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  1. zebby5000

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    weird, I cant get mine to activate. TFB isn't a thing anymore (or if it still is, not that I'm aware of) - Left it years ago just never updated signature. :P still have fond memories from there tho.
  2. zebby5000

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    can anyone enlighten me on what happened to the camera pods? - A few weeks ago when I was last on dev, I could use them effectively inside the A10 while piloting. What was the reason for removing it? Is it planned to be reintroduced for jets? Thanks.
  3. Hey, I know you have life other than this. :) I just appreciate that you still support and update it m8, if anything I was more worried that something happened to you. P.S. don't rush, the 64bit screwed up all our other mods and all my missions now crash to desktop. :/ rip Seriously though... donation page... or a paypal?
  4. Hey @skruis, love the new update. <3 - is there anyway to update the designer? (also perhaps add the link to first page under the designer info) -@addondesigner = 20170130 -Desktop = 20170225b pulls unit information, and correctly displays infantry icons, and group markers. But won't display vehicle icons. P.S. you need a donation page setup ;) Edit: Ability to look off the screen a little. (limit center point to map sides instead of corners) http://imgur.com/a/JLNLi but on both sides. Not sure about others, but quite a few of our missions pushes us off into the edge, and sometimes even off. it'd also make it a lot nicer following units that are moving at a fast pace.
  5. 2 edits for Jets camera mode. Hotkeys to move the camera while in flight mode. http://imgur.com/a/JD5Fi I.E. be able to control the jet with wsad, be able to control the camera with p;l' (or something of the sort, even leave it unbind) Ability to switch camera tracking modes. Current: As the jet moves, the camera moves with it. 2nd: Track ground - Keeps lock on ground, any input simply moves it more along the ground. 2nd: PT2, when locked on a vehicle, it'll track the vehicle until you lose sight of said vehicle. (either by the jet obstructing camera itself, or by object/terrain) For example, the current A-10C is a perfect example of this. (including proof of concept + real world application) When it's not slew, camera is subject to adjust by anything the plane does.. even by simply fliying. When it's slew (green border around it) - it'll stay locked to target location till told to move. That way you can easily make maneuvers, without having to constantly adjust the camera just to keep it in place. P.S. love the new updates. <3 Never thought I would ever see Arma falling in line with DCS, but now I see it's actually possible. P.S.S. Thank you for letting us be able to adjust the plane while in camera mode. (Ctrl+Right Click)
  6. Yeah definitely Skruis, was just writing down possible things to think/put on the back burner in case you start running out of idea's or can easily implement them. Negative, I mean able to adjust all group markers at once. Instead of having to go through and individually resize them. (perhaps a global slider? - custom sizes) http://imgur.com/a/TckRO - example. P.S. Loving the beta, and the updates.
  7. Yeah the uac and firewall can stay stay on - was just stating that because of what they're set at. I've since put them back to normal, and it doesn't conflict. Is there a way you can check pool for NPC and actual players for following? - I noticed if you have some friendly troops down the following list becomes quite... cluttered. and make's it rather hard if you just simply wanna search through players. Perhaps if it's able to distinguish between the 2, have a button that's toggle able to remove the ai from the follow list. second question, capability to resize entire unit markers. (currently right clicking expands one) - perhaps ctrl+ right clicking resizes all?
  8. Thank you @skruis for all the help yesterday, everything works perfectly and glad we could get the kinks out. (including some fun arma time running from motors) Some extra information that should be noted: (UAC at minimum, firewall still off) - windows 10 Arma 3 has to be ran as admin, otherwise it won't have the right to launch the relay. (Easiest way being to simply launch arma 3 launcher as admin in the directory) Once you have a map loaded, Arma will initiate the Relay. Also you need to unblock the file before you unzip it... as it won't show after you unziped it. (it could potentially break files in the unzipping process) Again, thank you @skruis for making such a damn good program, and for your continued support and effort.
  9. No luck, nothing is stated on BE in the launcher. - added exceptions for relay in windows firewall, and running with no antivirus. I definitely agree something is blocking the relay. activated debugging, and got this when I started a simple mission with 1 unit. (only thing I could gather is it is pulling unit location, but not being able to complete everything since it can't get the relay) http://pastebin.com/YZP70ZX2 tried forcing relay to open, only opens black cmd. steam - zbezz if it helps. Edit: current stable version works perfectly with no hitches.. even using file sync so my laptop can use and manipulate athena while my desktop plays.
  10. Started with beta from http://athenamod.com/download/20170127.zip Ran arma 3 with admin, and no battleye. Getting this error in the export data log. 1/28/2017 5:46:07 PM :: SendPackage :: Error creating/connecting to PipeServer. More info: The operation has timed out. What am I missing?
  11. zebby5000

    Arma3 Videos

    http://youtu.be/w0tcgpDBlr8 Just messing around after a patch, and noticed the updated helo physics! <3333 Great job BIS.
  12. zebby5000

    The Giant Beta Media Thread

    Just doing some very low flying, 2 videos in playlist the first is a quick insert during daytime, while the next is a different line at night. Thanks BIS for the new flight physics! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oANikieRBc8&list=PL2EF5FklWDXOTG2jmQLhC6thERfSsYN8e
  13. Looks to be the code is meant for .sqf file, try putting it in the init.sqf. Making sure that it's not in any of the other 'if, then' statements.
  14. Ah damn, that explains it. Many thanks my friend. <3 the script
  15. Not good at scripts, but I can see how this would be made. Set a trigger on a reasonable distance to say if # of people becomes < (say 20), then spawn 10 in the backlines to reinforce with a waypoint to move to bunker or surrounding area.