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  1. I just had what reddit may call a "shower thought". I grew "old" (40+) playing Arma - from Op. Flashpoint to A3. I still vividly remember the first encounter with the game, many proverbial moons ago. "What, just this paper map and compass? Really? F*** YES, this is my type of game". Back then, such open world design that has come to be expected in modern games, was all but unheard of. Being an infantryman who can enter and operate vehicles? Wow, also radical. (In my personal experience - I suppose someone, somewhere will find an example that might predate BI's games). Anyway, thanks BI :)
  2. Levrex, why don't you make a thread in Arma2 section of the forums for support of the A2 version of TFAR?
  3. Sammy, how would you explain the existence of underground structures in VBS? Furthermore - as Pergor quite eloquently put it - Do you think we should oust Dean Hall and his work on the extremely popular (and for BI's sake I hope successful) project, which involves a plot and some entities that aren't in line with Arma (as you see it - being strictly military)? Also, I can personnaly vouch that combat does happen in strangest of places, and yes, some of them are underground. Don't get me wrong, I am a what you might call 'army buff', but come on... relax a little :) And finally... underground structures are cool. 'Nuff said :P
  4. No problem, it really is a privilege to be able to contribute even in the tiniest of ways to this project!
  5. I completely understand the reasoning behind Иova Zoиа, the trends in graphic design and typography are something I've been exposed to in quite a while. I also get how to the 'westerners' it seemse very Russian and all that. I'd like to hear from a few fellow 'easterners' if they share my point of view - when I read the logo, I read Iova Zoia - combining the latin and cyrillic alphabet, and it looks.... wrong. On the other hand, I've been known to be a nitpicking prick when it comes to language, so my view may well be very, very biased. Regarding possible alternatives - that, indeed, is a tough one without going it the other way - making it illogical for western audience. Ðова Зона - pure cyrillics, Ð-N(as in Name) in cyrillics corresponds to H(as in Heart) in latin. B in cyr corresponds to V in latin. Completely unreadable by the west :( Nova Зona - Just the Z in cyrillics, does not correspond to any letter of the latin alphabet, but does to the number three. Doesn't really sound great, I admit. ???? ???? - working on it :)
  6. Using separate transmit combos for 2 radios (ctrl+1, ctrl+2), if you transmit over one, and then quickly over the other, TS would freeze and crash. Some issues with setting volumes, already described here. Using VOX for direct bugs PTT for radio. (I know, it is said somewhere to disable VOX, but....)
  7. No, it requires it to work at all. ​Unless all you want is to have a radio item on your person in Arma :)
  8. I'm not a dev, so pardon for butting in but like you, I've helped a lot of guys... Anyway, the bold part is confusing me - but might be that the headset has some noise-cancelling mechanism, and the squelch tone from the radio is triggering it.
  9. Alo Keen

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    I just wanted to pop in and comment on how nice it is to see a proper civilized discussion without crybabies and trolls. Kudos! BTW, I've had an idea for a while, and someone on a page or two back reminded me - what do you think of not having blu/red/ind, but just one side, and have people form groups/teams on their own? Group menu would need a revamp, because the JIP issues are still there... This is an attempt to make groups and team play more cohesive. Might need some new UI elements (list of existing groups, from which some could be open, some closed for new member requests...) to facilitate joining players in finding their mates or a bunch of friendly strangers, perhaps even group score? What would be nice to have in such a situation is some playing with fraction/group uniforms and their effects - for instance, the group leader's uniform is taken as a reference, and if all the group members have the same suit/headgear (... variations), that group can benefit in a way... I haven't thought this through obviously, just laying down ideas as I write :) I think this would tone down TKs for gear too - you wouldn't end up in a situation where you'd have a bunch of non-friendly, non-cooperative people playing for one team (blu/red) just because they like blue/red uniforms or whatever.
  10. Alo Keen

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    They exist in Arma, but are not included in Wasteland. Sorry, bad wording :)
  11. Alo Keen

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Imagine the action menu :)
  12. Alo Keen

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    I understand what you're saying, but think of it this way: there's currently a mortar in A3, but it is not in the game. Also, attack choppers have been stripped of guided missiles. Some tweaks like this serve to balance the game - at the cost of real life features and options. Not saying everything is ideal, but we can discuss and perhaps agree on a set of features that would be fair and entertaining to play at the same time. This would keep things consistent and compact from the player's point of view - having one Wasteland and no doubt about what it is. I think that's much better than having 100 servers with 10 - 15 players each, and within those 100 have 20 different games, all under the same name.
  13. I was just thinking the opposite while reading through the changelog.
  14. How wold you use them :confused: EDIT: huts on water?
  15. Alo Keen

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Although I enjoy your discussion, and find it very interesting and educational, this is not the place for it ;)