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  1. Not sure if this is a known issue (I did read back many pages and also check the alive mod.com forums prior to this post), but I am not seeing parachutes attached to vehicles that have been requested and dropped via the Player Combat Logistics system. Ammo etc arrives as it should (all be it without the sound effect of a passing plane as in versions past) with parachute and Red smoke grenade attached 🙂 Vehicles do appear, just without the immersion and just spawn on the ground at the exact place the marker was placed. Any help is always appreciated.
  2. reaper lok


    Pretty sure the Devs mentioned that the current build has the option to adjust the two playable factions, however, the Neutral faction (GREEN AAF) are not customizable as of yet. I have been wrong before though, lol
  3. reaper lok


    Just played for 3 hours with a small group of players on a custom version I through together on Malden - very enjoyable, lots of action and zero bugs (just lucky maybe). Can anyone confirm that if players join as OPFOR that they CANNOT wear NATO or AAF uniforms etc - pretty sure I was engaging other human players dressed as......me, lol Great stuff!!
  4. There are several ways: I open each playable unit and select the ACE menu that allows me to make each unit a Doctor or Medic. This allows them to each use Blood. Also - thanx to the new ACE settings within the Eden editor you can use the drop down menu for adding and select the ACE Medical tab. This will give you an option for Anyone to use Epi or Blood (I think). I hope this helps :)
  5. reaper lok

    Great white shark

    Thanx B@Co, I will give it a try!
  6. reaper lok

    Great white shark

    Anyone confirm this is not supported in MP?
  7. You can...sort of. If you place a Combat Support Module CAS (not transport) and place B_T_UAV_03_dynamicLoadout_F as the UAV DRONE (I called it FALCON ONE). You can launch the UAV with Combat Support option but you will need a Terminal (NATO Terminal to access its functions).
  8. reaper lok

    Great white shark

    Is this MP comparable - worked fine in editor but wen I uploaded onto my server.......sharks not there!!
  9. Not that this is a great solution but it is a idea...... Create your BASE as a whitelist area from your friendly (and enemy) forces. This way no AI will spawn here and take the keys to your shiny new ride ;) EDiT - I use VCOM_AI and have no issues with friendlies taking my vehicles that i Place via the editor. Make sure that these vehicles are NOT synced to any ALiVE Module
  10. reaper lok

    Great white shark

    Do the Sharks cause damage.....I only see one option for Great White in the Module and my Diver swims about near but never gets 'bitten'? Thanx for the great work :) Ignore above comment - after reading your description I found it, lol
  11. Have you changed the Faction in the Modules that you are placing on the Map? By default I think its OPFOR.
  12. ALivE tasking is without a doubt completely unrelated to what is going on in the actual map, however, if I am understanding correctly, the NEW 'strategic' tasking that is available in a drop down menu where you can select auto tasking is moving toward your suggestions above.....I think. It's still a work in progress at the moment. ALiVE tasking also suffers from location selection and often you can play 7 or 8 tasks created by auto tasking all within a 3K radius, often well within friendly zones that see the task completed by AI troops before you even mark the map with an insertion point. ALiVE Devs have often stated that the tasking is a placeholder or has been slightly improved etc etc. I am not complaining in any way, shape or form, just explaining how great it would be if the tasking had some love :) I myself am an amateur Mission Maker who creates some in depth scenarios for our gaming group always with ALiVE systems as a backdrop to either populate the map or to enable in-game functions. I would like to spend some time developing an immersive F.O.B. or staging area and then sit back relax and enjoy ALiVE create dynamic tasking on the fly......with variety. I think its the one area that is missing and here is WHY. Tasking is a huge element that is being overlooked or kept in its basic form because ALiVE as a Mod does literally everything else. ALiVE is almost a complete game mode in itself with the exception of the tasking (due to its basic form currently). We don't need anymore features - ALiVE has everything! We don't need anymore Map indexing (of course we do, lol) We don't need a Tank AI Commander (when Tanks DLC releases, lol) What we don need/want is Objectives and a robust tasking system that is worthy of such a great Mod like ALiVE. IMHO
  13. ALiVE Tasking ALiVE Mod has some fantastic features from basic map population, troop transport and CAS support to the more complex Asymmetric AI Commander with IED factories and Civilian recruitment modules. The reason for this post is to get some info or more so give some feedback to the ALiVE tasking system (auto tasking). Which one of the talented Devs works on the tasking (I did look at the tasks PBO files and realized that I would not be able to add my own simple tasks to this array). Thoughts: Destroy Civilian Building - there is never any enemy at this task, why? Transport the troops - often a little buggy with not knowing how many troops we are supposed to transport. Task not completing even with all troops in transit......grrrr If we (the ALiVE community) could create or at least suggest a few simple tasks (for variety) would they be considered? Ideas: 1. Steal an Enemy Vehicle (return it to base)? 2. Secure Intel (Briefcase or Laptop)? 3. Transport and Deploy an F.O.B. (logistics mission)? 4. Dive to sunken plane or boat wreck to retrieve Intel etc (showcase some of Arma's water features)? 5. Transport a supply truck from point A to point B (if destroyed - mission failed)? 6. Ambush a convoy that has a designated start and end point? 7. Mark a building for CAS attack (strobe mark a building)? 8. Capture and Hold - secure 2 or more military locations at the same time (alive profile triggers needed)? 9. Destroy Missile Supplies (new objects available in the editor now available - missile trolley)? 10. Combine some of the above in some sort of mini-story mode or parent task fashion? Again - just my idea of ALiVE utopia as I reminisce about the old ARMA 2 days of MSO with the squad leader having a Backpack to call in tasks :) REAPER
  14. Not sure what you are asking here? How to add tasks into an ALiVE framework or how to create a mission utilizing ALiVE features? Or something else?
  15. Strange things happening in the Armaverse, lol I downloaded and unpacked 3 times and had multiple files missing, but what do you know if on the fith attempt (after seeing the above post), all files were accounted for!! Thanx for the Hotfix and continued support for all of us ALiVE users ;)