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  1. Agreed. Even if gore doesn't make it in, the body armor simulation is a must-have.
  2. Rolling

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Great stuff! The distant explosions and vehicles sounds are especially amazing. It seems that sonic cracks are REALLY loud, and they aren't heard from far away. From the combat footage I've watched it seems that even bullets passing 10+meters away are still audible as little "snaps" such as this video I really enjoy your work so far though; can't wait for a new release :)
  3. Apparently uninstalling wasn't cleaning everything up, so after another re-install and configuring I got Buldozer to launch without error :) As for Terrain Builder, which .rpt would have info about it?
  4. I installed the A3tools to try out map-making, and got the P: drive and futuratop.bat working. However, when trying to launch buldozer it ends up throwing this error http://puu.sh/h4lYH/288ee71deb.jpg and then crashes with this http://puu.sh/h4m6J/8ba06e5ece.png . Terrain builder also crashes on startup with the generic windows "terrain builder has stopped working" error. All other tools seem to launch. I've tried re-installing/validating/dev branch and get the same issues regardless. I could use some help here :confused:
  5. Rolling

    Found a Fix for low FPS!!

    Didn't work for me, after I set everything back, same FPS in Showcase Helicopters as before.
  6. My conditions for this to be acceptable would be as follows. A) The current copy paste vehicle weapons would have to go, finish the content already in before asking us to pay for more. B) The mods would be offered in LITE versions as well, similar to DLC. C) Paid Mods aren't offered in small/frequent packs, keep them full DLC sized and not one every month. D) No huge quality discrepancies.
  7. Rolling

    Reality Check

    I've been thinking that since the community has such great modelers and texturers, and BI has a lack of them (as evidenced by this thread), why can't Bohemia possibly outsource some work to the community? We could have more statics, vehicles (or maybe even interiors! :D), and all sorts of wonderful things. There are tons of mods adding different factions/new vehicles, so why not put up some standards and let them be submitted to be put inside of the game?
  8. My FPS died too, used to be 40+ FPS on Altis with 4000 view distance...Now if I have more than a couple of (empty) vehicles on the map I get 15-30 FPS :( And lowering my settings helped not at all, I thought they had optimized this game more, but I guess that's going away :<
  9. Maybe not all of the vehicles (such as t-55, Hueys etc) but there are quite a few vehicles from A2 that will probably remain in service for awhile. Ospreys, F35s for sure and maybe some newer Russian stuff like the T-90 could have been sold to CSAT. Apparently they sold CSAT some T-100s and Ka-60s, so why not some slightly older stuff?
  10. Would be alot better, however I doubt it will happen any time soon.
  11. Wow... been playing arma for 2 years and NEVER knew that :P
  12. Don't know if anyone else has mentioned this already, but while flying around in the MH-9 in Altis I decided to land on a gas station roof, and I got a message in the bottom corner that said "refueling" and my fuel was suddenly full. I'm not using any mods, and no scripts in the mission.
  13. Sad, but increasingly evident.
  14. Rolling

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    I was sad as well Don't make a really cool building, just to then say "NONE SHALL PASS!" D:
  15. Rolling

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    First of all, I'd like to say it is my favorite island so far just because of the variety all around it :D One of my few criticisms would be that a few larger buildings like the hospital don't have enterable second and third floors. I understand you can't model every single room, but I would like to see maybe a few hallways and a some rooms upstairs. Another might be that some of the vacant buildings are completely empty, one would think there might be some garbage or furniture left behind.