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  1. According to GamingOnLinux website Arma CWA is being ported to Linux (and MAC) by Virtual Programming. They ported already Arma 3 and other games to Linux. EDIT: Arma: Cold War Assault Mac/Linux STEAM
  2. Great work guys with this patch :D Any idea why is not working under WINE on my Linux OS? Maybe library d3d8.dll?
  3. More info here: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/vps-arma-3-176-beta-now-out-compatible-with-windows-for-now.10709/page=4#r108067
  4. tom34

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    Np bro ;) Here is explined how to play Exile and download manually all addons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLGmahxF4ZQ and https://armaonunix.gitlab.io/modded.html (at bottom).
  5. tom34

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    Sorry for late answer. ;) You need to copy manually mods from /steam/steamapps/workshop/content/****** and copy to ARMA3 folder. Each mod copy to different folder, in ARMA 3 folder. My launch options: "-mod=@desolation_redux;@cup_terrains_-_core;@southzagoriaterrain -nologs -nomap -nosplash -noFilePatching -world=empty" If you use the same folders like mine you not need change anything ;)
  6. tom34

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    Just tested server "[EU#1] DesolationREDUX 0.2.1 - DayZ Chernarus+Connect" https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/1491134 working without problems. ;D
  7. tom34

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    I just copied 2 files: "tom34.Arma3Profile" and "tom34.vars.Arma3Profile" from "Documents and Settings/UserName/Documents/Arma 3 - Other Profiles/tom34" to "/home/UserName/.local/share/bohemiainteractive/arma3/GameDocuments/Arma 3 - Other Profiles/tom34". Remember to have the same nickname on Linux like on Windows othewise u can be banned on ALL KoH servers... (im not sure but maybe).
  8. tom34

    1.76 Ubuntu 17.10 Gnome

    Im able to play on full "King Of The Hil" server (average 30 FPS, copied my level from Windows), cannot play on servers with version 1.76.xxxxxx (half EPOCH servers) and all Battle Royale servers... Generally not bad ;D
  9. tom34

    [Linux] Issue with textures

    Report this bug here https://www.vpltd.com/support/ they responded for my ticket very fast.
  10. My english is not so good to contact BI in that case, if someone can please write down and i will send or you can do this here: https://support.bistudio.com/ Sorry...
  11. I asked them why my Linux 1.99 server is not reported in Master server:
  12. I asked support about enabling in Linux/MAC port support for PowerServer or adding adress "master.ofpisnotdead.com": :C
  13. tom34

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    No ded server executable i just maked ticket about that here https://www.vpltd.com/support/ please do the same. You can make server in game but thats not the same.... EDIT: Looks like dedicated server is builted in, here answer for my ticket:
  14. @Poweruser its possible to port/make OFPMonitor for Linux/MAC? ARMA CWA was ported to Linux and MAC more info here OFPMonitor its working very well with WINE but we need something native now, to run mods and easy join servers...
  15. tom34

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    `Use properties on steam then Set run oprions, the same like in BAT file.
  16. tom34

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    Not tested this on Linux yet but on Windows i was using steam too to load addons. User files is stored in "/home/username/.local/share/vpltd/ArmaColdWarAssault/SavedGames/tom34" i see "UserInfo.cfg" file in this folder so its possible to use Faguss tweaks and tricks. "mpmissions" are saved there as well.
  17. tom34

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    Version 1.99 No "Internet" in "Multiplayer" section, only LAN, you need manually add server IP. WINE vs STEAM : 1:0 ;-/
  18. tom34

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    Arma: Cold War Assault Mac/Linux STEAM Source: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/arma-cold-war-assault-released-for-linux-mac-but-its-separated-from-the-windows-version.9308 I think its not fair that i need to buy a game if i already have Windows version. I will test Linux version how it works vs WINE version.
  19. tom34

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    They only porting a game not fixing game issues... Of course its will be compatible with other platforms.
  20. tom34

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    OFP never die!! :D The best game ever made, period...
  21. And you think all CWA steam users know where find this?No they just simply run CWA and when Multiplayer option not working, they exit from CWA...
  22. Giuys what you think its a chance that BI will update CWA on steam so CWA will use master server(s) IP from Poweruser? How to contact BI and ask them about that? P.S. Sorry for my very bad english ;)
  23. tom34

    From 1.99 to 1.96

    Hello.Dwarden are you asked Linux coder about that beacasue now when ARMA CWA (OFP) is free on Steam Linux server for 1.99 version is much needed than ever. WINE taking to much resources and is much hard to handle it e.g. no automatic restart after server go down...
  24. tom34

    Linux, Ubuntu: Running OFP Under WINE

    You need to export from windows registry this key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint]"KEY"=hex:[ur_key_here] and add it to WINE registry. For me working very good.
  25. With last ARMA update i not see ZEUS missions in "Missions" but i can select them in game, why?