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  1. Hi, kju! I have the same trouble with A3-style grass on Cherno. I think me and sofianebilal have the same problems with it. A3 dev and AiA TP only.
  2. Yeaa! This is what i want ^^ Great news! And what about PT-76 ?
  3. viysahno

    VeteranMod demo release

    Congrats on the release! Can't wait to download it ^^ Thanks for your hard work, VTN-team
  4. Thanks for your answer EMSI ! New T-72 model in A3... sounds great!
  5. Hi, CSLA team! First of all, thank you for a wonderful mod. We are all waiting for the new version. ;) I want to know something. maybe this question was already asked, but a can't find an answer... What is the fate of this addon? I think that your model looks more authentic than BIS one. Will you release it for A2:CO or A3 ?
  6. Thank you, CSLA team for your work! Will you show to us BTR-50 in webcast or it is still very WIP?
  7. No words, only emotions! Very impressive work.
  8. Fiat 125P (Bahama) and Jeep CJ5 don't work. Jeep CJ5 (Hard-Top) works well. Then i saw some problem with steering wheel in Lada (2105) , M923 and UAZ-469
  9. Yes, i removed old files. And this cars don't work... (Also i can't use civil transport module, because one of this two cars can be placed on map by module)
  10. vilas, thanks for your work! After small test i can say that game crashes when i use Fiat 125 and Jeep CJ5 in editor.
  11. Topas looks great! But what about PT-76 ?
  12. viysahno

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hi, friends! I ran JSRS mod in my Arma2 CO. Now all of modules don't work... Then i deleted mod and tried to run a game, but trouble remained... :( What's the problem?
  13. viysahno

    MRAP - RG31 Mk5

    Very impressive! :clap:
  14. Hi, friends! I'm looking for music-addon from Arma:Armed Assault (soundtracks) for Arma 2: CO.
  15. viysahno

    STGN's WIP

    STGN, what about TUSK version? ;) Will you do this?