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  1. (Sorry for digging up the thread again, can't find any other threads with my problem other than this! >: D) I get that error too, "No entry 'Bin\Config.bin/CfgWeapons.Remington'." FIXED IT!
  2. mathiask1

    ARMA 3 Alpha download size

    Lower part of the page linked below. CLICK HERE!
  3. mathiask1

    unclear when I hit

    I know that, but for some reason my PC didnt show the title right. (dont ask why cus i have no clue)
  4. mathiask1

    unclear when I hit

    Its now official, theres something wrong with my PC.
  5. mathiask1

    unclear when I hit

    BTW. whats up with the thread title? "Nuclear Unlcear... when i hit"? Dosent make sense.
  6. mathiask1

    unclear when I hit

    Thats off topic.
  7. mathiask1

    unclear when I hit

    Oh yea, forgot to say that in my reply :D
  8. mathiask1

    unclear when I hit

    The SDAR is a close range weapon with a range of 30 meters. Meaning you need to be closer than 30 meters to kill em' (or just get another gun, but then you wont be able to kill underwater)
  9. I did use CBA, i found out it didnt extract the files right. (not sure why) But it works now ;D
  10. Wont show up ingame O.o theres no menu for it
  11. mathiask1

    Hilariously funny glitch

    Happens alot :D
  12. mathiask1

    Seriously? is this what to expect from ARMA 3?

    Nobody forces you to play the game, so dont play it if you dont like the people playing on the server? its hardly the Dev's fault that the server admins cant adminstrate their servers.
  13. mathiask1

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    In that case, yes it needs to be on the server.