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  1. benjamin1

    Any more vehicles coming to ARMA 3?

    The civilian class has a pilot idk if it was only there for the campaign. I would love to see a small single prop civilian/FIA recon plane.
  2. Agree! i guess they couldn't get sharks with frickin .." lazers " .. attached to their heads, so an infernal "earthquake" machine instead, unless it's to summon the Kraken. which i highly doubt it is. the ending doesn't leave any questions for me, because it's simply too corny. The whole narrative could have stepped back a bit, maybe a more realistic twist, like tactical missiles aimed at Europe. dressed up with AAN cutscenes and show a glimps of the fictive 2035 political landscape. And then leave it open ended. I really think narrative and story telling is important in a campaign.
  3. benjamin1

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    You have a good point there i was about to remark on the same thing, depending on the AO the drone sometimes need to operate from a higher attitude, and some times lower to distract or fly under the angle of sight of AA units. It would be cool if the waypoints in the UAV terminal came with behaviors that influence it's altitude. (maybe hold CTRL + mousewheel to increase or decrease?)
  4. What we've been testing is templates, infantry, weapons, vehicles, and mission processes. With these templates working and tested over a longer period of time there is little testing to be done but instead 'tweaking' this specific word has been used 'tweaking'. The first episode was released longer on dev before the actual release, the second and the last one closer to the official release. What doesn't need to be tested, doesn't need to be released on dev branch as it is ment for debugging, it makes sense to me.
  5. benjamin1

    [WIP] F-22 Raptor A3

    Good job, if you want i have a spare interior for the f-22, it's one of my older work if you need a reference: http://imgur.com/pmQctZ7 I do have a canopy for reference if you need it: http://imgur.com/ycDrSFE
  6. benjamin1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    That submarine is coming, i've seen it in the language files it's called: HMS Proteus
  7. benjamin1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Here's a close up :)
  8. Yeah i did, but i found more 'sea' related things too ;)
  9. that NATO CAS jet, will be like a modification on the old model as the subtext in the file goes, maybe we'll see something like improved/modernized engines, i've seen more exciting spoilers in those file besides that :) i'll do a small, fun one
  10. benjamin1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    What we've been testing on dev branch in the early stages are behaviors of templates an infantry-, Armour -, car -, helicopter - and a jet template. Now it isn't a matter of testing but rather 'tweaking'. as seen in the last SITREP "..We are primarily tweaking the jets' flight models and getting the final sounds in place..." Thats why for example we've seen the second campaign released on dev branch later before release on the main branch than for example the first campaign i guess. The same goes for the vehicle releases like the urban variant of the slammer. It does makes sense, since what doesn't need to be severely tested, doesn't need to be released on dev branch or at least not as early. However i think that the idea behind the upcoming Tempest heavy truck which is basically an 'excuse' truck. It is the product of vehicles being shared between factions. Personally i don't have any discontent with the current available assets, but what ruffles my feathers is the ambiguity of completeness as final product, like there is one point in time where for example nothing is added anymore besides DLC. hopefully this will be episode 3 where it marks that line.
  11. benjamin1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I don't think it's wrong for some people customers, it's just a weird signal from BIS, like the motive to release content is based on a 'ONE-YEAR anniversary'. I think the perception on 'adding a tank' because it was on screenshots is wrong, it was simply was added a year later. i think it's not about adding content, it's about the timing for adding more value to a product.
  12. benjamin1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    A smaller caliber for an Urban Purpose variant of the slammer makes perfect sense to me, would be cool to see the internal 60mm mortar working too
  13. benjamin1

    more choppers in arma 3?

    I think one small manned recon helicopter for the OPFOR would make sense to fit in between the WY-55 hellcat and MH-9 helicopter.
  14. Maybe some of you don't know but the vehicles in arma 3 have a lot of doors that can be opened script wise as seen in for example this video: http://youtu.be/ENPsaOT5IlY?t=2m5s I know there was a brief period where the doors on the Mohawk could be manipulated, this was removed My question is if there has been any word about synchronizing these animated elements with the characters enter/exit transitions animations? as i do feel it would be right to do so since entering the Blackfoot helicopter for example has it's own animation, same goes for the orca helicopter. I think neglecting this would have like the same 'steering wheel without animation effect' like in arma 2.