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  1. The number is your steam64 ID, you can obtain it from the URL of your steam profile (it starts with 7656119). Or get it by searching your account on this site http://steamid.co/
  2. I think you have to manually define steamport and steamqueryport (see dwarden's links), forward them as well. When I removed the expansion/beta reference I started getting errors with BIS functions being undefined, you can try without the expansion/beta but it may not work. I use 2 separate -mod params, one for expansions and before that one for loading CO.
  3. I'm am sorry if I insulted your intelligence, but I was unsure of what you were having difficulty with. You may either include the A2 files via "-mod=A2PATH;@modfolder" etc. I.e. "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2;EXPANSION\beta;EXPANSION\beta\Expansion;EXPANSION;ca" Or you may copy the addons from A2 into your OA folder. I prefer the first method.
  4. You can absolutely copy over your mod folders. Be careful if you are copying over your hive instillation (or anything that relies on external .DLL files) you'll need to copy over the required .DLL files too so it may just be best to install the hive fresh so you don't mess up. Your settings for the server can be used as well but will need to be modified to use the steam queries instead of gamespy queries. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/STEAMWORKSquery
  5. I assume this means that steam will be used exclusively, and the retail will be phased out? It's a shame because the steam install really sucks. I love the fact that I can have both install in one folder without any screwing around.
  6. What's the deal with beta patches and retail copies? This seems like a major fix/update it should be on both retail and steam, not just one.
  7. I can confirm this as well. in a server with a large amount of players and mission objects the gunners boarding will remain on the ground next to where they got in. Each gunner will have their own set of ammo. However, it seems to be a JIP issue as players that join before high desync on the server are unaffected on their screen only. For example, if I am the first person out of 10 to join before desync all of our games will show the correct gunners in the seat for each of the 10. However, if someone is to join after high desync and hop on a gun, not only will they be standing on the ground on the original 10 players screens, if an original player is to get out and on a gun they will only be standing on the ground in the late joiner's screen. In other words players that join before high desync and after will hive out of sync screens. Also, in the venom if the pilot is on manual fire before the crew chief hops in the crew chief's bullets do not make impact (it shoots but the impacts are inside of the gun).
  8. Just tried editing the animations in the configs and getting the data by lbdata/value and related commands to no avail. Anyone...?
  9. So I have an action set up for the player like so, It's event driven (mostly by key presses and configs). The issue with it is that the player must perform the animation to open his gear when this command is used and since it's called by monitoring which keys are pressed this is an issue when running or in combat as it requires you to stop, lower your gun and crouch. player action ["Gear", player]; That's it, it's pretty simple. I know some of you are thinking, why not just use createGearDialog, well it's simple, I need to be able to open the backpack of the player and have the gear slots pop up so I can use the gearSlotData command on the inventory to determine count of magazines. Perhaps someone knows a way to skip the animation (similar to the way createGearDialog works) or how to use gearslotdata or a similar command on the list of backpack items when opening a players gear without using a container (so the backpack contents show on the listbox in the gear dialog). What I've tried: 1. playAction ""; / playActionNow ""; or other related commands such as switchmove etc. 2. Selecting a weapon as objNull, grenade. Thanks.
  10. 1400 is default by ArmA DON'T MAKE IT HIGHER, you will cause issues with people that have restrictions or problems with their ISP or network equipment (they will be unable to connect to your server).
  11. You must reinstall your game, or read through the thread (yeah, i know... it's tough) to see if someone answered this already with another way.
