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  1. mikemhz

    ArmA 3 AI Pathing Rant

    I'm doing this instead of leaving a negative review. I just want the devs to hear this and know they messed up. You have created various islands which include large cities, hotels, apartments, offices, e.t.c. However, your AI is embarrassingly bad at navigating them. No, wait, 'embarrassingly bad' is too flattering. They AI straight up cannot move through most buildings in the game. The AI cannot move in a straight line towards anything. Everything about the AI is designed around groups and formations... and zero about simple navigation. This means that creating interesting, natural, logical missions involving anything but moving en-mass across terrain literally impossible. For example, Kavala castle, possibly the main landmark in all of Altis, the AI cannot navigate from the walls to the main gate. They can't enter or exit the castle. Your pitifully narrow focus on AI moving in formation on flat terrain with no obstacles has completely crippled any opportunity for developers to create realistic urban scenarios. Create a group of civilians and put them in the castle, put a waypoint outside of the castle and explain to me why 1. the civilian group move in 10m spaced formation and 2. can't even make it down the steps? The hotel building at the beach resort in the North of Altis. "Oh, wow, look, a unique location and building not found anywhere else of the island. And totally accessible. I know, I will create a mission to clear out this building with an assault team. 3 hours later. Great, my mission is complete, this is going to be so cool... Oh so the AI can only navigate 5% of the building?". They literally walk in the door and then seem to run out of navigation mesh and turn around to run all the way around the front and back of the building to regroup. It's as if the developers gave up half way through. What is the purpose of this building, location, this city, the island, if you can't make AI move around it in a believable manner? The engine, tools and content are all there to actually make amazing single and multi player experiences at near AAA quality. But you have completely gutted any opportunity for that with horrible, awful, disgraceful AI pathing.
  2. Hey y'all, So I'm a little new to remoteExec. I know I can save performance on the server if I offload some AI units to other players. It was the whole thing behind DayZ after all. But I'm not quite sure how it works. I want to spawn some units which will be simulated locally on triggerer's PC. Or even better, I want to place some units in the editor, give them waypoints, disable simulation, and then enable simulation on the players PC who activated the trigger. How is this done? Thanks, Mike
  3. mikemhz

    Schema for "classes"

    Hey y'all, I want to create a mission in which various object and player classes have hidden variables. Like an area which contains various objects and variables associated with it, some markers, a specific player unit in MP, a value calculated by the presence of other objects... and I might want 20-30 of such areas. In another programming language I might create my own class. And create instances with different names and use generic variable names to do things inside a unique area. What's a good way you know to pseudo-OO programming in arma script? Thanks in advance, Mike
  4. I am making a mission in which the players have to capture a point using the Sector module in the normal way: Trigger: BLUFOR present > Logic: area > Module: Sector > Logic: BLUFOR It works great. However, I want to add a Trigger: skip waypoint, or maybe just run some code like 'sol1 enableAI "MOVE"'... in the moment BLUFOR becomes the sector owner. Any ideas?
  5. I have a 1v1 with player controlled AI squads. Everyone respawns at their team respawn. There are only 2 playable units, the leader of the two squads, which are named "player_west"/"player_east". In the init field of the bots, I put for example: this addEventHandler ["Killed", {"B_soldier_AR_F" createUnit [getMarkerPos "respawn_west", west_player];}]; But I think this only fires once. Is there any way to make this keep happening?
  6. So I could change the game time to be very slow in the init.sqf But how to execute code when the player closes the arsenal.
  7. Thanks, that helped a ton! As regards #1, I want the player to take control during an evolving scenario, in the presence of enemies in a position to attack, directly after leaving the arsenal. But I don't want anything to happen while the player is in the arsenal.
  8. I want to start a mission straight into the virtual arsenal. I'm creating a story-based mission and I want the player to create his/her character before it all begins. I don't want the player to look at a box and select the aresenal. I want them to spawn into the arsenal, one time only. I also want to: pause the scripted events at the mission start while the player is in the arsenal. give the player objectives and waypoints. display text on screen and dialogue from NPCs. speak to NPCs, conversation wheels, which trigger events such as spawning, objectives and waypoints. delete unwated NPCs and objects. Its been a few years since I worked with ArmA. Could somebody point me in the right direction?
  9. I was just reading the PW6 readme about this. But how do I just enter free roam? Do I just spawn myself in the editor and the scripts do the rest? Or is there a mission?
  10. Hey I am not about to use the Configure GUI. The desktop shortcut created by the install says it cant find TPW Settings.jar. Please help
  11. I'm buying a new laptop/portable computer and my base requirement it that Arma 3 is playable. I've seen the game run on internal graphics at framerates common in multiplayer. Obviously dedicated graphics is better. I've read that, for ArmA series games, CPU features such as clock speed and cache size are make the biggest difference. But feel free to correct me. However, I have a particular question: How would a "3.7 GHz Intel Core i3-6100 Dual-Core" perform compared to the quad or more core i5 and i7? (This is with some dedicated graphics) Are the individual cores in the i3 inferior to the i7's? Or will ArmA run faster on two individually faster cores? Or what?
  12. Nik, I saw this article and decided I'd come here and tease you about not releasing to us your WIP before I moved to Colombia :P https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23030730-700-when-writing-natural-history-the-devils-in-the-detail/?utm_source=NSNS&utm_medium=SOC&utm_campaign=hoot&cmpid=SOC%7CNSNS%7C2016-GLOBAL-hoot
  13. It would be very nice to have a guide on how to adapt the UI used in the Firing Drill and/or Kart challenges for our own time trial missions. I've seen a number of threads started about this with little or no information.
  14. EDIT: This should be in mission editing & scripting... sorry. I had an idea to do some kind of COOP or competitive time trials. But is there any documentation on how to implement the same kind of timer/bronze/silver/gold/leaderboard system? Also interested in how to implement time penalties, target randomisation and different modes.