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  1. In Arma 3 have trouble with setvariable and getvariable: 1) StartUp MP-mission 2) Connect player in game 3) On server side create object and doing: object123 SetVariable ["test","test",true]; 4) On client side: systemchat format["check: %1", object123 getvariable "test"]; -> welldone, result: "check: test". Good. 5) Player dissconnect from game 6) Connect again to this server 7) And player doing: systemchat format["check: %1", object123 getvariable "test"]; -> result: "check: ". 8) WTF? In Arma 2 all good work, its problem only Arma 3.
  2. In Arma 2 I use script: On server: _unitname = "sometext"; _time = time; _class = "Skoda"; _position = [1000,1000,0]; _dir = 100; _newvehobj = _class createVehicle _position; _newvehobj setpos _position; _newvehobj setdir _dir; _newvehobj setVehicleInit format['this setVehicleVarName "vcl_%1_%2"; vcl_%1_%2 = this; this lock true;',_unitname, _time]; processInitCommands; clearVehicleInit _newvehobj; On client: player groupchat["%1",cursortarget]; // Cursor target on created vehicle... Result: "vcl_sometext_123" Good. But in Arma 3 SetVehicleInit is disabled. I try create in Arma 3: Server: _unitname = "sometext"; _time = time; _class = "C_Hatchback_01_F"; _position = [1000,1000,0]; _dir = 100; _newvehobj = _class createVehicle _position; _newvehobj setpos _position; _newvehobj setdir _dir; _vclname = format["vcl_%1_%2",_unitname, _time]; _newvehobj setVehicleVarName _vclname ; _newvehobj call compile format["%1 = _this;",_vclname]; publicvariable _vclname ; missionNamespace setVariable [_vclname ,_newvehobj,true]; Client result: "61ac6040# 1769919: hatchback_01_f.p3d REMOTE" How to make Arma 3 to be the same as in Arma 2?? BIS_fnc_MP work only for current player... Please, help me!
  3. Hi all! Please, help me! Computer: i7 3770k, 16Gb Ram, HT disabled. 100MB internet speed. comand string for run server: start /wait /REALTIME arma2oaserver.exe -mod=@MyMods -profiles=server -name=server -config=server\server.cfg -port=2302 -cpucount=4 -exThreads=7 -cfg=server\basic.cfg -maxmem=2047 -noCB basic.cfg: adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=-4194304; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=0; Resolution_H=0; Windowed=0; MaxMsgSend=128; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=256; MinBandwidth=131072; MaxBandwidth=2147483647; MinErrorToSend=0.001; MinErrorToSendNear=0.0099999998; MaxCustomFileSize=1600000; server.cfg: hostname = "Server Name"; password = ""; passwordAdmin = "123"; reportingIP = "arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; logFile = "server_console.log"; motd[] = {"3", "2", "1"}; motdInterval = 5; checkfiles[] = {}; maxPlayers = 64; kickDuplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 1; equalModRequired = 0; voteMissionPlayers = 1; voteThreshold = 1.1; disableVoN = 1; vonCodecQuality = 5; persistent = 1; onUserConnected = ""; onUserDisconnected = ""; doubleIdDetected = ""; regularCheck = "{}"; BattlEye = 1; When playing more 25 players - all player have desynchronization with server and many lags. Server CPU load in only 25%! Channel load in 5Mbits. How I can setup server with right settings? What should I do? Help me please!
  4. Hi! I have this problem too. How fix this? Beta-patch for clients not helping.((
  5. I mean, that _newvehobj = _class createVehicle "skoda"; _newvehobj setpos _pos; _newvehobj setdir _dir; _newvehobj setVehicleInit ' this setVariable ["tuning", 0, true]; this setVariable ["nitro", false, true]; this setVariable ["siren", false, true]; this setVariable ["trunk", [], true]; clearWeaponCargo this; clearMagazineCargo this; '; processInitCommands; - its create vehicle, its work and variables too. Then, after some time player doing: _some_vcl setvariable["nitro",true,true]; , _some_vcl setvariable["tuning",5,true]; - its work too, but after some time if doing: _result = _some_vcl getvariable "tuning"; for this vehicle, _result will be is initial value: 0 instead of 5. And its for all variables for all vehicles. I think that the again vehicle will reinitialize with initial values. May be need reset or clear line for setVehicleInit?? Or not use setVehicleInit and use _vcl setvariable only :)
  6. No, vehicle no die. Player not die too. No, setVariable use only when vehicle crreating, then in loop use getvariable. I set variable in setVehicleInit and processInitCommands. Can this wrong work or anew run processInitCommands for vehicle? _newvehobj = _class createVehicle "skoda"; _newvehobj setpos _pos; _newvehobj setdir _dir; _newvehobj setVehicleInit ' this setVariable ["tuning", 0, true]; this setVariable ["nitro", false, true]; this setVariable ["siren", false, true]; this setVariable ["trunk", [], true]; clearWeaponCargo this; clearMagazineCargo this; '; processInitCommands;
  7. 1) I make MP map. In map when create vehicles, script doing: _vehicle setvariable["asd",true,true]; After some time all variables in all objects is reset! Why? In map they not edited, only readed! Help! 2) When map is start create global markers on map. After some time (> 90 minuts) all markers is lost. Why? ((( PS: Sorry for my English.
  8. Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Thanks for this map! Good work! In package missing bisign key for file usec_rig_a.pbo. And missing all bikeys for servers. Administrators can create bikeys files, but the best result will be, if this files included in archive with maps.
  9. ArmA2 Extended Dll

    Good tools! But if I run thread or realtime function in constructor class - arma 2 is freezing. Because of this, I can not keep a constant connection to the database in the class.:( How fixed it?
  10. Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    I sending other bags in your PM 02.10.2012. You recive its? Can you add on maps several mines or similar buildings?
  11. Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Bags: http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20121004/1Hl7ZjIb.jpg (324 kB) Graphics artefacts in this place and 50m for forward and back. http://s2.ipicture.ru/uploads/20121004/19b2HO70.jpg (1057 kB) Invisible column. Market on map as red point.
  12. Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Thenks for this map! Best map for life server:) Bags: Sabina train station. If go to the wall, then down underground: http://cs405126.userapi.com/v405126152/2355/cfnnSFCXjco.jpg (185 kB) If exit from airplan on housetop, then around hidden wall: The car crashed into an invisible wall: if drive car in subway, then they crashed an invisible wall: Bag in racing track: http://vk.com/video104680751_163430673 Sabina geometry:
  13. Hello! How change skin player in sthe game? Exsample: player = doctor. Need in game change him to "Teacher". How do it? Create new group, create new unit in this group whith it's skin and change player control on new unit? But this bad solution..