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  1. Hi Guys, This mod is designed to act as a framework for other mod makers to extend the base games weapon event handlers to allow for easy to configure sound effects and animations upon firing a weapon. For the most part it's designed around the idea of bolt action rifles, pump-action shotguns and any other manual bolt operation weapon. Another benefit to the mod is it allows for manual bolting of weapons, which is currently set for when you're looking down a scope allowing you to see where your shot lands before bolting. On it's own the framework does nothing but with a configured mod (such as Toadie's upcoming AWM/AWC modpack), these features come to life: Credits: Kerc Kasha CBA for the extended eventhandlers Known Issues: - Bolting noise may not play when an existing client bolts their weapon if you have recently jipped. - Not a real issue and actually intended, when you are scoped you must exit scoped in view and allow for the weapon to bolt before being able to reload, this is to avoid a vanilla bug where reloading while the gesture is playing causes magazines to get deleted and can sometimes stop you from ever being able to reload. - Unit addons that override CBA's XEH handlers will cause the mod to stop working, if you're having issues with particular (non-vanilla) units it's an issue with that addon! Download: Here (Includes Server Key) Weapon Eventhandler Framework v1.0 or from Steam Workshop: **WILL BE UPLOADED TO STEAM SOON** Dependencies: CBA Changelog:V1.1 - Fixed config error in new versions of ARMA V1.0 - First Public Release Usage for Modders: The mods eventhandlers are configured within your weapons class name using the sub class 'bg_weaponparameters' like so: class bg_weaponparameters { class onFired_Action { HandAction = ""; //The name of the action that will play upon firing the weapon Actiondelay = 0.2; //The delay before the action and sound plays Sound = ""; //The CFGSound name that you want to play upon the activation of the action Sound_Location = "RightHandMiddle1"; //Selection name on the UNIT not the weapon, by default this is the right hand which suits fine for a bolt-action hasOptic = false; //For weapons with built in optics, overrides the attachment check }; class onEmpty { Sound = ""; //The CFGSound name that you want to play upon the weapon firing it's last round. Sound_Location = "RightHandMiddle1"; //Selection name on the UNIT not the weapon }; }; onFired_Action is for manual bolt operations while onEmpty will play the specified sound when the weapon has run out of ammunition. Example Config for the base game LRR class CfgWeapons { class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class LRR_base_F: Rifle_Long_Base_F { class bg_weaponparameters { class onFired_Action { HandAction = "GestureFireLRR"; Actiondelay = 0; Sound = ""; Sound_Location = "RightHandMiddle1"; hasOptic = false; }; }; }; };
  2. that looks like a script from liberation mod - not us.
  3. and to add... these values are standardized across all cannons, so if you're seeing different values its a result of another mod
  4. I updated the ticket regarding this but i'll repeat it here too. The unloaded launcher issue is fixed. I've adjusted the minimum accuracy for AI using our launchers, they can fairly reliably hit targets now (but not 360 noscope unless you set them to accuracy 1 or whatever) AT grenades are... better. the ai seems really stupid with grenades in general, most of the time when I tested it the grenades killijng their group mates werent the AT grenades, it was frag grenades from other people in their group throwing them at the tank, landing near the guy who had to move up to throw an AT grenade. But apart from that it seems much better
  5. OK to explain the SMG issue and why it only happens with iron front ones. We have an open bolt 'simulation' script. For those who don't understand firearm terminology - an open bolt firearm, to put it simply (so those who know better, please don't eat me alive), is when a round is only chambered after the trigger is pulled. most machineguns and smgs are open bolt. This means there's a very slight delay between pulling the trigger (clicking your mouse) and the gun firing, it's in the fractions of a second, something like 0.05-0.08 seconds, this allows us to also play a sound of the bolt 'closing' and chambering the round prior to firing. now this is all well and good but when the scheduler is overloaded a delay of 0.05 can increase dramatically, which would be the issue being posted. The script is fairly simple so it really shouldn't be getting delayed so much but apparently is. So for a solution: I just finished rewriting the script to run in an unscheduled environment so these delays should be dead and buried with the next update.
  6. in the amphibious assault waypoint, when you place it there's a check box for enabling/disabling speedboost. it just gives extra velocity to the boat (up to maximum) because the AI moves incredibly slow towards shore because for whatever reason they try to avoid beaching themselves when trying to land. the speed boost was to stop that from happening and have them just speed towards land. But if you have them too tight together, not facing directly towards their waypoint etc they'll start turning like idiots and this can interfere with the script. I couldn't work out a good solution for it so I simply allowed people to turn it off if they have issues and it will behave as per vanilla. As for the move waypoint - you want them to be fairly close to shore, a couple hundred meters at maximum before you issue it, and they need to be roughly facing the right direction for optimal placement.
  7. Scheduler when under load can also execute stuff incorrectly, running script commands out of order etc. It's quite frankly, shit. there's a reason stuff like ACE etc move away from it
  8. #1 and #5 are a direct result of the scheduler being overloaded your mission must be running really awfully for it to come to that. #4 is the 'speed boost' hack I threw in with the sea assault waypoint, it works most of the time but if its causing you issues just switch it off we can fix 1 and 5 but if your game is running at really low fps you're gonna get some bugs and need to reduce complexity of your mission
  9. If you're planning on using it for players it should work fine, but it's usually intended for players to choose to jump out themselves. To get it to work with AI you'll have to make sure they're in 'cargo' rather than the 'standing up' position, just a little quirk with how the AI works when under a players command, which doesn't happen when the leader is AI. I've put a fix in for the next version
  10. Statics might need to be checked but tank turrets are accurate to the actual rotation speed. I highly suggest binding/using keyboard keys for rotation it feels a lot less sluggish when you're not dragging your mouse out the door
  11. BI exposed some of the AI driving configuration to vehicle configs, we (accidentally) broke inheritance to these classes and it was making the AI behave weirdly
  12. we believe the tank driving issue has been fixed, 99% sure.
  13. EjectDeadCargo is a config parameter, all it does is if a unit is riding outside the tank and they're killed they'll fall off. Previously the animation was bugged and they'd just sit there 'undead'. What you're reporting isn't anything we're doing. This can't be fixed until the next arma version, limitation im afraid.
  14. Kerc Kasha

    [WIP] Female base model project

    Nice work dude, this is a really exciting development you've pulled off here
  15. Yeah we took this into account when setting up the system. When the weapon is placed in the editor it will have a bunch of extra magazines so the AI can use it, if the weapon is assembled from launchers though it starts empty.
  16. Kerc Kasha

    Project Infinite v1.0

    just a little nitpick but your enfield isn't cocked to fire should be back like this when the bolt is closed: edit: and this is just a bit of personal preference but charger loading that fast would require some sort of divine intervention
  17. Arma 2 had the grey nights by default when it was a full moon
  18. I think this is a bug on Bohemia's side of things
  19. Kerc Kasha

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    To me it'd seem easier to just ignore the request posts instead of posting 2 paragraphs of ranting each time someone asks for RHS to add The Everything
  20. Kerc Kasha

    Scripting "exit to game"?

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/serverCommand is probably what you're looking for. A similar post was made in this thread:
  21. Baermitumlaut gave very constructive feedback, the only complaints I'm seeing is yours about his post.
  22. Huh really? Never noticed the crane issue.
  23. Just a couple issues I noticed having a quick flyby through zaragabad and some of the poles down the road seemed a bit offset aswell
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    Pretty much this. It's a very good way to encourage people to violate your license more