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  1. According to the dev branch field manual entries, the Hatchback also has a 'sporty variant', which I would assume is the same sports car we saw previously. As for the repair truck and police car, those exist in the beta right now; just not accessible without scripting. Another interesting tidbit - the field manual also lists a 4x4 truck with 3 variants, as well as an Offroad armed with a .50 cal machinegun.
  2. tehsleuth

    Scripting Discussion (dev branch)

    The above script would only remove the NVGs from BLUFOR soldiers, not OPFOR or Greenfor soldiers. You'll need to use NVGoggles_OPFOR and NVGoggles_INDEP for the classnames, respectively.
  3. I don't believe this is possible via scripting; you'd need to make a config.cpp and load it into the game as a separate addon. Here is the cfgVehicles config reference: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference Edit: The parameters you're looking for is displayName and displayNameShort.
  4. tehsleuth

    I can not operate the vehicle with mouse

    It's due to the introduction of vehicle freelook in the options. Turn that off and see if that fixes the issue. (It's under Options / Game / Vehicle Freelook)
  5. tehsleuth

    Beta Classnames

    I believe that muzzle_snds_H is the 762x51mm silencer. Try muzzle_snds_L, that should work.
  6. tehsleuth

    Beta Classnames

    Here is the class names for the crew helmets: For Blufor: H_HelmetCrew_B For Opfor: H_HelmetCrew_O For Green Army: H_HelmetCrew_I
  7. According to the ArmA 3 twitter, it will be available on Friday.
  8. tehsleuth

    Mission Questions

    You could try putting this in the condition field of the trigger: soldier1 in thisList That will check if the unit is in the triggers radius. Also, my apologies for not clarifying about the canMove command. Glad you figured it out though :-)
  9. tehsleuth

    Mission Questions

    For your first question, check out the canMove command. Using a trigger, put something like this in the condition field: canMove heli1 From there, you could use the new BIS_fnc_endMission command to end the mission if the heli can no longer fly. The second question is a bit different since there really is no particular way to have them land in an exact spot. Try putting down an invisible helipad (located under Empty > Objects (Signs)) and attach a transport unload waypoint there, and in the on act. field type this: heli1 land "LAND" This will essentially force the helicopter to land within 50m of the helipad. (the AI will try to land squarely on top but be careful if the landing zone is close to buildings or trees) As for the artillery modules, I'm quite certain that the modules do not currently work (though I haven't personally tested them) but you can find them under modules > support. Hope this helps out a bit. :-)
  10. tehsleuth

    ALTIS : The big question!

    I'm afraid Altis will not be in the beta, but the devs have said it may make an appearance on the dev branch a couple of weeks before the full release.
  11. You'll need to use the groups tool (F2 key). With this, you can drag lines from unit to unit and create groups. Also, for future reference, try using this for questions about mission editing. :-) EDIT: You can also double click when the groups tool is selected and create pre-defined groups such as fireteams, squads, etc.
  12. tehsleuth

    # Issue not being solved in alpha?

    I mean you no offense here, but have you not seen what every 'optimization' thread turns into? If not, take a look at the last few pages of this thread. It doesn't have anything to do with a coverup or otherwise, it simply comes down to people attacking each other, which is obviously not the intention of the thread in the first place. If you also take a look here, you'll see that the developers have replied to the ticket and have been actively working on optimization; but, it's not as if it is an overnight ordeal. Things such as this take time, and we may not see any significant improvement until the full release.
  13. The key for laying smoke screen is G. For the speedboats, you have to be the driver to deploy smokes - same with the Ifrit. The Ka-60s flares are deployed the same way.
  14. tehsleuth

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I believe they've stated that the dev branch will feature the beta content the day after E3.
  15. tehsleuth

    ArmA 3 Beta - Which Islands ?

    I don't believe it's been announced that there will be any other islands included in the Beta; however, they will be at E3 from June 11th to June 13th, so I would assume we'll get an announcement then.