  12. I doubt it. But the ArmA 2 + OA MLODs are soon to be released so the community could always fix it :)
  13. We can't fix it like listed above but we can make a workaround (for the most part). So here's a sub-optimal fix for most errors/spam, BESIDES the initial one (since we can't set the onLoad option before the display is done loading). While we can't fix the initial error we can "fix" the rest of them, reducing spam from on every button click to only on dialog creation. We can accomplish this by adding this to init.sqf and creating a file named keyHandler.sqf [] execVM "keyHandler.sqf"; [] spawn { //diag_log "DISPLAY HANDLER INIT"; waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; //diag_log "FOUND MAIN DISPLAY"; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","_this call keyProcess"]; //YOU WILL NEED TO EDIT THIS IF YOU ALREADY CALL displaySetEventHandler or displayAddEventHandler for display 46 (main display) sleep 0.001; }; The contents of keyHandler.sqf is as follows. keyProcess = { private "_handled"; _dikCode = _this select 1; _shiftState = _this select 2; _ctrlState = _this select 3; _altState = _this select 4; _handled = false; //diag_log format["DISPLAY HANDLER _dikCode == %1", _dikCode]; if ((_dikCode in actionKeys "Gear") && !_shiftState && !_ctrlState && !_altState && !dialog) then { //diag_log "GEAR KEY PRESSED"; //createGearDialog [player, "RscDisplayGear"]; [] spawn { disableSerialization; waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 106)}; _display = findDisplay 106; (_display displayCtrl 146) ctrlSetEventHandler ["SetFocus","private [""_dummy""]; _dummy = [_this,""onFocus""] execVM ""handleGear.sqf""; _dummy;"]; (_display displayCtrl 146) ctrlSetEventHandler ["ButtonClick","private [""_dummy""]; _dummy = [_this,""onLBListSelChanged""] execVM ""handleGear.sqf""; _dummy;"]; (_display displayCtrl 105) ctrlSetEventHandler ["KeyDown","private [""_dummy""]; _dummy = [_this,""onKeyDown"",0,107,0,107] execVM ""handleGear.sqf""; _dummy;"]; (_display displayCtrl 105) ctrlSetEventHandler ["LBSelChanged","private [""_dummy""]; _dummy = [_this,""onLBSelChanged""] execVM ""handleGear.sqf""; _dummy;"]; (_display displayCtrl 105) ctrlSetEventHandler ["LBListSelChanged","private [""_dummy""]; _dummy = [_this,""onLBListSelChanged""] execVM ""handleGear.sqf""; _dummy;"]; (_display displayCtrl 105) ctrlSetEventHandler ["KillFocus","private [""_dummy""]; _dummy = [_this,""onKillFocus""] execVM ""handleGear.sqf""; _dummy;"]; (_display displayCtrl 147) ctrlSetEventHandler ["SetFocus","private [""_dummy""]; _dummy = [_this,""onFocus""] execVM ""handleGear.sqf""; _dummy;"]; (_display displayCtrl 147) ctrlSetEventHandler ["ButtonClick","private [""_dummy""]; _dummy = [_this,""onLBListSelChanged""] execVM ""handleGear.sqf""; _dummy;"]; }; //_handled = true; }; _handled }; Notice how the file has no path, it is in the ROOT of your mission folder. Also I left the diag_logs in, but commented out, if you need to debug :) Also I'd recommend editing line 521 of handleGear.sqf to read as an isNil check (since _dofilter will only exist if true). if (!isNil "_doFilter") then { Edit: if anyone can find a clever way to get this to work with onLoad then please post it here, so far my attempts have been futile. (findDisplay 106) displaySetEventHandler ["Load","if (isNil('IGUI_GEAR_activeFilter')) then { IGUI_GEAR_activeFilter = 0;}; private ['_dummy']; _dummy = [_this,'initDialog'] call compile preprocessFile 'handleGear.sqf'; _dummy = [_this,'onLoad'] execVM 'handleGear.sqf'; _dummy;"];
  14. I wouldn't have spent the time posting and describing it if it didn't work. But for some reason it does not work on handleGear.sqf. It must be the way it is called/executed in the configs, with a leading \ in the path. Edit: I tried redefining the config entry for RSCDisplayGear in a missions description.ext, that did not work.
  15. Guys, you can easily overwrite the broken scripts in your mission files by including a folder structure and filename exactly of that of the file with the issue. For example, in order to fix the error in CA/Modules/Functions/init.sqf you simply create a folder structure ca/modules/functions/ in your root of the mission. You then make a copy of the init.sqf from ca/modules/functions/ (you can use the CMB "Community Modding Bible" for this). You will need to make a copy of the repository on your machine. Then edit the affected line so it is properly written. in init.sqf the affected line is line 28, it reads (broken) as: if (BIS_fnc_init && !_recompile) exitwith {textLogFormat["PRELOAD_ Functions already running."];}; It should be if ((!isNil "BIS_fnc_init") && !_recompile) exitwith {textLogFormat["PRELOAD_ Functions already running."];}; It's fairly important to note that you do not need to do anything with this file, just put it in the appropriate folder and the game will take care of the rest.