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  1. If you are in a rush you can always use the tools provided to index the map yourself. The ALiVE Modules section within the EDITOR has the Map Indexing module. You can also do a quick YOUTUBE search for how to do this 🙂
  2. reaper lok

    JBAD Release Thread

    Thanx for the reply - I had a 50% probability of CQB units in a TAOR area and only two buildings managed to spawn a pair of units. The TAOR area was 2500 x 2500 in a heavily populated area full of civ buildings. CQB module was set to civilian building type. I did NOT sync the ALiVE CQB module to the Mil Commander Module as I thought that was not needed - is this incorrect? Any idea why the DOORS are not being synced from player to player in a MP setting on LYTHIUM? Thanx REAPER
  3. reaper lok

    JBAD Release Thread

    Any news on the JBAD buildings working with ALiVE mod and unit placements? The LYTHIUM Map struggles to populate and CQB units currently. Also the DOORS remain closed when a teammate has opened them (look open for one player when closed for the other etc).
  4. reaper lok

    Heli Land

    I have never had any issues with the LAND command in the waypoint. The set-up has the waypoints directly over the invisible Helipad in question so it should use that (nearest available helipad) anyway 🙂 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/land
  5. reaper lok

    Heli Land

    Possible solution that works for me: Name Chopper Heli1 Name invisible Helipad Land1 In the waypoint for the landing: Heli1 LAND "Land1"; Create a TRIGGER for Radio Alpha and sync it to a move waypoint also on the invisible helipad just after the landing waypoint (these two waypoints need to be almost on top of each other). Then add your other waypoints after these two critical ones. This should have your Chopper (Heli1) land at the invisible Helipad (Land1) and then wait to move until you access the Radio Menu and activate Radio Alpha. As as side-note: I use a small piece of code that calls in the Extract Chopper when you deploy Smoke (color of your choice) within a designated radius of the extract location (invisible helipad). I have included the info below to add into a new triggers condition field. ((count ((markerpos "CheckSmoke") nearObjects ["SmokeshellGreen",50])) > 0) The above code has an invisible marker called "checksmoke" and if a green smoke grenade goes off within 50M of the marker it will fire the trigger. In the Activation field of the same trigger: hint "Green Smoke Seen - Extract Chopper is inbound"; Give it a 5 second trigger delay so the smoke has time to take effect. The checksmome code was not my code but I use it all the time 🙂 I hope this helps 🙂
  6. I think all of the above responses have been helpful in some way either in agreement, disagreement or frustration, however, like most things in life, with time and some experience gained through trial and error we get to where we are happy/comfortable. The new system certainly has a new curve (just when he thought he had cracked the arma nuances).....but a good and improved curve for that matter. Even though I had been accustomed to the BASIC Medical of past versions I am now enjoying a more fine tuned and well designed system. Sidenote: I did use the fatalinjuriesPlayer = 2 value and also enabled players to tolerate a slightly tightened value for their pain threshold. If you combine this with the ability to disable some of the other more advanced features you can almost emulate the previous iterations. Thanx ACE team as always for delivering a product that only adds to the Armaverse fun!!
  7. Looking for a little help with the NEW Medical Rewrite. Our group were using the previous BASIC Medical set-up and am looking to get as close to that system again with this new version. Basically, Bandages - Morphine - Blood-bags and Epi 🙂 Is this possible? I thought I had removed/Disabled any advanced option, however, if hit (I'm often hit) that a light BLUE coloration will not disappear after bandaging and Morphine etc. Also, my character is also in Pain....grrrr. I'm sure its operator error but any help is greatly appreciated. REAPER
  8. Does anyone here know if I need to do anything specific to ensure my Headless Client functionality on a dedicated server. Our server does have Headless Client (I have been told it is set-up and active). All I have done is use the drop down menu inside the ALiVE Module to set Ai from SERVER to HEADLESS CLIENT. Do I need to do anymore steps to make sure I am using it correctly? Thanx in advance.
  9. Not sure if this is a known issue (I did read back many pages and also check the alive mod.com forums prior to this post), but I am not seeing parachutes attached to vehicles that have been requested and dropped via the Player Combat Logistics system. Ammo etc arrives as it should (all be it without the sound effect of a passing plane as in versions past) with parachute and Red smoke grenade attached 🙂 Vehicles do appear, just without the immersion and just spawn on the ground at the exact place the marker was placed. Any help is always appreciated.
  10. reaper lok


    Pretty sure the Devs mentioned that the current build has the option to adjust the two playable factions, however, the Neutral faction (GREEN AAF) are not customizable as of yet. I have been wrong before though, lol
  11. reaper lok


    Just played for 3 hours with a small group of players on a custom version I through together on Malden - very enjoyable, lots of action and zero bugs (just lucky maybe). Can anyone confirm that if players join as OPFOR that they CANNOT wear NATO or AAF uniforms etc - pretty sure I was engaging other human players dressed as......me, lol Great stuff!!
  12. There are several ways: I open each playable unit and select the ACE menu that allows me to make each unit a Doctor or Medic. This allows them to each use Blood. Also - thanx to the new ACE settings within the Eden editor you can use the drop down menu for adding and select the ACE Medical tab. This will give you an option for Anyone to use Epi or Blood (I think). I hope this helps :)
  13. reaper lok

    Great white shark

    Thanx B@Co, I will give it a try!
  14. reaper lok

    Great white shark

    Anyone confirm this is not supported in MP?
  15. You can...sort of. If you place a Combat Support Module CAS (not transport) and place B_T_UAV_03_dynamicLoadout_F as the UAV DRONE (I called it FALCON ONE). You can launch the UAV with Combat Support option but you will need a Terminal (NATO Terminal to access its functions).