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  1. johncage

    Takedown: Red Sabre

    to be honest, it looks kind of bad. originally supported this but now i think i'll be skipping this and waiting for swat 5 i mean the animation and rigging of the characters looks like it was done by an amateur. so stiff and unlifelike.
  2. johncage

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    you can always tell when someone is merely a superficialist and a sophomore when he thinks the modern military theme has been done to death. the entire arma series barely scratches the surface of what it is to be a mil sim. there is no need for time travel. just go in depth. i'm talking about more interaction and realism.
  3. johncage

    Take On Mars - New BIS Game

    they squandered a huge opportunity. lots of people are looking for a good astronaut simulator. if they had made astronauts and pilotable rovers and stuck it in the trailer, popularity would soar. now it's just glorified rc on mars
  4. any theory that purports to explain everything, explains nothing. anyone can add things to an existing model in order to make it compatible with known observations. this guy must have been the 50th person to come up with a "theory for everything".
  5. johncage

    Shockingly bad AI

    no, that's horrible. why doesn't he get off his bike and engage you?
  6. johncage

    Alpha Lite no multiplayer

    Don't worry about it, you're not missing much, unless you count the endless ctds, constant micro stuttering and plain bad optimization.
  7. that's ridiculous. alpha is the only time you can test these things for stability issues. beta only arrives once the build is deemed stable enough without further improvements to core optimization. do you know how difficult implementing rendering pipelines and extra cores are? that's not something you do in the beta, which is pretty much the finalization stage. don't hold your breath for true multicore, for some reason bis does not see the value in it. i guess they believe everyone still uses dual core system at best. :j:
  8. is having a skull on your face really that cool? reminds me of this: http://www.maniacworld.com/i-like-turtles.jpg
  9. johncage

    Heads character customisation

    i'm fine without it. beards are becoming like a "tacticool" item thanks to medal of honor/warfighter. bis already missed the chance to include them for arma 2 and oa.
  10. johncage

    Arma 3 FanArt

    last one looked a bit rushed and unfinished. first one was nice
  11. johncage

    Story problem.

    the story for all arma games are pretty much b-movie level stuff with little geopolitical reality. i just try not to focus on the big story arc too much. it would be nice if they went into more detail. like israel blowing themselves up with a nuke like they said they would if the enemy was at the gates, obliterating neighboring countries and allowing iran to steamroll them into one.
  12. way ahead of you. actually i have mouse sensitivity set just below half and i'm still spinning around like a top. i'm fine with cursor aim, but please when prone, have it set to deadaim or restricted in some way. in 3rd perosn you don't even see your character move its arms, just legs. that's some supreme upper body strength right there.
  13. might want to put a lamp or lightbulb object at the source of these lights.
  14. johncage

    Influx of casuals to Arma

    dayz was an incredible piece of marketing. that's how bis makes money.
  15. johncage

    [Request] Walkable Interior of Vehicles

    the c130 video is in the related viveos section to the right