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  1. I keep getting permission denied i have tried filling in the login info and leaving it blank nothing works help please ============= Updating mods ============= ================================== Updating "@cba_a3" (450814997) | 1 ================================== sh: 1: /home/gamemaster/steamcmd: Permission denied ================================== Updating "@cba_a3" (450814997) | 2 ================================== sh: 1: /home/gamemaster/steamcmd: Permission denied
  2. This is a very quick and dirty version of the shotgun and im going to re do this one alot until im happy but meh http://gyazo.com/43bd08db738be175834c97d85cb8a23f
  3. not bad i like it. same time i like the vanilla as it seams you take away the dirt grime and grunge. that you expect on some of those buildings. and given the current state of the area you are operating in. maybe you can get a version out there that will keep the immersive dirty building look. instead of making them look new or well kept. still going to give it a try tho
  4. kazenokizu

    WIP Kurdish Blacksmith Mod

    not bad will definitely be unique
  5. im back from vacation and well im in the mood to do lots and lots of stuff ! will start within the week or so ^_^
  6. ok im looking for a group to play with. i have been around arma for years and i know what im doing. what im looking for is a 18 + group a group who can get along follow the current leader for the mission without complaints. at least until mission is over. and play in a tactical environment and enjoy themselves doing so. im not looking for super cool sf unit .im not looking for super realism with ranks. main deal breaker for me is well horrible mod packs. im also looking for a group using ace3. if you think you can handle what i have stated add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/kazenokizu/ please dont add me just to spam me with a copy paste method of what im not looking for. such as supper navy seal group with ranks with xxxx if you do this you will not get a nice reply
  7. kazenokizu

    Summit RPG life server

    i know of of the shit i type is bad but holly fuck this is a cluster fuck of un legible text
  8. keep posting and u will be feed with encouragement :P
  9. well here is a bit of a update Task is off doing some work. im going on holiday until some time in june. and so around mid of june maybe things will get to moving a bit quicker on are end.
  10. warden will you please just stop. invading are thread with content not related to this addon? I am pretty sure they fit better in your WIP Thread then ours. that is uncalled for and rude.
  11. im with the eu sof mod are we are making a few weapons over the course of time. and with that said we are going to be incorporating warsaw pact ammo such as 7.62x54r 7.62x39 5 45 9x18 so seeing some russian round ballistics would be great also maybe some of the older rounds like 8mm mauser and 7.62x55 swiss
  12. when its done. but on a rather serious note people please dont ask when it will be done. it is done when it is done and not a moment sooner.
  13. kazenokizu

    Ares PMC mod (WIP)

    you going to be doing a low poly or high ?
  14. all im going to say is go to a outdoor range and shoot some guns.and try sting in the midel of 10 people shooting with out ear pro :P
  15. all ways go self made it will feel so much better in the end. also you guys going high poly ?