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  1. @pierremgiHow do I found out the what the door is. Do I just use BIS_fnc_door and brute force it?
  2. The AI keeps firing at the player from the other side of walls inside the liberty.
  3. Can you open up the small doors on the liberty using BIS_fnc_door or any other command in the editor?
  4. Crimson Mage

    Looped Custom Sounds

    Would it be worthwhile to use a trigger to activate the sounds when a player enters the area? Or is the performance loss already minimal.
  5. Crimson Mage

    Looped Custom Sounds

    So with that I can delete the object after the player exits the area and it won't harm performance?
  6. Hello, I want to have a bunch of objects in my mission have custom ambient sound effects. The way I do this is not very performance friendly but I don't know any other way to do it. Is there a better way to have objects loop a sound effect? Object's init call{ []spawn { while {true} do { tentlight_1 say ["light",10]; sleep 9; }; };}
  7. Crimson Mage

    Better Zeus AI CONTROL (move under fire)

    I'm assuming only the zeus needs it right?
  8. Crimson Mage

    Better Zeus AI CONTROL (move under fire)

    This sounds wonderful! When will this be up on the workshop?
  9. My favorite part about Arma is making missions. I wish to make a story based campaign with my friend but they really aren't into mission making. My most recent mission was in an editor competition: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1853561504
  10. I have always been curious about this, if it is even possible.
  11. How do you replicate the taskbar in the Contact campaign? The one where it shows the task at the top.
  12. I'm trying to get the variable names so I can attach the freedom parts to another object.
  13. I would second Steam and a mirror download. Mirror downloads are useful for people running dedicated servers.
  14. I'm having difficulty finding the variable names of the USS Liberty parts. I'm trying to attach all the parts to another object, but I cannot find the names of the components of the liberty. How could I find the variable names? I found the class names though: Land_Destroyer_01_Boat_Rack_01_Base_F Land_Destroyer_01_Boat_Rack_01_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_01_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_02_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_03_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_04_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_05_F Land_Destroyer_01_hull_base_F Land_Destroyer_01_interior_02_F Land_Destroyer_01_interior_03_F Land_Destroyer_01_interior_04_F
  15. Do they use photos or do they make them from scratch using photo references?