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  1. jaynic


    You're welcome! If you need more - like a log file or something - I can probably figure out where that is Also, RHS JUST updated recently. I made sure to run the update before I caught this screenshot - so I know it's all up to date.
  2. Hi all, As the title suggests: can I dynamically enable or disable the revive system across the entire mission without the mission having it set up in the first place? I know there are respawnTemplates[] {"Revive"} (or whatever it is) but I don't know about adding those, or removing them at will. In addition, if I do add or remove them: would I need to enable it to work again on all players? Thanks
  3. jaynic


    Hey oOKexOo, I took a screen shot of the error I get Here it is on open of the window: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/270597859068517603/51A7EC2E95FDD74B7D3EB57DB314DEDBF773DB96/ The only mods loaded are the three RHS, and Achilles.
  4. Hi all, Is it possible to add a global init handler to any object where an init handler is possible? Ideally something like: class BaseObject{ class EventHandlers:EventHandlers{ init="(_this) execVM ""myModpack\fnc\globalInit.sqf"""; } } I'd like to add my own init and not override any current ones. If I have to harcode object types, then I guess it would be all the main gameplay ones: vehicles, men, players Is this even possible?
  5. jaynic


    As with other people who reported it: I get an error when selecting op for reinforcements when using RHS.
  6. jaynic

    RHS and Zeus

    Ok all - this is embarrassing... But I must have been mistaken. All RHS elements seem to be there, although I swear they weren't. I may have had some mod mucking about with it... Regardless: the information provided by oOKexOo is excellent for adding custom code injected in to the zeus interface, and people should know about it. I'll be using this myself. It's interesting to see in there that there are methods that are removing content from the tree views. This is great for those who are playing with total conversions: and don't want to see the default Arma content - like me. (I don't like the future angles)
  7. Hey all, I've built a script that handles the saving and loading of gear on player death and respawn. I utilize the setUnitLoadout, and getUnitLoadout functions to do this. eg: //init player addEventHandler ["Killed", { ["respawnLoadout\save"] call JNMP_x; }]; //When they respawn - all we need to do is load their loadout player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { ["respawnLoadout\load"] call JNMP_x; }]; //end init //save.sqf //Check that the respawn loadout system is active for the given player if(_respawnWithPriorLoadout) then { profileNamespace setVariable ["JNMP_respawnLoadout", getUnitLoadout player]; }; //end save //load.sqf if(_respawnWithPriorLoadout) then { //Save it to our profile variable _loadout = profileNamespace getVariable ["JNMP_respawnLoadout",nil]; if!(isNil "_loadout") then { if(typeName _loadout == "ARRAY") then { player setUnitLoadout _loadout; }; }; }; //end load But here's the funky problem... When I use the default revive system: the player enters a revive state, and drops his weapon. Therefore if he dies in this state: he respawns without his gun... Any ideas on how I can record his gear prior to him losing his gun? I can't find any event handlers in the system for players entering the incapped state...
  8. jaynic

    RHS and Zeus

    I'll have a look later today - I'm in the office right now, but I will do so once I get home
  9. jaynic

    RHS and Zeus

    Hmm ok. So I add an event handler to the curator display to look for the various sidebars that you mentioned. Then I need to loop through all the elements in the RHS config file (this part is new to me: I don't know how to do that) and basically find some way to check if the unit is already there, and if not: add it. I can probably piece this together somehow, thanks.
  10. jaynic

    RHS and Zeus

    Hi all, I've noticed that when I play a zeus mission with RHS - not all of the RHS units, vehicles, groups etc. are available. When I'm building manual scenarios: they are all there: but in zeus there are far fewer. Is there any way to get it all in to zeus? I'm hoping to avoid having to re-write every cfgvehicle definition just to add it to zeus... Is there a simple procedural way to get it in there? A script perhaps to find all the entries, and manually make them available to zeus? Thanks JayNic
  11. Hi all, I'm trying to put a zeus module in my mission without any restrictions... No costs, no limitations on placing things, and the ability to place all units, and all factions off the bat... This doesn't strike me as something that should be this difficult, but I can't find it anywhere. I've attempted to place modules and sync themn with the game master that limited costs to 0 - but I still can't even see anything but the ability to place some infantry... Can't place tanks, bunkers, anything fun..
  12. I ended up posting in Armaholic too http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=32955 User 654wak654 was able to demonstrate the structure. I got it working. Super happy. Except now I'm not going to touch it for a long time until my group is all done with Fallout 4 :P Thanks
  13. Hi all, I am tring to create a basic addon that decreases the amount of fatigue by a variable. I have made it in individual missions, but I'd like to make it an addon so I can have it accessible all the time with my group... I have looked for a guide on how to get this started, but haven't come up with anything. Everything I see is about creating some magical 'p' drive and all this... It seems like it's overly complex for what I'm attempting - I should just be able to script this, correct? Anyways, I have the following script: if !(hasInterface) exitWith{}; waitUntil {!isNull(findDisplay 46)}; waitUntil {!isNull player}; //set global variables missionNamespace setVariable ["OHTC_FatigueMultiplier", 0.3]; _l = 0; //The last fatigue we had while {true} do { if(!(isNil "OHTC_FatigueMultiplier") && typeName OHTC_FatigueMultiplier == "SCALAR" && OHTC_FatigueMultiplier >0 0 OHTC_FatigueMultiplier <= 1) then { //The current fatigue of the player _c = getfatigue player; //The default increase: ie: difference between what we have now, and what we had last time we ran _di = _c - _l; //The NEW increase in fatigue would be the percentage we request of the default increase _ni = _di - (_di * OHTC_FatigueMultiplier); //Assuming we've gone up: let's set the fatigue to the new value; if(_ni > 0) then { player setFatigue _c - _ni; }; systemChat format ["Last: %1, Current: %2, Default Inc: %3, Multiplier: %4, New Inc: %5, Final Fatigue: %6", _l, _c, _di, OHTC_FatigueMultiplier, _ni, getfatigue player]; //Now we set our last historical value to our modified value _l = getfatigue player; }; sleep 1; } And I want it as a mod. I've taken apart a couple mods with Elitness, but I'm not understanding how to piece one together myself. I have folder in my arma directory called "@OHTCfatigueMultiplier". Inside this folder I have another folder called "addons" Inside the addons folder I have a script - init.sqf - that contains the above script. What else am I missing, please? Thank you
  14. Hey guys, I'm trying to get in to arma 3 scripting. I'm a professional developer with 6 years experience in object oriented languages, and I'm finding the syntax of sqf to be special. And I mean "short-bus" special. Regardless - it's what we're given to work with. I'm able to wade my way through the muck of various procedural calls and what not - but I'm hitting a wall when I get to generating some in game menus and uis. Can anyone point out a decent tutorial for those, please? Specifically: I'm wanting to develop a screen that pops up, and permits user interaction with a map - not the default in game map - but one I generate that will display some specific configuration based data. I tried tearing apart MCC and reverse engineering it - but it's a bit hard to follow. Any help would be great. Thanks