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  1. jackkellar

    Praetorian 1C AI Fire Rate

    Oh, pff. My bad Bumping for answers
  2. jackkellar

    Praetorian 1C AI Fire Rate

    The Praetorian 1C when controlled by AI fires at a much slower rate than when manually controlled. Is this something i can set up? Or the AI just feels like it?
  3. Isn't the Challenger 2 horribly overpowered right now? Shot it in the side with the T-90A Obr. 2016 from RHS, 5 times with APFSDS and some more with HEAT, didnt do shit to it except damage tracks. Shot it in the front and damaged the engine (?)
  4. jackkellar

    Real Armor Mod

    Not sure if i get the real purpose of the mod. Firing at the side of the Leopard 2 (AAF) with a RPG-32, 5 times, only makes the tracks orange.......
  5. jackkellar

    ACE Medical and inconsistency

    I want players to not go unconscious when they get shot in the chest. That's just plain unrealistic. I also want players to die, as with Advanced Medical, getting shot in the head will not kill you most of the times anyway.
  6. jackkellar

    ACE Medical and inconsistency

  7. jackkellar

    ACE Medical and inconsistency

    Yes, we use RHS units with RHS weapons and fight against RHS units with RHS weapons. We are using advanced medical system.
  8. jackkellar

    ACE Medical and inconsistency

    Has anyone messed around with the configs of ACE Medical a lot? Me and a friend were testing this for about 8 hours, and we found a lot of inconsistencies with the damage model. That includes 7,62x51/54 being horribly underpowered, and headshots NEVER killing in one hit. Always putting players in an unconscious state. I guess what really pisses us off is the "Oh, you took a hit on your plate carrier. Guess you'll fall unconscious on your belly now.". Is there any config that readily gets rid of that without removing ACE medical entirely? We found that Vanilla Arma is not only more consistent, but also a whole lot more realistic. Even more so considering that 7,62x51/54 is a whole lot more devastating than 5,56x45. We are using RHS weapons. We also tried using the script from the Apex Campaign that allows you to revive people and stuff so that we dont just die from something that wouldn't outright kill us. But taking two shots to the chest with a platecarrier and falling down to a bleedout state was also not very realistic for us. TL;DR: Is there any way to remove the unconsciousness from players when a pebble hits their chest or give more consistency to ACE?
  9. jackkellar

    CSAT Fatigues + Vest protection

    I giggled lol Question has been answered though, Thanks for that!
  10. I was wondering if i use CSAT's fatigues with, let's say, a Carrier Special Rig. Will the protection values stack? Or will the game only register the Vest as protection and disregard the fatigues armor value?
  11. jackkellar

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I play on maximum effects volume and the footsteps are louder than my teammates voices lol Using a HD598 on a X99 deluxe integrated sound
  12. jackkellar

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Is it possible for me to remove JUST the footstep sounds from the mod? They are incredibly loud..
  13. Another question lol Where can i get your modded RHS sounds? The current sounds are very underwhelming
  14. Laxemann will Enhanced Soundscape work with the current patch and in conjunction with JSRS4? Also, will this work with JSRS4 or would it conflict with it? Im really enjoying the sounds from your mods, only recently found out about this.