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  1. Oh ok. Makes sense then :D, still a gr8 mod, looking forward to updates!
  2. i am unable to group the EOD Arm module with the IED items on the arma 3 editor. Also any way to have random IEDS spawn one or two IEDs instead of a cluster of them.
  3. Says "a different type of some parameters is required" when i place the module down. Wondering how do I know if the IED module is working, i don't see any on the map. Like how do I kno if they are spawning
  4. xconkersx

    Vanilla Multiplayer Gamemode - Rush

    I have ported this to Altis, its in alpha testing right now. Server name: Rush Redux Altis | Alpha | Testing IP: PORT: 2322 Mods: N/A I am going to add a modded version of Altis, if this gets a lot of attention I will make more servers on different maps. Note: It may be buggy, but so far it looks fine. Some of the spawns are bit eh, will be tweaked over time. Please post any bugs or anything you find in here: https://discord.gg/9gw3zBN Changelog: http://www.abandonedrp.com/arma-3-rush-redux
  5. Hey, So I have a problem with some people seeing my server on the arma 3 browser or through direct connect and others cant. I asked my hoster, Ovh, they said: By default, OVH does not block any ports, so you wouldn't need to forward them. However, I checked your server and I can see that the range of ports you specified is being filtered, which would indicate they are being blocked on the server level, as you have not enabled your OVH firewall. So I am not sure why people can't see my server and I don't know how to enable OVH Firewall. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. does difficulty settings work rn?
  7. xconkersx

    NSS Admin Console

    can u rekey the shift f1 to something else?
  8. xconkersx

    Insurgency - Tanoa

    i also dont think intel works, when u findthe laptops nothing happens
  9. Hey guys, I found this: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/191710-insurgency-tanoa/and wondered why hasn't someone made a 24/7 server on this yet? It was so popular on Arma 2 OA. So I did it with some friends. I am editing the mission slowly to make it a bit better and add more things. However, the server is in testing and is always up unless being updated. If you wish to hop on and have some fun you need the following CBA_A3, RHS:USAF, CUP_Terrains_Core, CUP_Terrains_Maps, CUP_Units, CUP_Vehicles, CUP_Weapons. CBA_A3 and all CUP mods can be found on the steam workshop. RHS:USAF can be found here: http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/2 Server info: Name: Takistan Insurgency | ALL CUP | RHS:USAF | CBA_A3 | TESTING IP and port: Feel free to leave feedback. Join the discord: https://discord.gg/tRU7T
  10. xconkersx

    Insurgency - Tanoa

    where is the loadouts located and where is the spawning scripts located(I wanna remove the AA units with the AA guns). Also wondering, is it possible to make the mission persistent,(save over restarts)?
  11. xconkersx

    Insurgency - Tanoa

    How do u edit the support commands to make the vehicles fly in with CUP units etc? Also want to spawn units using cup gear
  12. xconkersx

    Insurgency - Tanoa

    Hey, I am wondering are we allowed to edit your mission to add more mods/features? I'd like to add ac3/TFR etc
  13. Discord has an unofficial api so, can we hope taskforceradio makes its way to discord? actually it seems their official api is out: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/212889058-Discord-s-Official-API
  14. Hey I been playing Arma since Arma 2, mostly in the realism aspect, I do play other things. I am wondering will there be a new render for Arma 3? Just like what happened in DayZ? It would definitely help a lot.