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  1. Hi, aussie battler! The only reason for using that amount of memory on server start in my opinion is quantity of vehicle inventory items... Check your database for items in safes, vehicles whatever for quantity and try to clean out as more as possible or just start server with clean database and check how will your server handle this...
  2. Hi, dwarden! I have experienced problems with server on v12 performance binary. Idk maybee it's related to IFA3Lite but here is a link to dump files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6stXEhZor8seDR1dHduZnlGNmc
  3. I also have alot of dx11 craches, but my gfx card was in service recently where my gfx chip was boiled-up and I blame on it now rather then on updated binaries :) Will take another card today and test it with v12...
  4. But you are using xtbbmalloc.dll not tbb4malloc_bi.dll. Could you confirm that with tbb4malloc_bi.dll you will experiencing those crashes too?
  5. The best what you can do to check what object causes error to check it on same server session - just open debug console and type according to your object id: diag_log format ["object: %1, type: %2", (objectfromnetid "2:1270"),(typeof(objectfromnetid "2:1270"))]; In my case its dummyweapon.p3d, supply40 which brings me to uniformclass. It happens when some ai unit dies...
  6. But if its exile specified errors you can do a serverside script to found out what causes the error: { diag_log format ["vehicle: %1, netid: %2", _x, (netid _x)]; } foreach allmissionobjects "All";
  7. On my end, with performance binary v12 my rpt is clean as never before, no more Server Object not found stuff... P.S. i havn't done any changes to my mission! But maybe it's related to RHS mod recently updated and fixed some errors with locality.
  8. After playing some time on v5 my server crashes with access violation addressed to extdb2.dll https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9MlsNapnWVyWVQxZTdZaXQyN00 Also, my client crashes too from time to time, but not related to extdb2... Will upload client rpt when back home.
  9. My server is also experiencing problems with v10 - some cba functions and related mods isn't working properly: 17:24:17 Error in expression <ns\xeh\fnc_preStart.sqf" uiNamespace setVariable ["", compileFinal ""]; wi> 17:24:17 Error position: <setVariable ["", compileFinal ""]; wi> 17:24:17 Error Reserved variable in expression 17:24:17 File x\cba\addons\xeh\fnc_preStart.sqf, line 5
  10. In my case, with v5 and v6 I had the same fps drop issue as with stable branch (w/o performance build). And even more - with v5 after an hour of playing in mp i've experienced decreasing in fps and after about 2 hours my game totally freezes and my pc stop working till reset. I can't attach any rpt logs with this issue cause when pc stop working it's nothing in rpt about this. However with v4 I've stable fps and no crashes so far. I've tried also to change tbb4malloc_bi on v5 to different versions (tbb4malloc_bi (10 october,11 october, 13 october)) back and forth but nothing changes. P.S. v6 is new so i've no played enough with it, but as i can see when switching from v4 to v6 i have decrease in fps after about an hour of play.
  11. I must say its an amazing work you are doing dwarden!! Its the way the arma 3 should work... With performance binary v4 i have stable fps in mp with heavy firefights and a lot of smoke usage.
  12. Making the same as server side/client side mod with lot of missions, persistent world coop and team vs team modes. I need to say your AI is more advanced then mine. If you intended to do it for coop only i'd prefer to make it scripted...
  13. long range

    FIREFOX 1 - Coastline Coop 16 Player

    Too sad, cant see your server in arma 2 browser. Will wait for Rebel Hell release somewhere for download.