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  1. Termit

    Indian Army Addons

    From link downloaded unknown mp3 file. Please reupload on other file hosting site.
  2. Termit

    Operation Codeblue new announcements

  3. Please reupload units and weapons.
  4. Termit

    M4's for weapon Individualism

    Thank You!Keep up the good work!
  5. Termit

    =brem-1= wip

    Perfect work!
  6. Termit


    Thanks guys for your work!
  7. Termit

    BTR-60 by AALEX

    BTR-60 BTR-60 Desert
  8. Termit

    Brazlian Army mod/ Amazon Crisis

    Bielow Can you add the addons in one archive? :)
  9. Termit

    Soviet Army Afghanistan War 1.0

    Add the sand helmet cover,cover from KZS suit or pain it. Change the saboteur unit form to the sand camo,like Gorka. Change weapon to AKMS/PBS. http://visualrian.ru/storage/PreviewWM/0212/28/021228.jpg http://visualrian.ru/storage/PreviewWM/0588/98/058898.jpg http://visualrian.ru/storage/PreviewWM/0212/25/021225.jpg
  10. Termit

    Soviet Army Afghanistan War 1.0

    http://talks.guns.ru/forummessage/92/359841.html http://talks.guns.ru/forummessage/114/394036.html
  11. Termit

    Soviet Army Afghanistan War 1.0