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  1. gpha5e

    Nvidia Geforce 326.01

    feels the same on wddm 1.2, i guess the changes are more obvious on wddm 1.3
  2. neurofunker as usual, ripping words he finds wrong out of context and provoking a conflict, legendary troll, oh yeah, throw dat infraction on me
  3. agree, even when they make trailers with arma engine it looks muuuuch superior than DSTS US Army - Cryengine III
  4. new update and still no fix for nvg? i want to see the goggles on my head like it's been before, after all - i equipped my soldier with it!!
  5. but having it chosen and not having it on my head does contradict reality, i chose to wear NVG and i don't see it on my head, i want it back
  6. COME OOOOOOOOON BIS, nvg's were perfect in alpha, they were mounted by default and had animations, please revert it, in the past if you didnt want the nvg on the head or just didnt like the look (which sounds kinda stupid) you could unmount it, please just make it like it's been before seriously, you guys have serious issues to address, why breaking the fun and realism instead?
  7. does anybody actually see the NVG's? it doesn't matter if i have them or not - there are none on my head\helmet\cap (tho if i press N it works), is that a bug?
  8. beta is unstable serverside, keeps crashing all of a sudden
  9. yeah i noticed that gunfire now doesn't change pitch when you leave ao in the helicopter, just frequency changes, which is sweet, tho i noticed that when two heelos are at base their engine sounds start flanging
  10. yes, they are probably busy with the tomorrow default branch update
  11. yeah, but still it happens during the fight :) well actually i was playing on a locked server with "serious" people :) and they were wearing undies "against their will" :D
  12. unpleasant things i discovered playing beta: 1) the running bug is STILL in the game, the only reason to get rid of it is to change weapons or select uav (old bug) 2) half of the time there are no center player names displayed, and no voip names, so the admins have to restart the server many times until it starts working (new bug) 3) player models still can "spin" around vehicles, be it helis or apc's (old bug) 4) some players appear pants-less on my end, tho they aren't using any mods