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  1. Ash712

    ARMA 3 - Dropped out features

    ^THIS. It's a great game, but it is NOT what was basically advertised to us for YEARS. I'm not mad about it, but the game we got as a release is STILL not finished. It's a BETA, and it's lacking content.
  2. I'd like it if the devs made an "audio option" you could adjust that only applies to the Heli's, and Jets "engine" SFX ;) It's the only SFX/Audio that I ever have an issue with in TS as well. lol!
  3. Ash712

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    Novalogic's "Joint Operations" series did it. It's been nearly 10 years since I've played the games, but I remember walking around in the Chinook for sure. You could loading vehicles into it for transport also, by just driving a vehicle up into the back (if it would fit) I think it also worked on boats, as I know it worked on the large hovercraft transport. I think you may have even been able to ride on a tank if done right lol!
  4. #1. You should judge games by your own experience/opinion of it, and not the what masses say ;) #2. Maybe because ArmA 3 is still basically in BETA (contrary to being branded as the "release version"), as its missing the SP campaign and other features still etc.. ^*I'm not hate'n, but that's the real truth of the situation if you can see beyond PR speak*
  5. Ash712

    Will Arma 3 have fast roping ?

    I guess all you "fast roping" guys never used ACE with ArmA 2? The feature exists, and my old clan used to use it a lot... The "ropes" came in different lengths even, but they were stiff as a board animation wise and more like a "fast pole" lol! I'd love to see it back with say...ACE 3? Only this time have some PhysX in them ropes ;)
  6. Ash712

    Altis: Criticism and Suggestions

    LOL! I know I was disappointed that I could not enter it... :( There's no reason not to make it, and the other 2 buildings (hospital and office building) fully enterable.
  7. Ash712

    Let rain influence the presence of dust

    The "Rain" is still very much WIP, and in ArmA 2 it did produce drops on the terrain. I'm sure that will be re-added (hopefully for release?) I highly doubt it will every affect the "dust" etc., but it used to affect the general color of the terrain as well...making it darker as if wet looking to a degree.
  8. Why not visit the "modding" threads here in the forums rather than making pointless new threads? :confused: ^Great Video above though lol! ;)
  9. Ash712

    The Invisible Top Half of the Ladder

    To clear things up I must go off topic...sorry. It's simple logic man. You either complete work (finish it), or you do not (unfinished). Correct? There has never been game released without bugs, or incomplete features, so you can't tell me it's not an industry wide problem lol! What do you call someone who doesn't finish a job? A Slacker, or (be honest) maybe you call them Lazy? *shock!* Honestly though it's not %100 any devs fault...as with any project you can't foresee everything. The money the company/investors put in are the reason for these "must release" deadlines since they need their ROI. ;) Sadly this means a company is forced to release a product that isn't %100 finished/polished. I'm not trying to insult BI...I'm just stating the facts here man ;) BI has admitted to the the lack of polish aka including unfinished features in their games. Features have been cut so that BI can focus on "polishing" what they have, as they don't want it to be as unfinished as ArmA 2 was. Now they didn't say "lazy" as I did, but that's half the gist of it, and the other is what BI and I have said...ArmA 3 MUST be released in 2013. I hope that clears things up here? /back on topic. Go climb the ladders on the "Radio Towers", or on the building in the "Old Outpost" and you see this issue the OP mentioned doesn't exist on those ladders ;) I'm sure such a simple thing will be fixed, but I am unsure as my baseline is ArmA 2, and lets be honest that game was released with many buggy/incomplete features.
  10. Ash712

    The Invisible Top Half of the Ladder

    I wasn't just calling BI lazy with these issues... It's the entire game industry, as you will note I said "game devs" in general. ;) You see why BI has been cutting ArmA 3 features...they have basically admitted what I've said. They realize it's time to stop releasing "half baked" work (being lazy), and that it's time to polish their releases more (being pro). ;) That's just the truth/fact, so if I'm rude then so be it. :p
  11. Ash712

    Development Blog & Reveals

    BF and CoD fans have no idea what a "large map" really is lol! :p All I could do was LOL at BF3 when they released their biggest map! (I do play BF) ;)
  12. Ash712

    The Invisible Top Half of the Ladder

    BI could fix this easily... ;) It seems the ladder "height" is the issue for the climbing animation on smaller ladders, because it's not an issue on taller ladders. :p I'm guessing a single class etc. or something is used for all ladders...lol! Like most game devs though laziness is the reason these kinds things are left in a game. -eye roll-
  13. So is "Jumping" confirmed or not for ArmA 3's release :confused: The animation has been in the editor since "Alpha", and yet it's STILL not implemented. Yet DayZ SA has the exact same animation/feature working (as shown many times)...WTF? :rolleyes: EDIT : *It's even semi-working in the "Zoombies" mod for ArmA 3, so BI be slacking lol!*