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  1. dystopian1

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    At least ACE and CUP don't use PhysX parameters afaik so I doubt you can blame them. RHS are known to be not compatible with any mods so I would ask you to not try to be compatible with them.
  2. dystopian1

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    Hey @VEN0M.226. CBA Settings can't directly change config values. There are some workarounds but not in this case. PhysXParams values are read even before profile loading so settings can't be applied to them. Sorry but looks like your wish is not possible 😞
  3. Could you describe it? Editor/SP/MP/dedi? Maybe some repro steps?
  4. I'm here but unfortunately I'm out of arma for some weeks. I rarely can post, sorry, but I read this forum.
  5. @redarmy if your units have configured faction language they speak that language not from RUG_DSAI_SIDES array. You can override faction language only with `unit setVariable ["RUG_DSAI_LANG", "RUG_DSAIRUS"]` on group leader.
  6. No, they will shout only if this language is supported language (arab eng ger rus spa ATM). Factions which are not supported don't speak. Configured vanilla factions: CTRG, NATO, FIA, Gendarmerie, NATO (Pacific), AAF (all are English).
  7. This VBS script notifies when Steam Workshop mod is updated. Windows only. https://gist.github.com/Dystopian/17cf28480887cbe586b443574f751d94 Usage: put it in Arma folder and schedule it for regular run (as often as soon you want to be notified after update). It will check Workshop mods folder each run and if some of them is updated it will open update log text file. Advanced usage: WorkshopUpdateNotifier.vbs [notify] [game_path] If you want to be notified even if system was shut down and log was opened, add one more schedule on logon to run with notify param - it will check if log file is not empty and open it when user is logged on. If you want to place script not to game folder, pass game folder path as argument or setup run folder in scheduler. Script saves database with mods update timestamps (WorkshopModUpdateNotifier.txt) and update log file (ModUpdates.txt) to folder where it's placed. Script was tested on Windows 7. Run a task every x-minutes with Windows Task Scheduler
  8. dystopian1

    Server Spotlight

    Button fails if there are cached lines in servers listbox. This can happen if you have working LAN server and last MP page was LAN. To fix it double onEachFrame after JOIN button pressing, it will skip 1 frame and clear cached servers: ctrlActivate (_ctrlServerAddress controlsGroupCtrl %14); onEachFrame { onEachFrame { ((findDisplay %8 displayCtrl %13) lbData 0) call Also actionText = "$STR_disp_multi_join" is most suitable localized string for config.
  9. dystopian1

    No ambient rabbits and snakes

    Version 1.1 changes: update config for CUP Terrains; move optional addons to addon subfolders to simlify loading.
  10. dystopian1

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    Hey @venom.226. It looks like 0.4 version is broken. Its size is very small and it doesn't contain any config values. Could you please fix it and upload?
  11. dystopian1

    No ambient rabbits and snakes

    I don't need to disable birds or insects. They are really pretty and not so noticeable like rabbits and snakes.
  12. Because ambient life in Arma 3 is not multiplayer compatible, it can influence players differently. Most noticeable animals are rabbits and snakes - they are striking very much, especially in thermal vision. This mod disables them. optionals directory contains addons for CUP Terrains, Lingor, Al Rayak. Download: https://yadi.sk/d/-GYuHHzX3WNbSU Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1092963019
  13. dystopian1

    ASR AI 3

    @mickeymen https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/wiki/CBA-Settings-System
  14. dystopian1

    co10 Escape

    it looks like you broke A3E_VAR_Side_Blufor = west; A3E_VAR_Side_Opfor = east; A3E_VAR_Side_Ind = resistance; lines. Don't touch anything you don't know for what.