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  1. milan1974

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    I'm really looking forward to play Wasteland on this map soon. Well done everyone.
  2. That's the problem, our server admin himself is not able to find the problem and even join his own server. So i was hoping to help him out aswell by finding a way to speed up things if only i knew where to check it out. I also noticed that some other players are able to join the server where i'm a regular player so i can't understand what i'm doing wrong. I also just tried 2 attempts with all mods removed and still nothing. Greetz, Milan.
  3. milan1974

    Tracked vehicles & Driving reverse

    I have no experience with AI in tanks but i do have to agree that tank physics and handling are bad in A3 unlike the vehicles we had in A2:CO. Even when you hit a small bush you get bumped away for like 100m or just got airborne ending up upside down... Weird stuff. Was hoping to see the same A2 Tank physics/handling implemented in A3. Greetz, Milan.
  4. Hi, Since last update yesterday i'm not able to join any wasteland servers in A3. It goes to the final loadingscreen then just stops doing anything but the weird thing is that i can hear background combat/sounds from inside the game. I even have to ctrl+alt+del to exit the game. Any ideas on how to fix this? PS: Allready did verify the integrity of the gamecache and it did nothing. Thanks in advance, Milan.
  5. milan1974


    Hi There, Does anyone know a good guide or a way to change the takistani's into Russians as Opfor on Insurgency Chernarus? There's no option to change it in the params so i would like to try it manually. Thanks in Advance.
  6. Would love to see an armed Bell 222 (not airwolf but similar) added to the wishlist. It's an awesome looking helicopter. Greetz, Milan.
  7. I just love this map. Nice how you added farmland, woodland, the main City and the sea into this map all together, this gives alot of options to build various types of missions/campaigns. Well done Bracer, 2 thumbs up from me. :) Greetz from Pte Milan [3Para].
  8. milan1974

    Belgian Army Mod - WIP

    That F16 skin EddyD made, sure looks alot better ;-) Hope to see the Belgian Army Mod on ArmA2 OA soon.
  9. milan1974

    Project RACS

    Downloading everything from the PRACS website now. Finally i got curious on what PRACS is all about ;-)
  10. Hi, For some reason, on my domination, the bonusvehicles from sidemissions and MT don't show up after completion. The code in the i_common file regarding sm_bonus_vehicle_array & mt_bonus_vehicle_array are still untouched by me, so i don't know if anyone else turned it off or if something else is wrong. This is a part of the code for the sidemissions: #endif }; d_sm_bonus_vehicle_array = ( #ifdef __DEFAULT__ switch (d_own_side) do { case "GUER": {["A10","AH1Z","UH1Y","AV8B","AV8B2", "AH64D_EP1", "M1A2_TUSK_MG","M1A1"]}; case "WEST": { switch (true) do { case (__OAVer): { if (__ACEVer) then { Greetz, Milan.
  11. @ Pelham: I just used that code in your last post to replace 1 of my A10 GBU's in domination into an A10 wich now has 6 mavericks and 2 Sidewinders. Gonna try that Vikhr's version later aswell. But is there a way to change the GAU 8 with the Wildcat MG Ammunition? And if possible, what's the code for it? I think the GAU 8 ammo is'nt as good as the Wildcat's MG when it comes to ground attacks on enemy infantry. Greetz, Milan.
  12. Hello all, As the title allready says, can someone make a Domination on the Panthera map wich has the options to recruit AI, Revive options and included IED's & Suicidebombers (maybe even random civilians with some of them driving carbombs)? Simply can't find a domination for this map. Thnx alot, Lt Milan, Belgian Tigers.
  13. That F/A 18 works for ArmA2, we are using it in one of our dominations in Chernarus.
  14. Hi there, As we all know, the L39 is a 2 seater jet but only the pilot can enter the plane to fly it. Is there no workaround or mod available so a co-pilot/gunner can enter it aswell? This jet could be very handy for Pilot training sessions if it could be boarded by 2 players. Maybe even an idea for someone to make an Alpha Jet with 2 seats (allied jet training)? Greetz, 1Lt Milan Belgian Tigers
  15. I hope someone builds a Domination for Nogova ;-) Good looking map, nice work.