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  1. pridit

    Zone restriction

    Isn't hint global so it would still send to all players if one player left the boundary?
  2. Thanks, works perfectly. Not interested in the other script as I'm just looking for a basic save/load and this serves that purpose perfectly.
  3. Doesn't seem to include all box types, in particular [bLUE] Supply box. I would try and include it myself but I have no idea what the name of that particular box type is.
  4. It has to be called exactly "steam_appid".txt anything else won't work.
  5. Decrease this value. if (Fuel _vec < 1) then {_vec setFuel ((Fuel _vec)+[b][u]0.0125[/u][/b]);};
  6. Likewise with above, crates seem to be empty.
  7. It seems to bypass Steam and just directly launches the application hence the lack of "app already running" message preventing you from opening multiple instances. This method has also been used in order to play games on Steam before their launch date in other territories, but thanks to Steam encrypting data this has been prevented.
  8. I don't understand this messing about trying to get multiple servers running when there's a simple and easy method. Just create a new text document in the Arma 3 directory (steamapps/common/Arma 3) called "steam_appid" put "107410" inside it, save it then enjoy running multiple instances.