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  1. I've made some custom skins for Offroad01 and Offroad02 - I even worked on customizing the dash/radio screen textures - issue is I can't find in the config files where they place the texture files. I found the texture file in the pbo = Addons\soft_f.pbo inside the Offroad_01\Data\Offroad_01_int_alpha_CA.paa I looked in the config.cpp inside soft_f.pbo in the Offroad_01 folder. What I am trying to do is add my own custom Offroad_01_int_alpha_CA.paa file in my own config - can someone help point me into the right direction?
  2. Cruisie

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Adding Servers to my unit's page comes up with "could not reach server" - Server IP and Port put in correctly, use the join port, and tried even using the query port (5042) - server is up and can even get it to show up in server browser, and game tracker. Also, using the search function for Rank 1 unit members does not work, have 185 pages of members, yet putting their Bohemia name in the search field will not bring them up. I have to be on the same page as the person I am looking up for the search function to work, 185 pages, takes a lot of time to find someone.
  3. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127235 Been having the same issue all day
  4. Right now I am working on a mission file, I have a composition that spawns a few objects. One of the objects is a lazier wall/barrier - now right now if I put the composition down in Zeus, this wall/barrier will not let players go through it, but will allow vehicles to go through, and that's what I want it to do. However, in 3den Editor, when spawning the composition down, and playing the scenario, players can not walk through (like I want), but vehicles will no longer go through (which I want them to be able to go through). Any ideas on how to get this to work? In the editor I have enableDamage set to false, and enableSimulation set to false as well.
  5. Squad name: Task Force 13 Timezone/location: GMT-6 (EST) Gamemode preference : Primarily COOP Contact email: Website Below, TeamSpeak 3 (Link on website), or Private Message me. Website address: http://www.tf13arma.com Short description: Milsim unit that plays ArmA 3 - Apex DLC is required on July 11th 2016, also er play other games Language: English
  6. Squad name: Task Force 13 Timezone/location: EST Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): CO-OP Contact email: contactus@tf13arma.com Website address: www.tf13arma.com Short description: ARMA 3 Milsim Unit Apex DLC Required Language: English
  7. Hello ArmA 3 Community, I don't really know where to make this post, this is some what a question but more of a suggestion. The topic title is Mass 3D Editor, what I mean by that is allowing a group of people (2, 3, or 4) to connect to a mission that is in the 3D editor and help adding, editing, or removing objects and what not without having to save, send files to some one else, etc... When two or more are connected and if the host wants to they can give permission to allow the others to help edit the mission and this will give them their own courser and allow them to move to other sections of the map to start adding, editing, and remove stuff, etc.... Any one else think this is a good idea? Do you think this is possible? I know you can have multiple users connected to Zeus, maybe a mod would enable people to do this in multiplayer servers?
  8. Cruisie

    82nd Airborne Realism Unit

    Sounds like a fun unit
  9. Okay I need some help - I'm using Ahoy World's Invade & Annex - How would I use this instead of what weather system they have set up?
  10. Is there a way to put this into a mission with out having other people download the mod? like include it in the mission pbo?
  11. Cruisie

    Version 1.22 and Gametracker ?

    So Why couldn't they use the GameSpy Software and change the url it looks for from Gamespy to Steam?
  12. Thanks for the information, and thanks for the help!
  13. Have an issue - It is kicking me to the Mission Failed screen when applying the update - I am added to the White list, and to the admin list - so idk what's going on. Log: [[12/6/14] 13:42:19]: BASIX Startup Initiated [[12/6/14] 13:42:19]: BASIX Startup Finished [[12/6/14] 13:43:48]: XXXXX (xxxx) Has Been Banned For: Restricted Classname (BASIX_NONPREM_ADMIN) [[12/6/14] 13:43:54]: XX (xxxx) Has Been Banned For: Restricted Classname (BASIX_NONPREM_ADMIN) [[12/6/14] 13:43:54]: XX Has Joined The Server UID:(xxxx) [[12/6/14] 13:44:39]: XXXXXXXXX Has Joined The Server UID: (xxxx) [[12/6/14] 13:45:2]: XXXXX (xxxx) Has Been Banned For: Restricted Classname (BASIX_NONPREM_ADMIN) I want to point out - in the settings that Banned Classnames is set to false. Found the issue out - You should add this in your comment for Admin menu - //List of admin UID's and level, structure [uID,LEVEL] e.g. ["123456","SuperAdmin"] (options: "SuperAdmin", "Admin", "Moderator") To //List of admin UID's and level, structure [uID,LEVEL],[uID,LEVEL] e.g. ["123456","SuperAdmin"],["123456","SuperAdmin"] (options: "SuperAdmin", "Admin", "Moderator") I had my admin as ["12345678"."SuperAdmin]["12345768","SuperAdmin"] from a early post asking about it. Also the CheatEngine is touchy - banned a player for Spawning A vehicle and all he did was go prown and look through his scop.. I have the Basix banned disabled - a guy who teleported was banned and each time he joined the server he got the mission failed screen, I had to reboot the Arma 3 server (restart it) to fix that - He was not added to any banned list. I checked the server log and it said why his was banned but did not display any other times when he connected why he was banned/sent to the mission failed screen. It is touchy, had no issues with v1.1 except the admin menu didn't display
  14. Cruisie

    Reporting Server IP

    Well before this patch - People had no issues join the two servers that are being hosted on the same box - using the Ports that I've listed up above - I doubt that it would be fixed if I switched em around again....
  15. Cruisie

    Reporting Server IP

    Well some one should post a thread about it and get it to be sticky or an announcement. I have a server that runs 2 Arma servers on it - Since GameSpy shut down I've notice that when one of the servers are up and running, the other server will start up but people get stuck on the map (waiting for host connection) screen - The server client says Reading Mission from bank once (not spammed). If I shut down both servers and start up the one with the joining issue - it works perfectly fine. Is this a port issue for steam? One runs on 2330 and the other is on 2302 - any ideas?