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  1. Is PlayerID using steamOwner or steamPlayer as source?
  2. Have you fixed the "deleteVehicle" bug you introduced between 103718 and 104648? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?177393-List-of-regressions-between-1-62-and-1-63-betas
  3. Seperate product ID's was actually easier to work with, since you can use the steam browser protocol to install/update/verify data using seperate launchers. Can't do that with branches, so you're just making it harder for everyone. Going to have to rewrite the launcher again to support this since you can't decide how to distribute the beta patches. (.exe self extractor worked just fine...) Please fix the bug mentioned by Groove_C, it's been around for over 8 months now and it's a gamebreaker. Basically you broke multiplayer synchronization of "vehicle" deletion. It's very bad.
  4. Just install the ArmA2OA beta patch using steam and you're sorted. ---------- Post added at 11:41 ---------- Previous post was at 11:29 ---------- Both of these betas (and the latest one) has the bug introduced in 104648. ( https://dev.withsix.com/issues/74473 ) Seems to be an issue with multiplayer synchronization of object deletion. Until this bug is fixed 103718 is the last beta that is actually usable in MP environments, and sadly it's not available via steam any more. PS: Please include the bugfix for the setVariable bug the DayZ SA team found for 1.63 final, as it had a huge effect on server performance.
  5. Oh yeah, Previously you could get a couple of hundred of messages like this during a 3 hour-timeframe... 16:15:00 Server: Object 4:19 not found (message 99) 16:15:00 Server: Object 4:20 not found (message 91) But with 1.63 beta, you have to disable the logging because otherwise you'll end up with a log that is 500MB. It's usually just a few NetIDs and it will get logged ~25-50 times every second for each NetID.
  6. Stuff I know for sure: Between 103718 and 108074 the automatic cleanup of empty "WeaponHolders" and Parachutes was broken in MP environments. According to issue on CIT it's MP only. https://dev.withsix.com/issues/74473 Might be related to: https://dev.withsix.com/issues/72574 Edit: Apperently when it comes to parachutes atleast, it might be that the delete is not synchronized over the network. In this screenshot, the player who just landed cannot see his parachute, but the player up in the helicopter still can.
  7. Has this solved the bug that left backpacks behind when players logged out? The bug that caused parachutes to remain..?
  8. Does anyone know if there is a mission/script with this functionality? It seems rather hard to actually log who-killed-who to the server logs...
  9. If you get this working, please let us know. Logging who killed who to the server log would be just fantastic!