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  1. They only have motorized and leg groups. They use the new LTV thingy for moto. Wallpaper above is kinda wrong too. They've got different guns that are AR-15 variants of a sort, not the 6.5mm guns from Altis, though NATO in the Pacific still use these weapons with green skins. The CTRG and Viper team uniforms are NV/IR suppressive too as opposed to the basic unis, so pretty stealthy at night even against enemies with NV or IR.
  2. i wub pugs

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Would appear that they have not.
  3. Still the best mod for this game. I'd probably have given up on the title if it weren't for you guys.
  4. i wub pugs

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Any chance a fix for this is in the works?
  5. i wub pugs

    Community Texture Templates.

    Anyone got PSD files for civilians in t-shirts and shorts, t-shirts and pants. Sandals? Tennis shoes.
  6. Hello ALiVE Team, Been a bit since I've really gone at your mod for a campaign for my group so I'm here with some crucial but simple questions. 1) Can I run Asymmetric vs Asymmetric OPCOMs? 2) I've never used the C2ISTAR to order supplies or reinforcements... can I use called-in reinforcements to hold towns I've taken, as in they stay there indefinitely? 3) When I take a town with players and presumably those AI reinforcements, does my OPCOM register this as our side possessing the objective and make adjustments? 4) Can I as a player take control of the OPCOM and issue orders to my side?
  7. I can add in flares, lightning bolt, support all that because they have modules that are placeable in the editor. I'm using 3den btw. I've looked at the function in the game and I'm still stumped.........there isn't even a header or author apparently. I can solve the problem by allowing all addons.... but that doesn't really work for an RHS only scenario does it. Really odd that it seems to be the one module I can't get a workaround for by just placing a module somewhere else on the map. I'm getting errors whenever I try to call the function and I'm at my whits end with it. Tried it with a game logic and also a trigger. I'm not that great at scripting so if I can't come up with a combination of true/false/nil/null whatever and get it to work, I'm pretty lost with functions. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_moduleRemoteControl<-no help here :lol:
  8. i wub pugs

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Getting a texture load error for M_41_Mesh_Show_Brown_Leather_nohq.paa even though it is in the pbo. Should these guys look like the ones I've seen in the screenshots a few pages back or are you still working with placeholder textures?
  9. Is it possible for players to influence the Assymetric AI's standing in an area? What I mean is, can players play as augments to the assymetric AI, so if they're on the same side, does shooting up local honchos or killing civilians increase the hostility level and thus intensify the insurgency or is this something that is only done on the AI side?
  10. i wub pugs

    Arma 3 Suecide Bomber Script

    Script breaks on my dedi. Ipod works and it fires fine and outfits players but I cannot detonate the bomb.
  11. i wub pugs

    A3 Map: Golan [WIP]

    Looking good!
  12. i wub pugs

    Minihattan Island - A3

    Would love to see these assets (optimized) and the ones from Santa Catalina (also optimized) come together on like a 10x10 km map that has a proper city with suburbs.
  13. i wub pugs

    3CB BAF Units

  14. Any plans for damage models for these guys?