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  1. What's going on folks, myself and another friend are establishing our own dedicated Anizay Liberation game mode server. We've been playing since way back in the day in OFP. We play serious once in game with a massive mod list but trust me, the mods make the game and the immersion is flat out insane. No ranks, no disrespect, no bullshit. Don't troll during operations and you'll be alright. Peep the site, hit me up on steam @ Black 18 + https://anizayliberationteam.weebly.com/
  2. Awesome thanks for explaining the concept and code guys I will be attempting to set something up with it.
  3. Gotcha, think this project is just a little too advanced for a beginner to take on.
  4. Ah yes, the scripting rights of passage. The old I had it hard so you should too lol. Very well dudes take care. You gotta be fond of something to give yourself gray hairs doing it. For me I'm forced in order to accomplish what I'm in need of. Not very interesting. I'm the designer. I just put all the cool stuff together.
  5. Lol, yea I mean I would have to go all over the place to figure out how to put this together. Just asking for a headache.
  6. Ha, writing it myself. Good one.
  7. badpr1m3r

    [Release] GOM_fnc_foggyBreath V1.2

    Kewl thanks. Anyway to add a function where if the player is away from a fireplace or campfire he takes damage due to the cold?
  8. Any luck with your script I'm working on a Thirsk winter survival mission and could use something like this.
  9. badpr1m3r

    [SP] The Wake

    Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1133588778
  10. No way I don't have to download it? Gee, that could be why I didn't.
  11. I have no idea what pictures you're talking about or what equality you're calling for honestly. But recreating mass shootings is beyond acceptable to me. The mind set to even think to yourself hmm oh I'm inspired to recreate this mass shooting in Arma is so f***ed it ain't even funny. But that's the kind of cancer you see on the internet. Mainly from the CSGO kiddie community. Keep that crap over there. Let me elaborate when I first started playing OFP back in the day I wanted to join the military so I was all into it. Eventually I grew up and joined the army and yadda yadda ya. So...that being said. These kids are inspired by mass shootings... they're all into it. If they are using this as a platform for their sick ideas then I would definitely assume that little boy needs to be watched as a potential future mass shooter.
  12. Lol virtue signalling. Yea man my social status on this thread really makes that much a difference to me. Sounds like a social justice warrior's term. As if knowing those involved or not makes any difference.
  13. badpr1m3r

    How to make music loop

    removeMusicEventHandler ["MusicStop", ehID]; Is to stop the loop.
  14. The problem is dumb ass kids thinking everything's a joke and a lack of compassion or regard for human life.
  15. I have a music loop eventhandler set up in a trigger. It works fine the code is: 1 fademusic 1; ehID = addMusicEventHandler ["MusicStop", {playMusic ["Track2", 2];}];playMusic ["Track2", 2]; And upon Deactivation it fades the music to 0. Works good. However. I have various other triggers on objective zones which fade back in the music using different tracks. Those work fine too but after they finish playing the music is still at fade 1 and it resumes the eventhandler for the loop. So basically I want this loop to only function inside of this trigger. How do I terminate this loop upon deactivation and will it reactivate on a repeatable trigger as it should after deactivation? Any help is greatly appreciated. For anyone wondering its for a type of safe house like Resident Evil style where you enter it and your cozy warm piano loop plays and reassures you that everything is going to be alright. ;) So it needs to be repeatable in and out type of deal. Thanks.