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  1. I was just wondering how i can unbind Left Shift + P, because it opens the Steam overlay for the Karts DLC which I don't plan on getting. I looked through both the Arma controls and Steam settings but cannot seem to find it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow. I'm getting 70 fps in the capital right now. BIS did you have to sell someones soul for that number? Anyway, My PC is pretty average, and I have most things on standard except for Textures and object which are high. Getting a bit of stuttering every now and then but that happens on Stratis too. But the 1fps problem is gone for sure and considering I had to pretty much alt tab close Arma 3 every time I tried Altis. I am however experiencing crashes. But the Changelog mentions that.
  3. YAY, I can run Atlis now! Had the 1fps problem. Now its time to explore. Windows 7 32bit.
  4. They said probably during Gamescom, so between 21-25 August. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. AstroMan

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    But why should moderators from already established sites, that run them with there own money and time, who are already keeping order on there own site, have to work a double shift and look after the workshop as well, without expected anything in return?
  6. AstroMan

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    I once bought a hard copy of a game that required steam to play, steam just starts downloading anyway. Had to jump through hoops to stop it downloading and just install from the disk. My disk for Red orchestra 2 is a complete waste of space now because I can't get it to install from the disk at all anymore. Others may not have this problem, but way should this even be a problem, it doesn't make sense. When you buy a hard copy you're pretty much just buying an activation code with a fancy box.
  7. AstroMan

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    I don't see how installing mods in arma 2 was hard. It was the first game that got me into gaming, so i had never actually installed mods until then. All i had to do was place the mods into the arma 2 directory. simple. no replacing files, setting back ups, nothing. ran it all through a launcher as well. That took me like 5 mins to google everything and then get it working. I don't see how steamworkshop can make it any easier. Are people just that lazy to actually learn something? Trying to find mods from there is a pain. I just ended up going back to Skyrim Nexus because I found it easier. Also, using steam to 'protect' your game is complete bullocks, Skyrim is still the second most torrented game on Piratebay, and it required steams 'protection'.
  8. Same here, first time i started it I thought I had some video on youtube playing, then I silently wept to myself for not getting the supporters version.
  9. Happens to me aswell, but completely random also. The crash always has a different report when I alt tab. First time I fought the carrier the game didn't crash.
  10. I want to kick my self every time i start the game for not getting the supporters version, that soundtrack in the menu is just amazing. The voice acting so far seem good aswell :p The view distance while out at see isn't great. Would be nice to see further. When the enemy carrier shows up on my radar i freak out Because I don't no when it will be in sight, and then it turns up like a ghost. Great game, hope we have a chance to get that soundtrack another way.
  11. I would also like to know this. The quickest way I found is to make a new waypoint right infront of the carrier.
  12. AstroMan

    Zoom Distnaces

    Same here. Would be nice to zoom out further while using the mantas or walrus. Also a free look mode where you can move the camera indepently from the unit, like in Arma.
  13. First things first. Epic Mod, the new jump and slide animations, the flame throwers, the new maps and toys. Really awesome work guys, and 004047 made me laugh A LOT....... One bug I found was the Winter variants of both (waffen-ss and Heer) King Tigers tracks don't move. Also, does rolling on the ground when on fire put it out? Thanks heaps guys.
  14. AstroMan

    BI bad with numbers?

    "The current population." Right there.
  15. AstroMan

    Singleplayer with epic plot

    Players were responsible for their own actions in Harvest Red.