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  1. Currently trying the profiling steambranch, however see no changes, is this branch currently running the same as Stable ?
  2. kamaradski

    Ahoy Server Tools

    Ahoy_Server_Tools V1.5 Introducing a totally new, re-written from scratch, Restarter tool: A3_Restarter V2.0 This new Restarter has been written in PowerShell V2 and allows for better stability, better compatibility (windows Vista & up), and many new features to be added to the core functionality. Since there is no more need for separate Unlockers, log-archivers, updaters, backup scripts etc, we have moved all those scripts to the "old projects" folder. Main features: - Start & re-start Arma3 Server - Start & re-start BEC - Update and validate your Arma3 Server installation via SteamCMD - Sync Keys, Missions and BE-configurations across servers - Clean and archive log-files (Server & BEC) - Automatic Server Configuration & Log backup (incl BEC) - Supports TADST profiles User Documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tjpWVrarHHUY2zxQe-1HFdEyeus_aDumcN-sUYXBnmA Download: https://bitbucket.org/kamaradski/ahoy-server-tools/downloads
  3. kamaradski

    Transport & Ambush (Altis)

    Updated to Version 1.02.00 This conclude my initial development plan. All future updates will be fresh new ideas and\or generic improvements of the current functionality. Please keep on sending me feedback as you have been doing!! This helps development and overall improvement of the mission. Enjoy some real good immersion and Ambush madness !!
  4. i must have been sleeping, that worked just fine thanks :) init="this enableRopeAttach false;";
  5. Hi Dragonsyr, If you give your objects the following properties, they will be indestructible and unmovable, not even Igi_Load can then pickup these objects :) _myBox allowDamage false; _myBox enableSimulation false;
  6. kamaradski

    Transport & Ambush (Altis)

    Updated to Version: 1.01.08, enjoy!
  7. Is it possible to exclude certain objects or vehicles from being able to be slingloaded ? For example if a specific object is mission-objective related and should not be able to moved by helicopter ?
  8. Yeah, i would love to know the reason for that downvote... doesn't make sense. There is no way that this functionality would EVER impact your gameplay in any negative way ... Quite the opposite actually. Kinda silly really. This person may happily post the reasoning for this in this thread and enlighten us all. EDIT: Yes the light version is coming soonisch, i just use black myself, since it is better for the eyes.
  9. Agree, all solutions welcome, since one idea leads to the next, thanks :) Iceman, let me know what you think of my highlighter after you tried it, but if you want post it in it's dedicated thread in order to keep this one clean :) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180720-AhoyWorld-Notepad-Arma-Syntax-Highlighter I also tried other tools, but always return to my trusted np++. (the 2 of us have a special bond, np++ and me, like a long term relation :P )
  10. kamaradski

    Virtual Arsenal is not loading?

    That should have done it yes. If it still not works i suggest to log a feedback tracker ticket, and attach as much as possible logs.
  11. kamaradski

    Light Vehicle Respawn Script

    True that, but it is not very light anymore. Request permission to use your script in my mission, and add my own function in ?
  12. kamaradski

    Light Vehicle Respawn Script

    Looking through the code, i didnt see any function that keeps check of how many people are near the vehicle in a certain radius. before allowing it to be abandoned. I personally hate it, if me and my crew drive to a mission, park the car/truck out of sight, do our thing, and upon return the vehicle is gone ... (transport / medivac / supplies). I also do not want to task a teammember to stay with the vehicle and miss all the action, in a ambush or regular mission i need all hands on deck. I have such a function in the script i currently use in T&A, it's slightly heavy since it cycles through all playable units, but it works non the less :) (Probably a locally configured trigger attached to the vehicle would perform way better) _DistChck = 500; // Check if the vehicle is deserted. if (_deserted > 0) then { _nearPlayers = false; { if ((_x distance _unit) < _DistChck) exitWith { _nearPlayers = true; }; } forEach playableUnits; if ((getPosASL _unit distance _position > 10) and ({alive _x} count crew _unit == 0) and (getDammage _unit < 0.8) and !_nearPlayers) then { _timeout = time + _deserted; sleep 0.1; waitUntil {_timeout < time or !alive _unit or {alive _x} count crew _unit > 0}; if ({alive _x} count crew _unit > 0) then {_dead = false}; if ({alive _x} count crew _unit == 0) then {_dead = true; _nodelay =true}; if !(alive _unit) then {_dead = true; _nodelay = false}; }; }; Another good thing would be an option to leave the wrecks behind permanently. This will not work for perpetual missions, but is great for shorter scenarios.
  13. kamaradski

    Arma 3 – A look inside the feedback tracker

    Due to it's complexity the reality will be that there is always stuff broken/missing, And i think the current software is very much on a good track and in a stable state. (better than a lot of other software i use) It is however all about customer care :D
  14. kamaradski

    Virtual Arsenal is not loading?

    clean game cache