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  1. Thanks for reporting the bugs! We are preparing the hotfix now. Some of the fixes and improvements are already on the dev branch. In short, there're Players invulnerable during the briefing time Global chat disabled (it only works in the lobby) The vote-for-kick threshold has been decreased on all servers Bug related to player being able to control his soldier while in the spectator has been fixed Sorry, I didn't fully get it. What do you mean?
  2. Sure I can Unfortunately you are right. The interface is displayed, but you cannot create a group. Internally it is fixed. The fix will be released soon as part of the hotfix. We wanted players to watch the session. In spectator, there's also timer showing the progress of the session. We know about some bug, but feel free to post it, it will be helpful. Not sure about it. It might bring another problems (i.e. in combination with Dynamic Groups) Not a bad idea, but I am not sure, right now, about the technical implementation. Will think about it ;) We already made Vanguard Stratis and it might be released later. We haven't added these because of the balance issues. But they might be added later if we are able to properly balance the scenarios .
  3. Please, would you have an example? Some repro? What server it was? Anyone else experiencing it?
  4. Marid is APC, you are right, but it is just a "bigger" offroad. It is very weak in comparison to Marshall. We're working on it. That's right, working on it. There's the rotation between Syrta and Chapoi. Tanoa is separated due to the licensing (if it was together in one, people not having Apex would be kicked out)
  5. Soo, are we speaking about the Escape scenarios or the Vanguard mode? Whatever can be fixed, I just need to know what mode it is ;)
  6. Weird. If you used Internet tab and filtered Team Death Match, do you see them?
  7. Well, trolls everywhere... or do you think these kills were made accidentally? Or just people killing each other for a fun?
  8. Hi there What server you were connected to? Was it the official one or a custom scenario? Can you explain the situation a little bit more please? By "everybody dead", do you mean you were in the spectator mode? How did you recognize everybody were dead?
  9. They are already listed. It took hell of a long time to get cached. Enjoy! ;)
  10. zozo

    BattleEye failed to update

    I think I got it ;). I was speaking about the issues the guys actually have. Now it should be solved for everyone. Namely for @_Que_ and "tavarišč" Stalin ;)
  11. zozo

    BattleEye failed to update

    There was an issue with BattleEye after the release. The issue was not on our side and should be already solved. Try it again pls and let me know. (You don't need to reinstall anything, just try again).
  12. Vanguard MP test: I apologize for the issues. There's a bug in the exe causing us to be kicked out from the server. It will take a time to find the problem and fix it. The session has been canceled. Sorry.
  13. We will be performing another Vanguard MP Dev test tomorrow 22.03. at 14:30 (13:30 UTC). Again we will be using the Official Public EU server ( Join us if you want! ;) We have improved a lot of stuff since the last time. We would like to know your opinion on: Leadership, Revive, Dynamic Groups, Spectator and overall gameplay.
  14. Was it RC or DEV?
  15. Have you tried to reinstall the BattlEye?