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  1. Also, the update changed your text color...
  2. omerc

    Changing into a bird upon relog?

    Well, in the old arma games you became a bird if you had a cracked version of the game. Unless that's the case...
  3. I've encountered a bug where background objects flicker when standing in front of a building capturing partly the building and the background in the FOV. I suspect the error to be linked to the recent introduction of Geometric Occluders, since this has never been a problem before. Link to video capturing the bug: https://youtu.be/pMdiJlptSbE
  4. omerc

    Congrats to the devs!!

    Ever since gran turismo 4, I've been wondering what this song was. So thanks for that! And I agree on the good job by the devs :ok:
  5. I experienced something odd in Dev branch as of yesterdays update. I placed an AR-2 Darter in the Eden editor and was shot down, however the game didn't accept any keyboard input to quit the scene and the usual "quit to editor" window didn't appear. The only way to terminate the game was by ctrl+alt+del.
  6. Woah I was really hoping for the Moon a year back, I can't believe it's here!
  7. Latest devbranch says increased max memory to 3072MB. Has anyone tried this?
  8. If you dev guys need some help with the theory behind friction, I would like to be of help.
  9. Exam in Tribology tomorrow. Is this a sign that I should start studying?
  10. Instead of arguing, could anyone provide some feedback on the latest patch 1.18? I am not able to check myself :D
  11. This was also posted by someone else a couple of days ago. So not quite sure you are the only reason the problem got fixed.. Sorry, no more /OT
  12. Hilarious ending - thanks for sharing!