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  1. 3instein

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    I did try this just now but it cannot be changed, I also remember this getting changed to always allow updates a few mths ago. Could you please double check to see if you can change your settings plse, it would be appreciated. Thanks, Mick. :)
  2. 3instein

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Can you enlighten me how to disable Steam from not updating Arma3 please, I cannot and thought this was forced on everyone a few moths ago? Cheers, Mick. :)
  3. This post is about Rome 2 Total War release. It's from a developer/customer and writes about the dangers/pitfalls and eventual buying of a game that is deemed rushed out seemingly unplayable at launch,and what that means for the fans of the genre. http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/81021-Review-from-an-Anonymous-Developer? Mick. :)
  4. 3instein

    Scouting missions...?

    Thanks for the clarification,do you know if it will be included in a patch of some sort,ie: the ability to take teammates with you on side missions,would make the campaign a whole lot better, Cheers, Mick. :)
  5. It's good to see that the devs take in what they read and maybe make some changes to what is there already. :) I would really like to know the reason that with the side missions being so far away and no means of transport to get there,wouldn't it be better for us to have at least a few quad bikes lying around? Good campaign though,enjoying it a lot, Cheers, Mick. :)
  6. Most flight sims have a hellava lot more terrain to compute than any arma game,factor in all the computations of advanced flight dynamics,missile dynamics and all the rest,also when you are flying in a flight sim,the one thing you want to do is keep your head rapidly panning in all directions. Simple really the Arma engine is a totally different beast from any flight sim out there,meaning it just wouldn't cut the mustard of a flight sim. Mick. :)
  7. 3instein

    The island is boring.

    @Harry Canyon, While I do understand your frustrations,try,for a moment,to think about the size and cash input of the two dev teams,Dice/BI. That,and the fact they are two totally different games catering for different tastes/gameplay, might go a little way to answering your questions. Mick. :)
  8. 3instein

    Unresponsive Windows After Closing Arma 3

    AMD driver for me buddy,still got to do the dance to get my mouse workie every time I close the game. Mick. :)
  9. 3instein

    Unresponsive Windows After Closing Arma 3

    This happens all the time at my end as well,just with Arma. As you,I have to open Task Manager,but I just click on the Cancel button,just so I can get my mouse working again.In Task Manager,Arma has been closed. Basically my mouse clicks don't respond until I do this every time I close Arma,weird. Mick. :)
  10. 3instein

    Failing on start up...any advice?

    @OP,I had sort of the same problem as yourself the other day, uninstall and re-install didn't work. I checked steam for the game integrity and once it done it's thing (2 files were missing?) all was well, maybe try that, you never know, Mick. :)
  11. 3instein

    Is the game dumbed down?

    Fur FAK's sake. I just hold on to the belief that the game is like a good Scotch and gets better with age. One small peeve is when I start a mission/scenario or whatever I have to first open my inventory and dump half my stuff.Smoke rounds/chemlights/NVG/ in a day scenario carrying a weapon with no GL? Is this the mission designers non attempt at detail,or not having a loadout editor? Mick. :)
  12. Press shift like 5 times and hit settings on that little bar, go to sticky key settings and turn off shortcut for sticky keys, then hit apply and then ok. Don't really know if this is what you are asking,but at least you could turn sticky keys off to stop it happening. Mick. :)
  13. 3instein

    Defragging your hard drive.

    One question if you please.I defrag my comp just about on a daily basis as I have a lot of stuff I D/L then delete, etc. Does it make any difference how often I do this, meaning if I defrag daily, does it do any harm? Regards in advance, Mick. :) Edit: I use Auslogics Disk Defrag for this which seems to do the trick. :)
  14. 3instein

    Does this gametype exist?

    Have a look here: http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=arma3_files_scenarios_mpgamemodes As I said earlier Armaholic is great for finding missions that cater for most folks play style. ;) Mick. :)
  15. I know there are a few mods out there for this kind of thing, but from day one, using this mod has made playing A3 quite challenging against the ai compared to the vanilla ai. I for one am a very happy customer TPW, and thank you very much for your work pal, keep it up. Mick. :)
  16. Hi to the madhouse/forums Robertqx, I suggest you have a look at Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/index.php They regularly update their missions daily and have a lot of pvp stuff, also the other day I noticed a jet v jet pvp mission, like you suggest, among a hellava lot more. Mick. :)
  17. 3instein

    Steam Scenarios

    A little OT, but these missions you D/L from Steam, can they be taken out of the Steam folder, put into your Arma "missions" folder for them to show in game under "scenarios"? Thanks in advance, Mick. :)
  18. I know this topic has been done to death, but I'm sure BI would like to see them in game as much as we do. For them not to be in game, there must be some limitation or whatever which has not enabled them to do so, or I'm sure they would have been in ages ago. Mick. :)
  19. No doubt there will be pitfalls along the way, but opening the game up for 3rd party DLC's/mods seems to work for other games so why not A3? The community will be quick to decide if it is worth paying for or not, either way it is, at least (IMO) a step in the right direction. Mick. :)
  20. There is a setting for this in the options,to turn off vehicle look, it was the last time I looked anyway, maybe double check pal. Mick. :)
  21. I think this is a good compromise for all the concerns that have been raised,and wish you the very best of luck. Some peeps are not familiar,or want the future tech route and opening it up to play with cold war assets seems a no brainer from what a lot of folk seem to want. Mick. :)
  22. 3instein

    Does anyone read the sitrep's?

    I'm sure you could have put your point across without using that kind of language. TBH it makes you sound like the COD player I'm afraid? This is meant to be a public forum, where younger folk may, and do browse. Maybe think of that next time, would you want your son to read that? I certainly wouldn't, and it is beginning to be the norm here, judging from the last few days. Poor show really. Mick. :(
  23. I've also noticed that the ai have a problem crossing bridges, they all seem to go troll hunting under the bloody things? Mick. :)
  24. 3instein

    Too many destroyed cars in Altis

    I never said "you said remove them all" I agree there maybe should be a tad fewer,but for there to be none just so mission makers are happy doesn't sound right to me as a non mission maker I'm afraid. Mick. :)
  25. 3instein

    Too many destroyed cars in Altis

    Having all the wrecks lying around doesn't bother me at all. Saying that though I can understand where some of you are coming from. But please,if anything is actually done about this don't take them all away just because a few peeps were vocal, if anything a reduction maybe would suit all, but there again maybe not. I fear some of you want them all removed just so your missions will have the context you require and screw the rest of us. Mick. :)