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  1. hlfritz

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I played the included armor mission where you are in a T80U - I had no issues killing M1's in that mission. I am not sure if it is the same as posted by the others. one thing I did notice is that *it seemed* (I may not have taken enough time to figure things out) that once I switched to other than the default ammo (via action menu) in the T80U, I could not get it to reload. I could use the action menu to change to HE and ATGM, but could not seem to get back to the AP ammo.
  2. hlfritz

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Damian, thx. I am well aware of how complicated it can get (or maybe I am NOT!). that is probably why it is easier to do WW2 stuff! just armor thickness and material 'proxy' (if you will, there are some we may never know the material composition in our lifetimes) is complicated enough. then add angle and it is even worse. so did you all use hit points? or did you do penetration ala RAM? and did you do anything with AT weapons? CE or KE? man-pack and mounted? EDIT: NM - I went to the link that Reyhard posted.
  3. hlfritz

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    can you guys describe how you did armor calculations and did you address any anti-tank weapons with this mod vs. those armor calculations? Damian90 posted in the Real Armor Mod thread, I thought it more appropriate to ask here though. It would be great if collaboration can be done to get ARMA3 into a better situation for armored warfare simulation (fidelity of SBPPE not needed). There are a number of different people working on this stuff it seems: Burnes Armories Tanks and Deployment Vehicles, RHS Escalation, Real Armor Mod, AiA with Olds, BWM, something called MANW that Olds is also working on. I know mod teams are mod teams, but if some amount of collaboration could be done ala CUP then maybe duplicate work could be avoided and things could get released faster and with a modicum of standardization.
  4. hlfritz

    Real Armor Mod

    I must be dense, I cannot find MANW. what is it Olds? ;)
  5. hlfritz

    Real Armor Mod

    agreed - the RHS Escalation stuff looks superb. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184842-RHS-Escalation-(AFRF-and-USAF)-Release-0-3-0 Olds, not to rain on your party - but it might already be close to the NATO/Warsaw Pact stuff you were intending.
  6. Burnes, et al, Have you all considered working with Olds or using his ideas, etc. from Real Armor Mod? instead of hit points? I am impressed by anyone here (not to slight anyone) mentioning Steel Beasts (Pro PE)! awesome. I have often felt that if the armored vehicle simulation part of ARMA could be addressed, it would make an excellent armor sim that is more accessible than SBPPE. there is just enough abstraction to allow one person to run a vehicle, but ARMA series has always cried out for a better treatment of armored warfare.
  7. hlfritz

    Real Armor Mod

    understood - thx for your reply! vanilla, stock vehicles will be enough to get a feel for this.
  8. hlfritz

    Real Armor Mod

    Olds, I am kinda trying to come back to A3 after a hiatus, and this is what I have hoped for - for many years in the ARMA game series. It could give enough realism to armored combat to be fun and somewhat realistic. The hit point system just turns me off, and in the case of the stock game I would call ARMA series an infantry simulator only. So with that out of the way, what does your mod work with as it stands? Stock A3 armored vehicles? Anything else? Hopefully you are able to help AiA - SA out and BI can fix the flipping over of tanks/vehicles. that would be very cool then as well. Thx for your work!
  9. guys, what about asr_ai3 and bcombat? compatibility issues? any reason to run both? they do seem to have some overlap, but I am not sure of any conflict that may occur? if anyone could suggest some targeted testing, I would be happy to do so.
  10. yeah - our group saw the 4.7 on a server the other night too. not sure why people are saying 'requires cba_a3 4.7' on their servers, but it aint right. it should just be beta 4; those people are going to confuse a bunch of others.
  11. isn't that all arma 2 stuff re: chrisb pbo mix? I also saw a fairly recent post by him stating 'not using it in arma 3 yet'.
  12. probably need a command line switch to tell it the config file to use. -config <path-to-config-file> i.e. -config server.cfg (if it is in same directory as server binary) check all the options: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Dedicated_Server
  13. do not let it be profiled. depending upon your setting in the profile module, you either want to sync it with the profile module or not. if the profile module is set to 'profile all editor units except synced units' then sync it to the profile module and it will not get picked up. if the profile module is set to 'profile only synced units' then do not sync it to the profile module and it will not get picked up.
  14. hlfritz

    Real Armor Mod

    I hope this mod can bring a good level of realism to armor, that along with better handling ala Refined Vehicles or maybe something in this mod - maybe Olds can incorporate Refined Vehicles since Red Phoenix has gone on hiatus? so we have a more all in one mod? it could be a lot more fun with some large battles using Alive. BUT, if you want realistic armored warfare get Steel Beasts Pro PE. Olds, Iron Front supposedly has some kind of advanced armored features but that may be more of the same as bringing the Arma 2 vehicles in? Question - why is there more data for the Arma 2 stuff vs. the Arma 3 stuff? is it 'hidden' in Arma 3 while not in Arma 2?