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    Fifty Shades Mod Set

    Looks great but if I can make one small suggestion for your next update; the female shoulders look too broad in MHO.
  2. This looks great. Its definitely needed to up the realism in game.
  3. I am wondering if anyone is working on a MOD that will restore the old scoreboard and tasks in Contact?
  4. Well some of you make a very good point about Contact being a different DLC spin-off expansion. However, what does taking away a piece of the old game achieve? There is no good reason for it, it does not provide any benefit. If all I wanted was additional content I could download something from Armaholic or Steam (and get more content). In the past, DLC's weren't mandatory but enhanced the game experience overall. Strangely, running the Contact DLC makes my Arma 3 game more stable as I had been experiencing random freezing for the past several months (unable to determine the cause). This tells me that there are more than content and cosmetic changes to Contact that I benefit from. All I want is the option to use the old map and scoreboard. By The Way; There is some content that is exclusive to Contact only. It isn't anything significant, you could certainly live without it but it is enough to prevent a mission created in Contact from loading without the DLC active. All the Contact being available in the editor if you have the DLC is not 100% accurate (Bohemia never said that it would be but that is the assumption many are making).
  5. The removal of the Briefing and Task list as well as the team tab is unacceptable to me. Those were important elements for the military sim aspect of game play. I support Bohemia which is why I bought Contact, I want the content and updates but I don't want the game to start looking and playing like a RPG, its a Milsim and should look and feel like a Milsim. I hope that Bohemia will consider offering an "old school" interface for the map screen. Many user made missions depend on the Task list in game. P.S. They wanted to give it a "fresh look". I wonder out of all the things that players have asked for or complained about was the map screen really something that needed screwing with. As far as I'm concerned it worked well.
  6. I also would like to see the Tasks and Briefing back on the menu screen. My Arma runs better with Contact running (somehow) so I prefer to keep it active even though normally it isn't necessary to access the Contact assets.
  7. dr@gon

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    Its really the same CadPat with some brown mixed in (probably the same brown you use in your Arid CadPat would do the job). Cool mod, keep up the good work.
  8. Thank you for the update. The new island looks excellent. With Arma 4 being years (years and years) away, I am very appreciative of the on going support for my favorite mod.
  9. dr@gon

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    Nice to see more Canadian mods. FYI; by 2035 the Canadian Armed Forces would have implemented their CadPat Multicam to replace the current Woodland and Arid CadPat uniforms. I imagine that the Arid and Woodland versions will still be around for SpecOps but the standard soldier would be outfitted in the CadPat Multicam it sort of looks like your Bushland variant. Rollout begins August 2019 _probably take until 2035 to reach all units :). https://i.redd.it/c74waynkkno21.jpg Also, if you care, the Global Mobilization DLC has a really good Leopard 2 with changeable insignia. It would be cool if you made insignia that would be compatible with that DLC so existing Leopard 2's could be used.
  10. Someone needs to write a pedestrian script where after the first person gets run over by a giant military truck the rest get the heck off the road. I understand the frustration of your own infantry getting run over by your own vehicles when in column but when civilians stroll down the road and refuse to get out of the way of traffic even after someone has been killed is ridiculous.
  11. Hi Massi, I have really been enjoying your work again lately. I like the smaller faction groups that you can download only the ones you want rather than a massive mod. I particularly like your newest Canadian SOF release. I'm sure you aren't interested in taking requests but I hope someday you'll have a look at releasing a Southeast Asian guerrilla faction of some sort. Tanoa needs a guerrilla army hiding in that jungle. Thanks for the work on these new releases, I've been a fan for several years. cheers.
  12. Hi, I apologize in advance as I am sure this has been covered before (although I looked and didn't find an answer). I just returned to Arma 3 after a bit of a hiatus and I needed to update my mods. When I updated CBA all the standard Default keybindings weren't working. The key sequence to tell the medic to heal someone just changes a grenade instead, any team commands `6-1 for example no longer does what it is supposed to. So how do I get those keybinding settings back (the original in-game squad controls)? using the old CBA isn't an option since it causes all sorts of errors with the updated mods. P.S. the only mods I've updated so far are CUP. (update and test before proceeding with more) thanks for any assistance.
  13. Wow, what a great Christmas present from the UNSUNG Team just in time for the holiday break. Thanks, Merry Christmas.
  14. dr@gon

    Custom Combat Patrol

    Thank you. This is very generous of you.
  15. dr@gon

    Custom Combat Patrol

    That would be fantastic, I would greatly appreciate that very much. If you could build something around the following units ; ["uns_men_VC_regional_com","uns_men_VC_regional_RF4","uns_men_VC_regional_HMG","uns_men_VC_regional_RF3","uns_men_VC_regional_RF2"]; I can use that as the basis for further modification. I believe the faction name for the Vietcong is UNSUNG_EV As far as the reinforcements using vehicles, not all of the Unsung (or other jungle maps for that matter) are too heavily foliated so I guess I'll see how it goes. I also use the CUP factions would you be willing to share that file as well? I would be in your debt. thank you.
  16. Hey Eggbeast; FYI; the link to the Unsung Classnames is broken. Do you have another link that I could access? thanks
  17. dr@gon

    Custom Combat Patrol

    Does anyone know how to edit this for the UNSUNG mod. I appreciate that the Author is not interested in hand holding all the users with custom requests but I am hoping that someone may have the answer for me. thank you
  18. Will the JTF2 be back in the next update?
  19. dr@gon


    Hi, I have been enjoying your map so far. I usually prefer a thinker jungle like those found with the Unsung or the Faces of War (FOW) mods but I found this map quite suitable for larger engagements. Not every tropical nation (including Vietnam) is covered in triple canopy jungle everywhere so this map certainly fit the tropical theme with enough forestation for a great jungle feel but not so much underbrush as to slow the frame rate.. I particularly like the realistic uneven terrain with small rolling hills and crater like depressions, great for infantry. The only thing I'd like to mention is that the Hesco defenses at the military base near Gurun Airfield are a little too high. Since the terrain to the east falls away from the base it is impossible to depress your gun enough to shoot at attackers. You have done an excellent job on this map, thank you.
  20. Hey DrDetroit, I play 90% SP myself and I would love it if you'd be willing to share your campaigns. I used Alive a few years ago but haven't looked at it again since UNSUNG maps became available for it.
  21. dr@gon

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hi, I have really enjoyed playing on the Henderson Airfield map. I am having a look at Kokoda Trail, it looks fantastic, just a question for someone, is there a hilltop anywhere that is suitable for a very small Allied base or camp? I've spent some time looking over the map for a suitable location to build a small/simple allied camp. The map has lots of jungle and hidden bunkers that I could spend many hours searching. The bunkers on the map strike me as Japanese style fortifications with logs I was looking for a small area to set up for sandbag bunkers to set as a respawn point.