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  1. Or when in a long range engagement, you'll see that the last 3(?) bullets of the magazine are tracer bullets and thus know that you should reload soon
  2. It could have been vice-versa... we don't know for sure. For example when we got FLIR in Operation Arrowhead, VBS already had that
  3. Autorifleman of the green army has it now Btw, I really LOVE the green army!!! They look awesome and the Mk20 is gorgeous! Keep up the great work!
  4. ScratcH1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    No, it didn't launch yet... I even restarted steam to be sure and no beta yet.
  5. ScratcH1

    Quick poll about the game so far

    That's also how I decide if I should buy a game which is totally unknown to me. For example, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion was on sale on Steam last week. Didn't know much about it and looked up some LPs on youtube. Found it to my liking and bought it. Sometimes you really have to see raw gameplay footage to know if you may like the game or not.
  6. Flash Hiders are not in-game yet. They should come at a later point as accessory like the sound suppressor
  7. The only thing different in the "brownish" looking image compared to the alpha is that the soldiers appear to much smoother...
  8. ScratcH1

    Manually update Arma 3 Alpha?

    I don't think there is... better contact Steam support
  9. ScratcH1

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    As much as I love Outerra/Anteworld, you can't really compare these two games/engines...
  10. ScratcH1

    Arma 3 US Army Helmets

    wow, they really look stunning. Can't wait for them :)
  11. i'd like to see that implemented as in your example pics it really adds so much detail to the mid-range textures
  12. ScratcH1

    arma 3 camoflauge patterns

    Look here, there's a tutorial on how to retexture uniforms/vests but this should also apply to weapons if you want to give them a camouflage: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148130-Arma3-Characters-Modding-Tutorial
  13. ScratcH1

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Nice to see Operation Frenchpoint also in ArmA 3. The last time I used your mod, was in Operation Flashpoint and I can't wait to try it out a second time :)