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  1. I've pre-purchased DLC-bundle 2 on bistore and are not able to redeem it, it says "You have Pre-ordered this product. We will notify you, once the product becomes available.". Might give you a headsup on that aswell :-)
  2. I have the same problem. When I'm running the game in x64 I have big sound "jitters" and experience heavy freeze-lag (2-3 seconds at a time) when driving a vehicle (of any kind) in first person. This does not happen when running x86. I have a Logitech G35, which is a USB-headset - and I think this is the problem. Because when I try with another set of headphones (which are using 3,5mm instead) it works as it should. I run the Logitech 8.91.48_x64 gaming software, and the headset are using the driver.
  3. masc

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thank you for a great mod indeed! :-) Alltho I'm having some issues. I don't know if it is me beeing stupid or some issues with the addons? My friends and I are going to try this mod out using ZEUS and a dedicated server. Alltho I cannot see any vehicles and/or most of the infantry by beeing zeus? It works well when I host it on my own computer. Anyone else having the same issues? Nevermind, found that there were two missions already :-)
  4. Hi! I'm making a COOP mission in which I try to spawn units using BIS_fnc_spawngroup, which shouldn't be that much of a problem. _grp = [getMarkerPos "pos1", EAST, 10] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; But I really don't get it to work. I've tried to adding a East Soldier just on the mission to create the side-center, but no luck. I've tried to initialize the command via triggers, units, etc, but no luck. Any ideas? edit: I get no error-messages or such aswell.
  5. Thanks for the info! Still, I did buy the game (I got through the entire shopping-thing before you took the page down) and money has been drawn from my bankaccount, but I havn't recived a confimation nor receite on my Email so-far. Should I be waiting for a key or should I buy the game again (and speak with the support-department regarding the money). Sincerly
  6. Reported bug on Dev-heaven: Thunder goes off periodically in missions using the Blizzard module.
  7. Äntligen! Tack och bock! :-)