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  1. Sheepdog

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Thats not the issue. I have a friend running CBA and JSRS and he got in fine. Server shows up green in the list as well. Whenever I connect though it saying "Player kicked" thats it. I disable JSRS and CBA works fine.
  2. Sheepdog

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    I try joining servers and it keeps kicking me from servers, only when I have JSRS enabled? anyone else have problem???
  3. Sheepdog

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Downloading now. Thank you LordJarhead, I have been waiting for this since Arma 3 was announced!!!!
  4. Sheepdog

    Police WIP

    Very nice
  5. Sheepdog

    Dispersion to simulate inaccuracy

    I think the 5.56 is fine, in real life they are basically pellet guns. :p IMO, I think the way the system is works fine, I have seen people who charge a target and miss shooting less than 10m away, so it all comes down to the player and taking the shot when you know you can make it. I was sniping the other day, guy had exact same rifle in same position, he missed target 3x I hit it on the first shot. I really think this is a non issue.
  6. What is hard corps? Hard Corps is a Survival Operations creation, blending the best of the best from the ArmA community. Its sole purpose is to facilitate the hardcore mil-sim player base and the elite of our DayZ player base. There is no third person, there are no cross hairs, but we can promise one thing. You will not survive long. What was in the latest patches? Underground Bunker A.C.E stamina Yacht and Jetski's Foxhound LLV RPG's Robert Hammer Weapons New Cities and FOB's for you to explore New Study Body script Take Clothes script (Except for official Groups) Suicide script (Only works if your weapon is a handgun) JoK3r5 stats panel Chloroform script Claymour, IED's and Bouncing Bettys as well as other Explosives New Skins MH60S and Jetskis Using Dayz 1.8 features Night time lights Full moon nights Other features added to long to list JSRS How do I get it? Installation Video Download sixupdater classic from HERE. Then, once installed create a new preset with this address as the repo source: sixupdater://www.survivaloperations.net/hardcorps/modpack.yml Install guide: http://www.survivaloperations.net/topic/5384-hard-corps-20-installation-guide/ How do I find the server? Filter for: HARD CORPS Clip of cherno:
  7. Just curious as I don't understand why there is no bipod. Personally I think foregrips should be optional just like the sights each offering their own advantage/disadvantage. Would have loved to see something like this in a3, maybe a future mod??
  8. Sheepdog

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    Already marked my calendar, now there is no going back ;)
  9. Sheepdog

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    DayZ3 I have a serious question. I realize that 2017 is working on a mod "not" DayZ affiliated for A3; however, I was wondering how hard it would be to take the DayZ code from A2 and setup a "DayZ" using ONLY Arma 3 content (this includes custom mods such as RH pistol pack etc.) I think this would be amazing to have on Altis and want to set something up but just wondering how hard it would be.
  10. Sheepdog

    Blastcore A3

    PLEASE increase the bullet splash/blood splash like you did in A2. That is one of my favourite parts about blastcore. I hate not being able to see where my bullets are landing.
  11. I am looking forward to the release, dont give up or feel like it's time wasted! People like you are what makes this game and community so great!
  12. I am starting a team, focus will be MilSim and tactical gameplay. It will not be 100% hardcore but there will be a focus heavily on squad tactics and team oriented gameplay. Requirements: - Be Mature - Have a good PC and microphone (dont want to hear about your poor frame rate every 10 seconds) - Have team speak (or willing to get it) - Be willing to attend/participate in training (this will get us familiar with terms and working as a unit) If you are interested, please FIRST post here, then PM me. Looking forward to the battlefield!
  13. I've noticed three issues, First, anyone notice backpacks are sitting like a meter off characters sometimes? Second, anyone notice people who are riding in vehicles floating or sitting outside of it? Third, anyone have problems when you get in a vehicle your character is dead? Any tickets on these issues?
  14. Not sure if anyone else has noticed but it is ALMOST impossible to kill people with the mini guns from the ghost hawk. Don't believe me? Play in the editor and shoot a friendly and watch the tracer rounds BOUNCE off his chest. As well, if you shoot a vehicle tire takes almost two burts (around 15 bullets) to take out a tire, where a .45 Vermin can take out a hunter tire in about 6-7 makes absolutely no sense and removes the advantage a high power/high fire gun that should be used to provide cover and disable vehicles..
  15. antoine, there are two sides to the "tired of this crap" talk. IF some people are not having issues with the game than what is the problem? If its not settings, it has to be something to do with their PC. If that's the case its because its either too old to run it, doesnt have the latest drivers, or again, they are running the settings improperly. If a lot of people are not having frame rate issues and some are than pretty sure the "legitimate problem" is self explanatory at that point. As far as wasteland, its a constructive suggestion as its a well optimized server to try. 99% of servers up right now run like shit, so if you join them you will have terrible frame rates, that has NOTHING to do with the game.