T 3 exit
  11. I did exactly this and I still get the steam error message. Any ideas?
  12. Hey OP, When you quoted in my bat files for firedeamon into your first post, it lost the actual bat file info.
  13. Ok I got Firedeamon working where it will automatically restart the server if it closes. First: Create a batch file and name it "arma3servercheck.bat" using notepad or notepad+. Place the following in it: Then create your "server.bat" file using the launch parameters of your choosing. Example (this is what we are using to run our ARMA 3 Wasteland server): NOTE: Both of these files MUST be saved in the same location as your ARMA3.exe, otherwise you need to change the file directory to "arma3.exe" in each. Also note that if you are using this process you should have exit on the last line of the server.bat otherwise you will come back to a messy server with a lot of cmd windows open (depending on how many times your server shut down). In FireDeamon create a service with the arma3servercheck.bat file and have it have a start-up time of 60000ms and a pre-launch delay of 60000ms. Also in the "Upon Program Exit:" Have it set to Restart the Program at 60000ms. All of those settings are overkill I am sure, but it makes it were every minute the process runs to see if arma3.exe is running, and if not starts it up. Hope this helps some people, and if anybody comes up with a better solution please let me know!
  14. That is the same issue I have when I try to use FD and a batch file. If anybody comes up with a solution I/we would love to see it!